Friday, 5 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 9

he came so close,i could not resist his charming smiles,he brought his face closer to my ear and said “Take care of yourself,I Love U” it sounded so sweet in my ears,my lips could not move,i just smiled giving an I Love U too face.He smiled back,gave me his jacket to wear and left.I kept smiling till the health prefect came,gave me drugs and left.
when it was closing,Godfrey followed me to the front of our gate and pleaded that i should come to school the next day unless he would fall ill in the process of thinking about me.”I will try”that was the only response i gave before we departed.
The next day,Godfrey asked about my health.”am getting better but my head still aches” i lied,why won’t i lie when i needed more of his cares,he really cared yesterday.
He felt the temperature of my forehead with his back hand.”hmmm,are u sure about that? your forehead temperature is normal”he said
i have forgotten he is an ex-Science student.
i turned my face away looking disappointed
“do you still have a crush on your hero?”he asked me
“Yes,actually,i should have told you this before now,You are my hero..”i paused for a while and looked at him,he had a 'how?' look on his face and i continued “i had seen u in my dream before i came to this school.You saved my life and that is why,You are my Hero”
he smiled and said “Whao,i never knew i sorry for all the bad things i did to you”he apologised. “it’s okay,it is in the past now “i said.
Rehearsals time.
Godfrey was in charge of dance and i was in charge of the school choir..Godfrey taught me how to dance few steps which made me like him more.
as the school choir leader,i went upstairs to co-ordinate the choir,not up to five minutes,i heard there was a fight between Godfrey and Jude. The reason was because Godfrey snatched Jude’s babe…I was given the authority by the principal to punish them and i did,i gave them the right punishment irrespective of the love have for one of them. But,Guess What? that was the beginning of another problem.


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