Friday, 5 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 8

i was so confused either to say Yes or tell him my condition but i had no choice,i need the right guy in my life to avoid heart break,so i said with confidence “Godfrey,i am nt ready to have a boyfriend till 16teen,can u wait 4 nine months by then i would be 16” i said and looked away thinking what Jude did would repeat itself.
“Is that it?”he asked me
“Yes,are u going to wait?”i said with a worried look
“Sure,i will even if you ask me to wait 4 2years,i will because you are the only girl that has gotten the password to my heart”he said
“thank you”i said with a smile.
I told my sister about it and she said Godfrey was the right guy but i should not do anything e----c with him yet til i say Yes to him. I yielded to my sister advice.
I and Godfrey became so close,we did almost everything together,students started calling me miss Posh,i didnt walk home alone,Godfrey was sure to follow me til i get to the gate of my house. We continued our competition in all subject,i made sure i surpass him.
Jude,on the other hand was so jealous,he said he knew why i told him to wait that it was because i wanted to date Godfrey,he told me face to face that he was going to deal with Godfrey and i and he must have me by force,if not now,in the future.
I knew Jude to be a good,cool and nice guy,i never knew he was just camouflaging to impress me.
Ever since Jude threatened me,i started having nightmares,these nightmares made me sick,i couldn’t think straight in class.
“Miss Posh,what is wrong with you? i know you to be the smiling type but you haven’t smiled since you came to school,why?”Godfrey asked with his hand on my shoulder
“am not feeling too well,my head aches and am feeling cold” i said
“oh,can you walk to the sick bay? or should i carry you?” Godfrey asked.
Because i did not slap you in my dream when you carried me thats why you want to repeat it for real.
“No,u can’t carry me” i rejected
“i was just joking,follow me to the sick bay”he said holding my hand with a pleasing face.
i followed him to the sick bay and he said”stay here,let me go and call the health prefect ”
“ok,thanks”i said still sitting. he walked to the door and suddenly turned back,he came closer to me,raised my legs from the floor and placed it on the bed,he moved my back backwards to make me rest on my back and then removed the jacket he was putting on.
what is he trying to do? i couldn’t say a word i was so motionless and looked like a lifeless person.he drew his face closer to mine and..


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