Friday, 5 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 7

If i was to punish Godfrey,i would date Jude instead but my heart won’t let me do so.i can’t double date,i cannot date Jude and later date Godfrey.They were friends even if they stopped being friends because of me,i can’t have them both. my heart have to choose one.
Am not in school to date any guy though but i love one of them.
I consulted my elder sister who was a victim of love and she said “Faith,don’t let these guys deceive you and disturb your reason for going to school.Tell them you are not ready to have a boyfriend till your birthday,anyone that stays faithfully till that day,you can go ahead and say yes to him.”
The following week,Jude was d first person i saw.
“how was your night?”he asked
“it was great,i slept well and you”i replied
“great too,i am ready to take care of you,what is your reply? Pls,don’t make me sad”Jude said
“ok Jude,i will date you on one condition”i said sitting at his front.
“Anything for my angel,just say it”Jude said with confidence.
“You just have to wait till my birthday before i say Yes to you because am not ready to date any guy til am 16″i said
I looked into his eyes and saw disappointment,he was expecting me to ask for material things,as a rich guy,he go give me sharp sharp but am not after that.
“Faith,there is nothing bad if you date are not a baby anymore”Jude said
“Yea,Jude i know.That is my condition” i said,stood up and backed him thinking he would say something but he left just like that.
After the assembly,i was sitting alone when Godfrey came to sit beside me.
“Head girl,why were you disturbing me in my dream?”he asked
“i never knew i was,tell me about it?”i asked
“we were having a good time together and then u asked me to hug u,when i did,u asked me to carry you,when i did that too,you asked me to kiss you but i refused”
“hmmm,why did you refuse?”i asked him
“because i wanted it to be for real not in the dream” he said and gave me a charming smile.after then we chatted,we got to know each other well.i learnt he was a flirt,he hasn’t loved any girl before but since i came he started getting so jealous whenever he sees me with a guy.After a long chat,he asked “Will you be my girlfriend?”
I love Godfrey and i don’t wana loose him,what if i tell him to wait till my birthday and he leaves just like Jude did.I was so worried that i couldn’t say a word.


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