Friday, 5 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 6

“please,i wana ease myself”i said and left the class.i don’t want to see the girl he will peck,jealousy will so disturb me that i might change my dept or even school.
When i came back,all eyes were on me.”what?”i asked when i couldn’t stand their stares.
“Miss Posh”they all said
“is this a joke or something?”i asked them
I don’t even know if i show smile or frown,i was so surprised. Godfrey stood up from where he was sitting and came to the front of me.what am i going to do? I felt like running but leg no gree me run,this guy is not okay oh,he came so close to me and said “Miss Posh” he held my right hand,raised it nd pecked my back hand. Everyone screamed . He was really charming me but i pretended like it was nothing because of the way he treated me before then…i went to my seat,placed my head on the desk as usual and asked myself lots of questions.”am i really the miss posh,Godfrey talked about? What did he tell them in class,when i left? He said he hates me,does he really mean it? Oh my,what if he was playing a trick to make jest of me again? I can’t fall for it,i can’t and i won’t”.
“Faith,we need to talk”Jude said.I stood up and followed him,while going,i turned to see Godfrey who was looking sad,i turned my face away and walked fast.
“have you thought about what i asked you?…is it a yes?”Jude asked
“Jude…””Faith,I love u,i can do anything for you,pls say Yes”he cut in sharply and knelt down. Why would he be kneeling for me? “stand up pls, Don’t let others meet you here like this”i said
“not until u say Yes and tell me you love me”
I can’t say I love a guy when i don’t.i don’t want any guy to deceive me so i better not deceive guys too. I thought and said “ok,i wil think about it and give you a reply tomorrow”
“ok dear,just say Yes and i will take care of you”he stood up,gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and left. I don’t even know why it is very hard for me to have e----c feeling for this guy named Jude.i see him as a friend and nothing else.
At night,Godfrey called me.How surprising,he asked questions like,have u eaten? Are you okay? Hope u are taking care of yourself? Then he said he meant what he said in class.After the call,i received a text from Godfrey
“when you came,i started crushing on you but your relationship with Jude made me jealous to the extend that i told you the opposite of how i feel for you.I am in the commercial department because of you.I love you,i don’t want to be far from you.when you missed school for good three days,i missed you so badly and realised that i was in love with you.i couldn’t call because i knew i have offended you.i brought that drug for you but Jude was always ahead of me to impress you.Please forgive me.I love u and i want u to be my girl,i know u have crush on your hero but i don’t want to loose you.Goodnight ”
Hmmm,he took his time to text all that to me.i don’t know whether to be happy or sad.
Jude has been there for me when Godfrey wasn’t.he made jest of me and made me sad and now he is sorry.
I dnt knw who to go for,Jude or Godfrey?


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