Tuesday, 2 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 5

First term has come to an end,a new term has begun and a student has migrated to my department.Guess who? Godfrey,of course.
When he was asked why he change his department,he said he just changed his mind.
I guess i know why,he came to disturb me and make jest of me again.
Godfrey sat at the front of me.he was so gentle that i didn’t notice his presence.well,that is the good part of it,Anytime we were given classwork,he would come to sit beside me and tell me to explain to him that he does not understand. is this a joke or something? Has he suddenly become dull? I don’t even give him face,i think it is pay back time.If he ask me question or try to interfere when am talking to my friends,i would just ignore him and he always felt unhappy when i do that.That is how it suppose to be.
We were playing a game called truth and dare game. Godfrey and i were part of the game.
The first question that landed on my hands is “who is your crush?” hmmmm,i have a crush on my hero before but it is all gone,what am i going to say? I can’t say i don’t have because i know these guys,they will make jest of me if i say i don’t. “well..”i said and cleared my throat.”my crush is my hero”
“who is your hero?”the guy asked me again.
“his name is…i don’t know his name,he saved my life once and i didn’t get a chance to know his name”i said.
Godfrey was dared to tell his darkest secret
“Am in love with a girl in this department” he said with a big grin.
Whao,is he joking? In love with a girl? Well,it cnt be me,he said he hates me buh i just declared him my crush. hmmm,what is wrong with me self?
“i call her miss posh,she is so special to me”he added “i dare u to peck her” a guy said.
Hmmmmm, Godfrey stood up, he looked at me and then looked at the other girls.. who does he wana kiss?


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