Tuesday, 2 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 4

Hate? Did he just say he hates me.i sat on one of the desk and started remembering the face of the guy i saw in my dream.i felt so bad,since i was born,a guy has never told me to my face that he hates me.
“Girl,have been looking everywhere for you,what are you doing alone in the class when others are having fun outside?”Jude asked with his hand on my shoulder”Jude,i don’t know,am not in the mood to go outside..i want to be alone”
“baby,why are you sad?”Jude said.
I raised my head to look at him,baby? He hasn’t called me that before.
“yes,baby…it wasnt a mistake Faith,i have been keeping this from you ever since,i should have told you before now but i am the shy type…since you came to this class,i had a crush on you,you are beautiful,intel
ligent,different and wonderful.Faith,I love you”Jude said without even looking at my face,he doesn’t even want to know if i am happy,sad,annoyed or not.
“Faith,please,don’t say No to what i am going to say unless it would break my heart..will you be my girlfriend”
Yepa,yawa don gas
“Jude,like i said i want to be alone”i managed to say to avoid replying.he nodded and left
He said i should not say No,i don’t wana break his heart.Jude has been there for me when others even my hero were making jest of me.
What am i going to do? I placed my head on the desk to invite sleep but a voice said to me “come to think of it,Jude is handsome,caring,intelligent..there is no crime saying Yes,you will get to love him. I don’t even know if that is the voice of God or the devil.
The fun was over downstairs,everyone trooped in pairs,gisting while i pretended to be sleeping.”head girl,why you no show face downstairs?”Reginah asked
“am not feeling too well but i will be fine.”i lied and resumed my pretence.
Jude came afta few minutes”Faith,i heard you are not feeling fine..take this drug and water”he offered.i rejected at first but he kept forcing me to take the drug,soon,i saw some1 with another drug,guess who? It was Godfrey
“Godfrey,what are you doing with that drug?ahbi you self they sick”Enoch asked.
“Yes oh,but my own better pass person wey get belle for head boy”There was a loud laugh.No i can’t take this”stop it,Godfrey..i won’t take such from you anymore”
“head girl,please don’t beat me because am not lieing”the students laughed more.
I left the class with annoyance,i even flinged Jude’s hand when he was trying to stop me.I took permission and left the school.
I didn’t go to school through out that week from wednesday to friday.
The following week,i went to schóol and discovered that my class has been divided into three,one for Art,the other for commercial and the last for science students.
Finally,i will be free from Godfrey and Jude.Jude is an art student,i am a commercial student and Godfrey is a science student.


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