Tuesday, 2 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 3

I didnt share my experience about my first day at secondary school with anyone. Weeks passed and i had one friend which was Jude.
I and Godfrey became enemies because i was doing better than him in mathematics.we competed greatly and i was always making sure i surpass him.
If i try to talk to him,he will ignore me so i ignored him too.
Jude,on the other hand was always looking for a way to make me laugh hard.i easily smile even when am sad,i try to smile because i was told it makes one look younger and beautiful.At the end of the month,the prefects will be chosen,everyone is really working hard to be part of the first set of prefect in skyline schools.
“Faith,how would you feel if you are the head girl and i am the head boy”Jude asked while we were gisting.
“hmmm..it would be nice,just the right combination for two good friends”i kidded
“do you mean you will be very happy” Jude said holding my hands
I was so surprised,i didn’t know what to do,so i starred at him like some kind of dummy.Gently,he withdrew his hands from mine.”let me get something outside..be right back”he stood up and left.i starred at him as he left,feeling embarrassed,i shouldn’t have acted that way.
The month came to an end,the prefects were chosen.I was the head girl,Jude,the head boy and Godfrey was chosen as the social prefect.
After that day,I and Jude became so close that anywhere you find me,he is sure to be there.I had control over the prefects except Godfrey.he was my headache,whenever I call for meeting he will not attend.Anytime i get annoyed and have the mind of confronting this guy,Once i see him everything will change.
It got to a stage i could not take it any more.
“why were you not in the prefects meeting today?”i asked him when he was alone in the class
“because you called for it”he replied sharply”am the head of prefect…”
“so…”he cut in rudely”what are you going to do to me? Beat me? Report me? Punish me? Ehn?”
Seriously,i had nothing else to say again.i was so confused. I had to ask him this simple question”what did i ever do to you that makes you always want to pick up a fight with me?”
He couldnt say a word,i don’t understand…his face changed,why can’t he talk again “what is my offence?”i asked again
“I HATE YOU” he said with a sad face and left


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