Tuesday, 2 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 2

i was so surprised,am i still dreaming or is this real? i pinched my laps under the desk,Ouch! it hurts.Am not dreaming.
“this is my seat.there is a space there for you to sit”he said pointing to the back “oh,thank you”i said and went to sit at the back.i remembered my dream again and smiled.i kept staring at him till it was time for break.
Everyone left the class except me,i felt so sad,”why is everyone not so good to me?”i asked myself with my eyes closed.
“hey,why are you looking so sad”i heard the voice of the person that sent me away from his seat after a tap on my shoulder
“since i stepped my feet into this class,i have been on my own,like i am not welcomed here”i said after raising my head.”oh sorry about that..my name is Godfrey Samuel and you are?”he pointed to me
“Moses Faith”
“nice to meet you”he said stretching his hand towards me for a shake.i shaked him and said “thank you”
“you are welcome”he said and then the break was over…A man entered the class and we all greeted.”as you all know,this is a new school which started two weeks ago,prefects will be chosen from this class and i want you all to study hard,who knows,the new girl could be the head girl”all eyes were on me.since i had nothing to look at,i looked down and swallowed my spit without making a sound.
The man left the class without introducing himself,maybe he did that two weeks ago.he sounded like the principal.
A guy walked up to me,his name is jude,he made me feel welcomed..we introduced ourselves,played games and argued on some issues.he was so jovial to me,he showed me the pictures on his phone.not to long,it was closing time.i told him goodbye and left without wasting time.


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