Wednesday, 10 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 15

Soon,i felt his lips on mine and we started kissing,then he started caressing my laps,i became so aroused and all i did was respond to everything he did to my body. We explored our bodies and suddenly he stopped leaving me in the mood.
“Faith,my sperm is out already,my big brother is standing,if it doesn’t enter you today,it will be so painful.”Godfrey said holdin my hand “ehn,go ahead” I said jokingly “U are not serious oh,i don’t have the money to take care of a baby besides I love you so much that i can’t take your virginity till we are married.” i looked at him in a lustful way,i wasn’t happy the way it suddenly stopped but yet i smiled. “Baby,I love you so much but you have to leave now because the more i see you,the more i want to explore your beautiful body” i kissed him and came down from the bed.”I will call you”he said “Okay,obim”i said and left.
I couldn’t think straight,all i could think of was Godfrey.My love for him grew stronger and Godfrey showered me with love,care and treated me like a queen.
I got admission into the University of Benin and Godfrey,into the University of Calabar.We saw each other once in a while,we never missed outings on Val day,his birthday and my birthday because that was the memorable day of our lives together.
“don’t let those guys steal you from me oh”that was his anthem whenever we want to end a chat.
“Oh! i miss my baby so much” i said hugging the beautiful red love shaped pillow Godfrey bought for me and smiled. we just ended a long chat and we have wished each other goodnight but i felt like it wasn’t enough.I dialed his number and was about to touch the call button when i heard a knock.
“These girls have misplaced their keys again” I said and checked the was barely 11:30pm,That was the time they come back from clubs.I didn’t even bother to ask who it was,thinking it was them,i opened the door and behold i saw four guys at my door post.
This is not happening,i was shivering with fear when the first guy entered,second,third and the fourth guy with a mask entered and the door was closed.
“Oga,na the babe wey you dey find be dis” the dark guy said
“pls don’t hurt me” i said like a baby. “Faith,i won’t hurt you” the one in mask said.The voice sounded so familiar but i couldn’t figure out who it was.he came closer and touched my cheek “Am here to fulfil my promises and you know what? Godfrey is not here to save you”
“Jude”i said
“yes pretty,did you miss me? what a coincidence,we are in the same school again” I remembered his threats,everything he said to me.
“I wasn’t joking when i said i will have you by force…see,i don’t like this gown you are putting on,Remove it”he ordered,removing his mask and then his jacket.
“please Jude,don’t do this to me,i beg you”i said with tears
“boys,remove this girl gown,let me do what i am here for” Jude said without pity for my tears.
“Please Jude,Please” i cried out while his boys were coming close to me.


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