Wednesday, 10 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 11

All attention were drawn to us,i was so speechless and astonished.i could not smile or even do anything,i just stood there in amusement,he kissed me so fast and hugged me.
Thank God the staff are in the building,the student watching the scene screamed and clapped”am sorry for not sticking to d deal” Godfrey said
sorry ke,am not even annoyed but i pretended to be.
During the holiday,i really missed Godfrey but it wasn’t that much because he called nd texted everytime, through the chats,i got an idea of what i could give him for his birthday.
His birthday finally came,i took time to bathe,time to brush my teeth,to dress and to make up because i knew i will meet his male and female friends.
When i got to the party,i was late,i had to sit at the back and when i did i saw my handsome hero sitting at the front of the well wishers”Wow! i never knew he was this handsome…”i said to myself with smiles
“is miss posh here?”the MC asked “there is a sit here beside the celebrant for you”he added
I became shy all of a sudden,i bowed my head and didn’t look up so that i won’t be recognised.
“M.J,do you have anything to say?”the MC asked Godfrey. Godfrey nodded and stood up,he collected the microphone,cleared his throat and said.”thank you all for honouring my invitation,i am so happy you all came here today but … but .. my happiness and this party is incomplete with the presence of my angel..”he paused and looked around
when i heard his last word,i looked up and our eyes met,i smile,he smiled and said “she is here” he came to where i was sitting,stretch his hand towards me,i placed my hand on his and he raised me up..i became so shy when the audience screamed while we were going to the seat prepared for both of us.
“You have a shy girlfriend” the mc said
“and that makes me love her more” Godfrey said looking very happy
He whispered lot of things to my ears which made me smile,i couldn’t concentrate on the party again until my attention was drawn by the audience shout, saying “Kiss Him..Kiss Him..Kiss Him”
Yepa,they don come again..
“kiss him, that is the first present you are going to give him before any other present” The MC said.
my elder sister said i should not do anything e----c with Godfrey till i say Yes and i haven’t. Am at the present of his friends and well wishers, i don’t wana embarass him,i looked him with thoughts of what to do running in my head.


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