Friday, 5 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 10

Jude said he would deal with me and he truly did.He started spreading rumours that he dump me after using me for two month because i was his worse kiss.see me see Jude wahala.i have not kissed a guy before not to talk of being a guy worse kiss. many student believed the rumour because of the closeness between Jude and i,they thought we were dating.
It got to a stage i was asked that question in the T and D game.
“were you really dumped by Jude?”
“i didn’t even accept Jude request to date me not to talk of being dumped by him.” i answered with a convincing face
“are you a bad kiss? if you are not pick a guy and kiss him”a dare landed.
my fine is 100naira and i had no money on me.”ok,i wil kiss Godfrey” i said like i really wana do it..Godfrey knew how deal and that is avoiding anything e----c until i say Yes.”Baby,there is no need for that,we kissed yesterday and this morning.You are a very good kiss”he winked and said
The class clapped,i could not say a word,i just kept staring and smiling at him,he saved me from temptation.
Godfrey made sure i was always happy and that made Jude so mad.
The End of the session party finally took place,I came first,Godfrey was 2nd and Jude was third.
“Girl,i gave you that position to keep it for me,next term,i will collect it”Godfrey joked
“no,just hold the 2nd position,after ss3,i will give you the 1st position back”i replied
“for the sake of love,i wil let you hold the 1st position”he said
“ok,am going home” i said
“but am missing you already” i added
“don’t worry,i will call you and text you everyday so that we won’t miss each other too much”he said
“ok,bye”i said and was about to leave when he held me back and said”take care of yourself and make sure you attend my birthday party on the 3rd of september”he had a face saying I Don’t want you to go. but i have to,i nodded and left.
Immediately i stepped my feet out of the compound,i received a call and it was Godfrey,calling.
“i had barely left and you are calling already”
“Faith, wait!" I saw him running towards me,he stood at my front in the presence of everybody and shouted “I LOVE YOU,FAITH”


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