Tuesday, 2 January 2018

MY HERO Episode 1

I found myself at the middle of the road and people were shouting at me to leave the middle of the road.Some people called me names but i was so confused that i couldn’t move,a vehicle was coming from my left,another from the right,a bus from my back and a trailer from my front.
Suddenly, a young tall guy carried me from the middle of the road and dropped me where passerby passes. At first it was embarrassing for a guy to carry me so i looked up to see his face and i discovered that he was an handsome looking guy.” thank you” i said though still feeling embarrassed
“you are welcome” he said and left immediately without telling me his name. I smiled and kept admiring him until i received a slap from on my lap.
I jumped from my bed “oh, it was a dream”
“no wonder the smiles" any big sister said
“don’t u care to know what the dream is all about” i said lookin anxious to say it
“no,just go and get prepared for your new school”she said and left.
I took my bathe, wore a yellow gown and a black shoe, took my bag and off i went to school.
After my registration and everything, i was directed to my class. It was boring for me because i had no one to talk to so i rested my head with the idea of having thought of the guy i saw in my dream.
Suddenly i felt a hand tapping my shoulder softly, i refused to answer and pretended to be so deep in the sleep but the tap became harder, then i decided to raise my head. When i did, I looked up to see who it was and guess who? It was the same Guy i saw in my dream, my hero.
hope it is interesting?


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