Monday, 8 January 2018


1. Nigerian girls love money, I'm telling you.
You'll get angry and tell her to go to hell
She will look at you and be like, "I don't
have transport fare."

2. I wonder y dy call it "menstruation" instead of womenstruation... Plz ladies don't shift ur problem to us

3. No matter how
serious your
relationship is...
Ur girl/boyfriend is
alwys single in evry
document he/she

4. *Today I was with my girlfriend in my room..hmmm dis weather...after some minutes she told me " bae make me feel like a woman" I quickly stood up and collected all dirty clothes and gave her. She suddenly left*
*But I think she has gone to buy soap*不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

5. Hmmmm I actually don't know what girls  mean or  want when the say this......
Dey will be like...'Babe I will soon be going ooo

6. This is hw we American brush our teeth.....Shi.!!!shi!!!shi!!!!shi!!!!!pour and rinse that is all

Buh higerians brush ur teeth
shi!!shika!!shi!!shikakaka!!kakashi!!kakashii!!!Deep the brush inside their throat like dey wanna swallow it!!!!......
Make weird sound like a goat. Being strangled... Then felt Like vomiting.....Takes another paste to the brush.......Every thing would seems like an horror film.....
Thank God am not from this country...

7. We *virgins* deserve daily allowances for d temptations we overcome especially now d weather is not encouraging.....…....................

8. Its funny how ladies don't get moved when their babies suck their breast but u will hear all kinds of moaning n groaning when a guy start sucking their breast...
Isn't God wonderful..
Mi ano won talk anything

9. Yahoo boys in a party.....
 moment they hear SARS.....they won't even wait to hear if it's SARZ__ON__THE__BEATZ
Omo come and see temple run

10. Having a short girlfriend is not bad until she washes your clothes and waits for you to come back from work so you will help her hang it.hhh賅賅

11. School Kids In Class Were Asked To Write 3 Diseases. One Guy Wrote:
1. Hiv/Aids
2. Cancer
3. /
Teacher : What is  / ?
Student : it's stroke.

12. Harder harder faster faster
Then after u guys break up "He used me " tell me who used who ??突

13. Side chicks are young girls between 16-22. So if U are 23 and above dating a married man, My sister U are a side hen or any overgrown bird

14. Ugly girls will do whatever you tell them to do in a relationship until it's time for abortion. Don't even suggest it Broda. 屢屢屢

15. One Ibadan girl was shouting "Banana, banana, i run and take you away" it was until i removed the ear piece from her phone that i realized she was singing "Diana o Diana o, i wanna take you away".

16. *The fact that you contribute less in this group does not mean you are mature, Sometimes it's because you have serious issues with spellings*.

I won't mention names....

Those people who used to write their name on a paper and put it inside a pen so we couldn't steal
I hope you're still using the same pen...


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