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You may ask if i don’t live with anybody or with anybody, let me say little about myself
I am the first son of my dad, our first child been a girl. My father was a pharmacist; he was tall with oyibo-like fair in complexion, he was in his early thirties and still very strong and very handsome. Dad leave in the states and i was born in America with my senior sister (name withheld). My father studied pharmacy in the University of Manchester, when he graduated, he returned to Nigeria to take over the properties of his late dad which was his greatest regret.
Five years after he has taken over his properties (he was the only child of his parent), business began to collapse, he faced bankrupt which made him sell all his company in other to pay the loans he collected from banks. The little money left on him was what he used to fly back to America in order to start afresh. It was on the plane to the U.S that he met a young lady who was too depressed.
Conversing with the lady, he found out that the lady was from the same state as him and was travelling to the U.S after having problem with her relatives. My dad also shared his own story with her and she felt pity for him. From there they shared contact and the lady turned out to be our mother.
When my dad got to the states, he began producing some drug after been approved by the NAFDAC. Gradually, his business began to blossom. He went on to building a very big drug producing company in America, he also built a hospital at Abuja which he later sold to the federal government after receiving billions of naira which he used to build hospitals in Kogi state, Enugu and Ibadan. He also owns other companies across the world.
My mother was the most beautiful woman i ever seen. She was tall (Not up to my dad), fair in complexion and much endowed.
My sister was much like albino and very beautiful just like her mother. She was of average height and she dressed to kill. At fifteen, she already has killer curves and massive cleavage with a very long blond hair. My dad called her “my sunshine” though not her actual name.
I was tall as my father and very handsome with broad chest. I was very fair in complexion and very hot. I was the most brilliant in our family, though all my siblings are gifted, mine was exceptional. But i didn’t live with my parent because i was very stubborn. I do always beat up my senior sister to the point that she must sustain injuries and when my dad tries to confront me, i do lock myself in the room.
My mum loved me very well that she will never lay his hand on me and my dad was not always around. When he do return, my senior sister will report me to him and when he succeeded in punishing me, it will only grant my sister some more serious beating whenever he was not around.
When my troubles were getting out of hand, dad decides to send me to my Uncle who was a business man in Nigeria. My uncle was very harsh on me from the onset; i was in primary school then.
That led to the beginning of my hatred toward my dad; i hated him with passion that i will never receive his call. I only spoke with my mom every day. The rest of my two sisters were born on my behalf. After eight years, my mother gave birth to a baby boy named Ken though i never saw him but only hear from him whenever i spoke with my mother and i am very satisfied because he was very bright and fluent at a tender age. I missed Ken very well that my hatred toward my dad kept increasing day by day, i missed him very much.
But i grown to be the silent type, i never speak to people except normal greetings. I was very cool that i don’t make much friends because they don’t seem to understand me; i may be seating with you for hours without uttering a word and always give out cold reply, that was why frank was the only trusted friend i had because he understand me very well though he was a little loquacious.
Despite our closeness, i never told him about the true identity of my parents. I actually don’t want to intimidate people with my parents wealth, with the fact that i always wants to be “myself”. I believe that my parents wealth were not meant for me and i have to hustle to make it with what i have got (use what you have to get what you want).
I am the type that did not depend on studying, i only study for fun. Education is what kept me going, school and learning is what make me happy because i was living in the shadow of myself; i was living an unhappy life.
Make uncle didn’t help matters at all, the only chance i have was during school session and i live in my own house but i do keep helping my uncle’s sale-personals nonstop during holidays that i began to wonder if my uncle was paid by my dad to make life a living hell for me
My uncle was yet to marry as at then, he was always on my nerves that i began to wonder if this man has human conscience, though he provide me with anything. My wardrobe was filled with assorted clothes and accessories. The prize of what i wore always marvels me, the least cost of my eye glass was 25k that i wondered if it will be used as extra eyes or if it will help you see the future. I called such purchasing “unnecessary lavishing of money” (there are some lavishing of money that are necessary), with such amount, i could be able to purchase more body wears (not that i don’t have enough clothes, i have cloths in excess). In fact, i have anything i needed in excess except happiness and freedom, I felt betrayed by my dad. Why would he decide to take away my spirit? I was living in the shadow of myself and i learnt to live in disguise.
Sooner than later, i began to forget about my dad and sisters, i never have the feelings that i have sisters because i never know them; we have never even spoken on phone before. The only people i remember were my mum and Ken. Ken was my only brother and my kid brother.
Family is the top priority
Back to the story
I opened my door and jumped on top of the bed immediately i get into my room. I checked the time on the large digital wall clock which hung on the upper side of my bed to see that it was already twelve in the midnight; i would have trekked for not less than an hour before finding that cab.
All that the old driver said began to flash back into my head. The man was just elated in telling his story and i cannot help but smiling because despite all he do gone through, he was still strong, happy and felt accomplished. Nothing is impossible with god i reasoned
When my minded drifted back to all the event of the day from Tracy to Evelyn, i brought out my phone to view the content of her stupid messages. One of her message was saying; “”you cannot go this night please come back and sleep so that you will leave for your house early tomorrow morning”” another was saying “”you left me here in pain and still putting me into more pain, please where are you so that i can come and walk you back to my house””
The messages are really plenty that i have to toss my phone to the side of the bed and drift off to wonder land
I was woken up early by the ringing tune of my phone, i checked my phone and it was Evelyn calling, i hissed and drop the phone. I went to use the bathroom and come back to prepare for school. My phone kept ringing but the thought that it was Evelyn did not allow me to checked the caller despite the fact that the ringing tone was a special assigned music
When i finally get to know that it was my mum calling. I was very surprised because it has been more than two months that i have heard from her. My dad will not bother calling me because he knows quite well that i will not pick his call. I left my trouser half way and rush to pick the call
ME: mummy good morning
MUM: morning son. I have been calling you for more than ten time and you are not picking; why?
ME: i am sorry mum, i was taking my bath
MUM: it’s okay. How are you doing?
ME: i am doing well mum, i was equally getting ready for school before your call came in
MUM: that is very good, how are you coping with study over there?
ME: i am really doing my best mum
MUM: that is my sweetheart. Your brother wants to talk with you
My face lit up with smile because i have missed his thin voice so much
ME: is he already awake?
MUM: yes. He was the one that even woke me up
ME: wow! Then give him phone
KEN: good morning brother **he said with his tiny voice immediately the phone was handed to him**
ME: good morning little bro, how are you doing this morning?
KEN: i am fine
ME: okay, how is your school?
KEN: fine, when are you going to return home?
ME: by the end of the month **i lied**
My mum always told me to tell him that i will come home soon because according to my mum, the last time i told him that i am not sure of when i will return, he cried himself out for so many days that he couldn’t go to school and ended up developing a great fever
KEN: okay. I can’t wait to see you. I really missed you
I felt like crying immediately i heard him said that but i have to control my self
ME: i missed you too. I love you
KEN: love you too. Mum still wants to talk to you **he said and handed the phone to my mother**
MUM: your dad is still complaining that you are not picking his calls
ME: mum, don’t just bring that topic **i said very irritated**
MUM: you can’t just keep avoiding him
ME: just stop it **i shouted** i am sorry, i didn’t mean to shout at you **i apologised immediately i discovered what i have done
MUM: i understand your pain sweetheart. Just keep your calm; i will continue talking to your dad maybe he will change his decision
ME: you are the best, mum. You are the reason i am living mum. I love you **i said with teary eyes; she will obviously notice through my voice that i was carrying**
MUM: i love you too sweetheart. I am also living because of you but i believe that you will surely return home one day **i could also notice that she was crying at the other end which prompted me into serious tears**
ME: good bye mum
MUM: goodbye sweetheart **she replied and the line went dead**
My mum always calls me sweetheart whenever she want to calm me down. She loved me so much more than any of her children and i loved her more than my own life. I cannot stand and see my mum in pain; i will kill anybody that hurt her not excluding my dad.
I cried bitterly before going to school
When i got to school, everywhere was still empty and students are still scanty. I walked into our class and relax my head on my desk. I remained like that for many minutes that i didn’t know when the class was filled
FRANK: **tapped me strongly** why are you resting your head on the desk without noticing people’s movement, what is wrong or have you started that your man alone behaviour today again?
Sometimes, i like to be alone and didn’t want to talk to anybody or anybody talk to me. I don’t actually know why but i find it becoming part of me. Though i enjoyed been alone but not shunning people at the process.
I was totally depressed from my encounter with our Mathematics teacher but i couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I don’t want anybody to view her with misfortune or rather look down on her because i still owe her a lot
ME: eerhm..erhm. i was been sick since i returned from the hospital yesterday
FRANK: and you didn’t care to call to inform me
ME: i didn’t want to disturb you when i know quite well that you will be taking care of your dad
FRANK: it wouldn’t have been a big deal taking excuse from him and moreover, you know that he is already doing well and was even discharged yesterday evening
ME: i am sorry for that
FRANK: have you taken any medication?
ME: yes, i have been on medication since yesterday
FRANK: hope you are getting better now?
ME: yes
We received a lot of lesson that day. During break period, i was told by a student that the English teacher want to see me in her office. I told the person to go that i will be coming but i never have the intension to meet her. For about fifteen minutes later, another student come and delivers the same message to me but i still refused to go
We were receiving biology lesson after break when Miss Evelyn walk into our class
EVELYN: Ben i want you in my office right away ***she said with anger and walk out immediately**
Wahala don come
:::::::::::::: To be continued:::::::::::::::::


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