Friday, 5 January 2018


Silent took over the kitchen; i was just staring at her not knowing what to do. She herself couldn’t say anything but she showed no sign of regret; she was as plain as water. She was so comfortable as though there is nothing going on. I became over confused,
“”maybe this lady is trying to tempt me”” i thought
ME: that is not possible, i can see it in your eyes, you trying to tempt ***i said more courageously with a little smile***
EVELYN: Tempting you? Do you think that i will bring myself so low just to tempt you? Bullshit! ***she said, a little bit irritated***
ME: are you serious with what you are talking?
EVELYN: i am d--n serious ***she shouted***
ME: but you know that what you are requesting is very awkward?
EVELYN: i know that it is very awkward but i can’t continue living unhappy life i cant continue living in pain; don’t you get it? ***she was controlling the tears that were already forming in her eyes***
ME: but what will people say?
EVELYN: i don’t care what people will say. They have said a lot of bad thing about me and i don’t do anything to please anybody but to please myself. And everything you do, people must talk and they can all go to hell with their gossips for all i care
ME: don’t you get it? I mean, i am your student, my friend and you are also my teacher. Don’t you know that it is very complicated?
EVELYN: nothing is complicated here; it is you that is making everything to look complicated. Please, i beg of you, all i want from you is happiness
ME: i am always seen with you and always here with you, is that not enough?
EVELYN: your presence here is the first catalyst that kept your image in my memory; i can’t fight it any longer
ME: ma i cann..t do that
EVELYN: don’t you love me?
ME: eerm…eerm…eerm…………..
EVELYN: just tell me the truth, don’t you feel the same, i mean the tension between us?
ME: my feelings does not matter here, you are much older than me and ways above my league. Don’t you see that it will be a disgrace to you when anybody find out?
EVELYN: i don’t really care about disgrace or anybody, all i care is you. You may think that my misfortune is responsible for me bringing myself low before you but i don’t care because i am following my heart
ME: i can’t ma
EVELYN: so you never loved me?
ME: ye…s, i don’t love you ***i replied and drew my face away from her***
I never meant what i said but i felt that it was the right thing to do. She was my dream girl but far out of my league. I know that she will be heartbroken but i don’t have a choice. Down within me, i was very hurt, she really deserved more care and attention from me if not for the age barrier; the gap is well too much and i am still very tender.
I looked at her to see hot tears rolling down her chicks. I know that she was very hurt; i moved close to her and began to pet her
ME: please stop crying, it is not that i will not be by your side always, i will always do. God know why he do things; i don’t deserve you, God will grant you the husband that deserve you **she interrupted me**
EVELYN: don’t you ever tell me that crap again. ***she said amidst of sobs** are you trying to tell me that i don’t know what i want? I see many handsome young men around before my heart chose you. You look so young but matured, there is no way i can love any other man except you
ME: i am sorry, but i can’t
EVELYN: you can’t do what? Not that i wants anything from you but the only thing i request from you is just love and attention
ME: that is really difficult for me
EVELYN: what is difficult for you? Don’t you love me?
ME: like i said before, i don’t have any feeling for you
EVELYN: you don’t have feeling for me but you will be busy staring at me always. Even in your class, i always saw you staring at my buttock; i do catch you several times but decided not to intimidate you for that. Or, what do you think that i have been doing with you? Have you ever seen me closer to any girl to talk of boys? Or have you ever found any one here? I always want to be around you because your presence always brings me happiness. I tried in many ways to express my feelings to you indirectly but you seemed naive to notice ***her breathing calmed down as she let out some air from her nostril*** look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love
I couldn’t say yes and i couldn’t say no; i was caught in the web that i cannot escape. I just remained silent as she also joined me on the floor. I kept staring at her without blinking; i don’t know what to say. She was also staring at me and our face was edging closer and closer. Tension began to build between us, i was feeling it, and the only sound that can be heard was our heartbeat. My heart was pounding serious and i was shivering real hard.
Our head was now edging more closer and closer. I was about to speak when her lips met mine
Immediately her lips met mine, a great sensation ran through my system and i lost all my resistance. The kiss that lasted for about five seconds seemed ten minutes to me. (That was my first ever kiss). I was lost and at the same time in cloud nine.
She suddenly broke the kiss, withdrew her mouth and looked intently into my face with her lust-filled eyes. I didn’t look away but rather, i found my lips drawing forward to grab hers in another hot kisses. We began devouring each other’s mouth like there is no tomorrow, like we our life depend on it.
When she cannot take it any longer, she pushed me to the floor and mounted me like a cow girl. She began to squash my lips like it will run if she slows down. The tempo of her kiss was too much for me to match, she was behaving wildly that i began to fear if she wanted to cut off my precious pink lip. My head was blown away when she suddenly grinded her massive hips on my crotch which prompted an
“ooouuush” sound from my mouth
Surprisingly, my hands find its way to her backside and began to fondle the large flesh that was formed at her hip region. It was very massive and soft.
“”aaaaaahhmmm”” she let out a soft moan
Her moan encouraged me more as i begun to squeeze the flesh very roughly with my inexperience. I began to apply the experiences that i gained from watching of p--n movies. One of my hands left her backside and find its way to her b----t which was covered by her top and began to message them through the material while my other hand remained at her backside and continued its ministration
She moaned very loudly immediately my hand touched her already hard-erect n----e. She immediately released her mouth from mine and threw her head backward, obviously savouring my messages.
When my messages were no longer generating inspiring music, i raised my head from the ground with her body still on mine and began to kiss her but instead of responding, she was very busy unbuttoning my shirt after which she proceeded to off my trouser, i was left with just boxers and singlet
I gathered courage and began to pull off her top, she never resisted and to my greatest surprise, after i have gotten rid of her top with her help by raising up her hands, i discovered that she was not putting on any bra. Her twin sisters sprout out with force like they have been crying to be released from prison with her n-----s pointing at my face. Her n-----s was very strong, erect and firm; her b----t was standing straight like a young girl’s despite its massiveness
I dived into the realm of her twin as i begun to fondle and squeeze them. Her b----t was too big that my palm cannot get hold of half of it. I abruptly turned her down and climb her and began to suck the hell out of her b----t. Her moans was now in high and regular rhythms as kept on producing an “”ooouuch”” and “”aaaarrhh”” sounds
I stooped and pulled down her short skimpy skirt to reveal complete white panties with a damp spot on her crotch area. The view was too amazing and i began to savour the smell that was emanating from her wetness. I robbed my my palm through the material of her lacy-pant and she let out a louder moan.
I took a look at her face to see her eyes tightly closed, the face i saw remind me of my mathematics teacher. I shouldn’t be doing this my head told me, this was not what i am supposing to be doing. My conscience was over blaming me.
“”why should i be doing this?””
“”how do i even lose my composer?””
“”what will happen henceforth””
Were all the questions that filled my head without an answer. Her face reminded me of my Tracy; the day that she accepted to be my girlfriend was the same day that i cheated on her; how could i even face her at school?
Since i was thinking, i didn’t remember that was i was with somebody. The only thing that beclouded by mind was Tracy; her image was showing in my head.
EVELYN: what is wrong? **she jolted me out of my thoughts**
ME: i cant do it
EVELYN: why? i..i mean, what have i done wrong? **she asked with pleading eyes**
ME: nothing. I have to go **i replied with all seriousness, avoiding her gaze at the process**
I began to wear my clothes and arrange myself. Immediately i was done, i dashed out of the room. When i got outside her compound, i discovered that the day was already gone. I checked my wrist watch and found out that it was gone; possibly i would have forgotten it at Miss Evelyn’s kitchen. I brought out my handset to know what the time was and was surprise to see half past nine.
I was with enough money but there is no cab forthcoming. When i waited for many minutes without appearance of any vehicle, i flash on the torch light of my handset and began to walk the lonely road.
I was still walking when a call entered my phone and i checked it and it was Evelyn calling. I refused to pick it but she kept on calling, i should have turned off my phone if not for the fact that i was using the torchlight. She kept on calling and later began to send me sms which i didn’t care to know its contents.
I have walked for more than a mile when i saw the light of a car coming from my back and heading toward the direction i was heading to. I said a silent prayer because i have heard a lot about midnight high way robbery. I have never been out in the night and this first one will not be my doom.
I stepped to the far side of the road and began to wave at the approaching vehicle. Fortunately for me, the car stopped; i moved toward the car and viewed that the car has the driver as the only occupant. He was i middle aged man with grey hairs.
DRIVER: young boy, where are you going at this hour of the day? ***he asked immediately he worn-down the passenger’s side door-glass of the car**
ME: i was returning from a night vigil sir** i lied**
I couldn’t tell him the truth and i don’t even know how to him and if at all i will stand any chance of been given a lift by this man will totally diminish if i tell him that i was returning from a lady’s house
DRIVER: which kind of night vigil dismisses by this time? **he asked suspiciously**
ME: we started by 6-pm sir
DRIVER: okay, where exactly are you heading to?
I told him my street after which he asked me to hop in. While he was driving, he was also talking about many things that i didn’t care to know; all that i cared was to be in my room safely. But something caught my attention in his speech, he was talking about armed robbers, that they operated some miles back and one woman was shot.
I wondered how this old driver will be fluent with his use of English. He was speaking so flawless that i have to ask him about himself
ME: sir, please don’t be provoke ooo, how is it that you speak English so good?
DRIVER: **laugh** did you think that all the low and poor people are uneducated?
ME: i know that but you are so flawless with your speech
DRIVER: **he shake his head obviously in thoughts** i was one of the best student during my secondary school days, that was in the 80s. I went to the university to study accounting after my secondary school but i never get any job after my graduation because without long leg in this country, you cannot go anywhere. Since i couldn’t get any government job, i opted for taxi driving to maintain myself and that is what i am still doing till date and i am very happy with it
ME: it was a great pity but thank God that you are surviving with it
DRIVER: nothing to pity about. Sometimes, disappointment will lead you to discover your through destiny. I was very heart broken by then but now i am the happiest sole on earth because of what i have achieved through this driving job **she said with smile**
ME: your smile shows that you are truly happy
DRIVER: yes i am. My first son is now a lawyer and two of my children will be a graduate this year. I am only doing this driving job because it has become part of me
ME: wow! That is indeed a great achievement
We kept on talking until we reached the joint that i will alight. I offered him money but he refused saying that i am just like a son to him
:::::::::::::::::::::> To be continued <::::::::::::::::::::::


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