Friday, 5 January 2018


I returned and sat on the floor while she
joined me. She handed me a game pad while
she had one for herself. We played football
game, but i cannot concentrate, my
conscience was still judging me and that
made me lost interest in the game. She keep
scoring against me because of my lack of
concentration, she was very surprise because
since we have been playing games, she has
never won me for once
EVELYN: you are still upset. Okay, let both go
to the kitchen and preparing something
We both went to the kitchen; she was
preparing rice while i sliced vegetables.
Suddenly a question popped into my brain, a
question that have been disturbing my brain
and this is a good opportunity to ask such
ME: what about your husband or… ***id roped
the bomb***
EVELYN: or my boyfriend? ***she asked with
ME: yes or are you a…
EVELYN: no ***she interrupted*** i am not a
lesbian but rumours has it that i am but i
don’t actually
Care because as human being, people must
talk about you either good or bad. But wait
ooo, what age do you think that i am?
ME: i guessed you are above thirty
EVELYN: ***surprised*** me? Thirty? I am still
twenty six abeg
I actually thought that she was above thirty
but that woman for you
ME: But i have never seen you with any man
neither have i seen any man visited you here
EVELYN: i just don’t like the idea of been
around men
ME: Why?
EVELYN: it is a long story
ME: that can be shared or that cannot be
EVELYN: why do you care to know?
ME: I have to learn a lesson from your story
EVELYN: i guess that is source of your
ME: yeah. I always read real life stories of
EVELYN: that is really cool
ME: so, are you going to tell me your story?
EVELYN: It was a story that i have never told
anyone but maybe i have to tell you
ME: okay
EVELYN:***she lowered her head*** it was
during my days in the university, i met this
guy during my second on the university, i was
actually not interested in relationship but
when he keep on pestering me relentlessly, i
give in and we began to date. He was really
gentle, very nice and kind hearted. He really
spoilt me; we go shopping, clubbing, cinema
shows and host of other places. I was
impressed and i gave my heart to him, i loved
so dear that will do anything to protect him
but we never have s-x
Things were moving well for both of us and
our blossomed that most of the in the campus
know about us. He was not financially
buoyant, so i have to help him with money in
order for him to meet up with his educational
demands. I went forward to renting three
bedrooms self contain which i also furnish
before we began to live together in the house.
He was excited and do everything in his power
to make me happy.
Soon after our education, i began to work in a
secondary while i sponsored him abroad to
study for his master degree. One day, he
returned home for vacation and the next thing
was that he began to demand for s-x from me
which he promised to keep aside till after our
marriage. When i reminded him about his
promise, he do shouted at me saying that he
cannot stay without and i became surprised.
Everything began to change so fast that began
to bring girls home. On one occasion, he do
call me to watch him carryout the act but i
can’t stand the sight and i have to leave in
My heart was shattered by whom i thought
love me but everything collapsed one day
***she raised her head and i discovered that
she has been shedding tears but i didn’t move
to sympathize with her but i felt the pain as if
it was me*** i tried confronting about his
deeds but he end up beating me up to coma
and stormed out of the house. Not up to thirty
minutes later, he returned with his two other
friends who were laughing like dogs as they
walk into the house. They both walked up to
me and began to tear off my cloths in an
attempt to rape me.
But as God has it, my father came at that
moment. When they heard the horn of his car,
they fled. My dad came and was surprised to
meet me in that conditions as i sustained
from the beating he gave me but i thank God
that their attempt to rape me was not
accomplished. My dad has to rush me to the
hospital. When i later woke up that evening, i
was asked about what happened but i
couldn’t tell them that it was a failed
attempted rape because i discovered that all
that happened was my fault, i simply told
them that i was attacked by armed robbers
and got beaten up
I couldn’t help but to thank God for saving me
from that ugly rape of a thing because it
would have downcasted me forever.
ME: that was very pathetic
EVELYN: that was not all, when i am fully
recovered, i returned to my house to meet an
empty house and the worst thing was that all
the money in my bank account was gone. The
only thing left was my sleeping bed and a
note on it which reads I NEVER LOVED YOU
It sounded to me like a bomb; i was
heartbroken for a complete year that i almost
ran mad but all thanks to my mum who
restocked me with enough money though that
cannot buy me happiness
ME: it is a big disappointment but you have
to let it go ***i said moving to her to clean
her tears with my hand towel***
EVELYN: yeah, i have gotten over him but
that is why i hated men with passion
ME: so aren’t you going to marry again?
ME: what?
EVELYN: yes. I don’t want to be under any
man again
ME: what of children, aren’t you gonna give
EVELYN: i will
ME: but how? You just said that you are not
going to get married
EVELYN: i developed new fantasies
ME: and what is that fantasies?
EVELYN: To be a single mother
ME: ***shocked*** how are you going to do that?
EVELYN: i will just get pregnant ***she said with stern look**
ME: how will that be possible when you said that you don’t want to have anything to do with men?
EVELYN: yeah, i don’t want to be under any man but i want to get pregnant and raise the child by myself and the father will not have anything to do with the child when he/she grow up
ME: what? ***shocked***
EVELYN: you had me well
ME: but who do you intend to do that with?
EVELYN: somebody that i truly love
ME: have you find person or you are still searching?
EVELYN: i have found the person
ME: then what are you waiting for?
EVELYN: i am waiting for the person to make a move
ME: what if the person didn’t love you or decided not to make any move?
EVELYN: i know that the person loves me
ME: and who is the person?
EVELYN: i have a question to ask before answering that your question
ME: okay, you can go on
EVELYN: is it right for a lady to ask a guy out?
ME: that seemed weird to me but in some situation, its normal and the right thing to do
EVELYN: in which kind of situation is it right?
ME: maybe the girl or lady in question have a strong love for the guy and was desperate to let go of her ego to seek for happiness. And also, if the lady loves the guy and she also know that the guy loves her but was shy to woo her or he was an introvert, then it is more than right to ask him out
EVELYN: that is really cool ***she said as a smile flash through her face***
ME: and what category do you belong?
EVELYN: mine is very serious but it falls into the second category you mentioned. I love this guy and i know obviously that he also love me but was kind of been shy or feel intimidated by my presence or rather feel inferior to me.
ME: and who is this lucky guy?
EVELYN: wait, one more question please
ME: okay but no more question after that
EVELYN: what if the guy in question is under-aged; will it still be cool to ask him out?
ME: yeah, if you truly like him. Nowadays, age difference is no longer a barrier to any relationship because civilization is taking over but that will be termed “abomination” during the olden days
EVELYN: okay then
ME: you can now answer me; who is the person? Or are you not going to tell me?
EVELYN: it is very difficult to say but i have no choice
ME: you have a choice and that is to say it
She sighed, put off the electric cooker and abruptly turn to face me. Her face was very pale like someone that was been sick for months. Her eyes was showing two things; first, she have this face that says “should i tell him?” and secondly, her face said “let it go”
EVELYN: it is the weirdest thing to say but since we have become friend, i have begun to develop a very strong feeling for…**she stopped**
ME: who?
EVELYN: i have started to develop feeling for y..y.. ***her voice was cracking and she was forcing out the word from her mouth; she was fighting with her emotions but couldn’t let it go***
ME: ma, you just have to say it and believe me, your secret is safe with me
EVELYN: yu… yuu ….you
ME: ***laughing***
EVELYN: yeah, it may just sound crazy but that is the real truth. I know that you will be my junior brother or rather the last born of our family but love did not have any of that as an excuse. I tried to overcome it, but the more i try, the more i found it becoming stronger. I never stopped thinking of you; i couldn’t sleep at night because of you and the little sleep i do get was always compounded by dreams about you. I may be mad but i am really happy to be mad because of love
ME: ***confused*** you get to be joking
EVELYN: just take a look at my face and find out if i am joking ***i take a glance at her face and the expression on her face shows over seriousness***
I was becoming more and more confused, i began to sweat in the air-conditioner that was working at full speed, and my leg became weak that I had to sit on the bare floor with the knife I was using to slice the vegetables still on my hand. My head became dormant, my thinking rate developed millions of thought per minutes, my head was filled with thoughts but nothing in particular.
Today that i am supposed to be very happy is now turning upside-down
“What will i do?”
“Should i do this?”
“Or should i dissociate from her?”
“But that will be very disastrous”
I cannot come up with the conclusion on the decision to take
ME: Oh no ***i shouted in my head***
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| To be continued<|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


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