Friday, 5 January 2018


I returned home from the hospital after returning to inform Frank’s dad of my departure. When i got home, i eat some fried noodles; take my shower before preparing to visit my school mathematics teacher.
Since okada was not allowed in our area, i boarded a taxi to the address she gave me, the destination was very far, it actually cost me N250. When i got to the destination on the address, i alighted from the taxi and was looking at nothing in particular, i don’t know the exact house to enter and i am not with this lady’s phone number. My phone vibrated in my pocket indicating incoming call
Me: hello
Caller: yea, it is me ***i recognised the voice immediately but the question is, “how did she get my number?”*** look back *** she said and i looked and saw a story building which was fenced with a massive dark-green gate*** the gate is opened, you can come in
I walked into the building to behold a very spacious environment, the garden was located at the north of the compound with garden at the back and a swimming pool beside the garden with a small growing palm tree that provided shades at the backyard, a lots of flower vessels decorated the front veranda of the building with two new cars parked by the side of the veranda. The house was painted all white with tinted glass. I was still observing the environment when the same number she used to call me some minutes ago called again
Maths Teacher: are you not going to come in again? ***she said and hung the call***
Many thoughts were running through my head,
“”will it be that this woman is married after all?””
“”or is she into sugar daddies?””
“”if not, where did she possess such wealth from because i don’t think that teaching job can give such wealth’””
“” What the hell have i gotten myself into?””
I walked through the front door which was also opened to behold a well sophisticated living room. The couches were covered with hairy-whitish-material with a small table at the middle, by the left side was a very large plasma Tv, by the right was a bar and beside the bar was the stair that lead upstairs. The room was barring a very magnificent scent. About five minutes later, she emerged from upstairs wearing a spaghetti top that barely covered her b----t and a jean bum short which left most of her thighs exposed
Me: good evening ma
Maths Teacher: good evening, how are you
Me: i am fine ma
Maths Teacher: please you can call me Evelyn
I was like “”wooow”” what a beautiful name for a beautiful lady
Me: okay ma….. i am sorry ma
Evelyn: don’t worry, you will get use to it
Me: okay ma
Evelyn: what shall i offer you?
Me: i am okay ma
Evelyn: you cannot tell me that, just tell me what to offer you; moreover, this was your first time of coming to my house
Me: i know ma, but i am actually okay ***i said with a little smile***
Evelyn: i won’t have any of that *** she said as she walked to the bar with her hips swaying as if it was fighting to be freed***
She returned with Exotic juice with two glass cup and sat opposite me with her legs crossed before filling both glasses and handing me one which i accepted. We drank in silent, though i have a lot of questions to ask but i don’t know how i will go about it without waking the demon in her. When both of our glass became empty, she poured more wine before breaking the silence
Evelyn: how do you see my place? *** she asked and stared at me***
Me: it was amazing, both how are you able to purchase all these?
Evelyn: hahah… what are you thinking?
Me: nothing bad, just feeling that you are more influential than i know
Evelyn: your guess is right. My father is one of the influential personnel in this country; he was a senate that is representing our constituent and i have everything i need
Me: ***surprised*** you get to joking right?
Evelyn: joking? You are really funny. That is the truth
Me: then why are you teaching when they will be other lots of more classic works seeking for you
Evelyn: did i here you said classic?
Me: yea, classic and less stressful work
Evelyn: i actually don’t like that. From my childhood, teaching was what i dreamt of and was my classic job. Even though my father tries to persuade me to study law, i decided to go against his wish and studied mathematic in the university
Me: then why don’t you opt to be a lecturer instead of secondary school teacher?
Evelyn: i want a place where i will influence little children, bring them up in the best way and help them in mathematic as it is becoming the highest challenge this countries education system is facing (she is actually a wizard in mathematic)
So there are still this kind of people remaining in this country; a country where every child of a wealthy person will thrive to base abroad, some will not even want to do anything themselves, they will depend on their parents and flaunt their parents wealth like life-no-end and here is this one telling me that…..
Me: and how did you acquire this house ***what a very stupid question***
Evelyn: it was a birthday gift from my dad, though i tried rejecting it but my he threatened to disown me
Me: that was why you accepted it right?
Evelyn: yea, and the cars was from my mum
Me: why don’t you ride them, i mean the cars?
Evelyn: that is just showing one’s self. Nobody apart from my parent and you now that know that i live here
Me: that was very strange
Evelyn: yeah but for security purpose; nobody even know that i am a daughter of a senator
Me: you are right, that will keep you away from any political threat
Evelyn: i never liked politics for once, but i don’t know why my dad choose that after his education
Me: you know, every person have different choice and want to be what he is destined, and if everybody tries to become one thing, human need will be a problem
Evelyn: wow, i didn’t know that you are this experienced; you are actually right
I spend the whole evening with Evelyn, she was really fun to be with and very talented.
Actually, you shouldn’t have to judge a book by its cover and never neglect anybody you see either young or old because you don’t know who they may be.
Back to the present
I woke up to behold my day. Yeah! It was my day because my crush will be giving me reply that day. It was almost two months since i have been wooing this girl and the funniest thing is that I don’t even know either her reply will be positive.
My relationship with Evelyn has also blossom over this month. I always enjoyerd staying with her; we spend every evening together at her house doing a lot of things like learning (she was teaching me mathematics at her house), playing of games, watching football; i got to know that she was Barcelona fans while i am Real-Madrid fans. Spending time with her was now a normal routine for me and i enjoyed every bit of it. Throughout our closeness, nothing unusual happened, but i noticed that throughout all these while, she has never had any other visitor apart from me either male or female. When the devil comes in everything was jeopardized.
I reached school that faithful day with high expectation. I meet frank alighting from a bus at the school gate
FRANK: how are you?
ME: man, so you can’t greet again that you are asking me how am i?
FRANK: see you; do you think that you are older than me?
ME: you, older than me? You are really ridiculous
FRANK: forget that one joor…. i just want you to force Tracy to give you reply today and if she still insist of thinking about it, just tell her that she should forget about it because it is now getting to a whole month and she was still playing hard to get
ME: okay
I was seated in the class with Tracy
ME: so what will you say about my proposal
TRACY: you are just been faster than your shadow
ME: forget that, what i want to hear now is either yes or no
TRACY: yes or no
ME: i am not interested in your joke right now; just give me your reply
TRACY: what did you want me to say again?
ME: just say yes or you say no
TRACY: yes or no ***she said amidst of laughter***
I was like “what is wrong with this girl”
ME: if i leave here now, it will be the last time i talk to you about this
TRACY: ***silent for some seconds*** Yes, i will be your girlfriend ***she said, stand up and peck me before walking back to her seat***
I sat on my seat dumbfounded, the earth was revolving around me, my head aches, i began to sweat profusely, and the veins on my head became plain visible. The feeling i had that moment was indescribable, i was feeling as if i am on top of the world. I was jolted back by a tap on my shoulder, i look back to see frank staring at me
FRANK: what is the matter? Why are you sweating like a Christmas goat?
ME: ***silent***
FRANK: i am talking to you, did she say no?
ME: no, she said yes ***i replied with a smile***
FRANK: then why are you sweating? You are supposed to be rejoicing
ME: mehn.. i am very happy
FRANK: i told you that she loves you, didn’t i?
ME: guy you are right
FRANK: how did you go about it?
I explained everything to him
FRANK: you are now turning into a nigga, small time now you will began wooing anything in skirt
ME: idiot; do you think i am like you?
FRANK: i am a holy pastor oooo, i don’t know what you are talking about
ME: holy pastor my foot. I will like to buy something after school
FRANK: hahah, see this mumu, it is today that you know that you will buy me something? In fact, thunder fire you
ME: guy please don’t spoil the fun
FRANK: i have had you
I was very happy for the rest of the school hour and thank God that Miss Evelyn did send for me otherwise i would have told that i was busy
In the evening, i got to Miss Evelyn’s residence to see her with her swimming trunk; she was standing by the side of the pool obviously just finished swimming. The lady was just too curvelicious with her body drifting water. I was now lust, my brain formatted, i lost my memory of thinking and stand there staring at her tempting body, I don’t know what got over me; i have never felt like this before. I regained consciousness when she asked me if i am not going to great her
ME: g…ood evening ma *** i stammered***
She didn’t answer my greeting before picking up a towel to dry her body while walking into the house. I stood outside confused; i prayed that the ground should open and swallow me but that was not forthcoming. This is my first real embarrassment; my brain was racing with thousand thoughts per second
“”what will be going on in her mind?””
“”is it that i am beginning to have feelings for my teacher?””
Oh no! Not now.
EVELYN: are you going to remain outside because of what just happened? ***she said from the living room***
Obviously, she has changed into something before returning to the living room. I walked briskly to the living room with shame and regret, “i should have just return into the living room after seeing her” i thought, but the devil had other plan; a plan to destroy our relationship and he has succeeded. Evelyn will now see me as a spoilt child.
When i got into the room, she was seated on a single couch with her gaze firmly focused on the Tv, the look on her face was plain that i cannot fathom either she was angry or not
ME: i am sorry ma ***i said as sat opposite her
EVELYN: you don’t have to be, it was my entire fault ***she said turning her gaze to me***
ME: no, it was not your fault but mine; i should have returned when i met you there
EVELYN: that would have changed nothing because you have seen me and there is nothing you can do to change the hand of time. Besides, i shouldn’t have gone to the pool when i know quite well that you will be coming or i should have locked the gate so that you will have to knock before coming in
ME: but you have never locked your gate before. You don’t have to blame yourself but me and i am really sorry for that
EVELYN: you don’t have to feel bad over that because both of us are to be blame
ME: ma you don’t actually know how i feel right now, i really feel like i have did something terrible that i shouldn’t have done. It felt very awkward, i don’t know but i feel like i am not going to be able to stay here this evening because my conscience is blaming metoo much *** i said and made to leave***
EVELYN: Ben please don’t do that and don’t blame yourself for something that you are not at fault, just feel relax , i don’t have any bad thing in mind because of what happened and to tell you the real truth, i am not offended
ME: i know but i still have to go,, i blame myself and didn’t say that you are blaming me
EVELYN: your going will be the only thing that will offend me, so you better come back so that we can play some game before preparing something to eat
:::::::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::::


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