Friday, 5 January 2018


I got to the class smiling like the owner of the universe, Frank was seated in his favourite position when i entered, i distributed the test script to the class going to my seat
Frank: go and call that girl
Me: which girl?
Frank: haha.. See this mugu oooo. Tracy of course
“oh” i said as got up and walk to Tracy’s seat and told her to come to our seat which she obliged before i returned to my seat ****it was some minutes to break time that was why we have all time to ourselves**** In some seconds, she walk to us with a smirk on her face. Frank eyed me and wink and immediately, my brain jumped, i felt like i was been pierced through the heart. My heart was beating faster, even usain Bolt cannot march the speed, but one thing is sure, i must man up
Me:***with trembling and cracking voice*** Tracy, see i really don’t know how to put it. You are just too beautiful and i want you to be my friend.
Tracy: but we are already friends, the best of friends for that matter
Frank: not what he meant. He means that he found you as attracting as making you closer to him always. He wants you to understand him and will always make you happy. Just take a look at it, both of you are always seen together and some people are even thinking that both of you are dating. Life is not as beautiful as it seems and you have to allow some specific things to happen to you in the best way. What i am trying to say in excess is that he wants you to be his girlfriend
****i was like “this dude will be a great rapper”*** silence befalls us for not less than three minutes
Tracy: hmmm….
Frank: This is not the matter of huming, you just give him a chance to prove his love for you
Tracy: i will think about
Frank: there is nothing to think about, that is just wasting of time moreover, you have to make him happy
Tracy: please just do give me time to ponder over it
Frank: no
Tracy: you haven’t said anything here since ***she said referring to me*** please i will reach to you tomorrow
I just kept mute because i don’t actually know what to say. It seem to me that i was in the dark
Frank: okay then but try and keep to your words
Tracy: i will try. See you guys around ***she said with smile before walking away***
Frank: i hope i were with phone to capture your face while you were talking ***he said after she was gone***
Me: what was wrong with my face?
Frank: the smirk on your face was very funny, you looked more harassed than i ever seen, it was an almighty power that prevented me from laughing my brain out.
Me: yeah! I know that the only thing you are good at doing is just laughing at any slightest thing, idiot. Anyway, thank you for your help
Frank: idiot! What are we friends for?
Getting home that day, i was totally relieved and very elated. When i thought that my will be getting bad was when everything changed for the best. I began to whistle celindion’s power of love as i wash my school uniform, i never felt hungry despite the fact that i haven’t eaten since morning and i was very surprised myself; though i don’t eat much, i can’t stay for four hours without eating
Well, i couldn’t learn before going to bed that night. The following morning, i got to school early, frank was yet to come. When it became obvious that he will not be coming to school that day again, i picked up my phone to call him
Me: guy howfar
Frank: good ***i can sense discomfort in his voice***
Me: what is wrong?
Frank: my dad is critically ill
Me: what? What is wrong with him?
Frank: i don’t know ooo. The doctor said that he was suffering from asthma
Me: asthma? In what hospital are you guys?
Frank: Silver Memorial General Hospital
Me: okay, i will come over there when school dismiss before going home (the hospital was just a stone throw from where i lived)
Frank: okay then
I was actually disturbed not only because his father was sick but because i still need his help. Tracy told me that we will talk when returning from school because she has to help her dad in some stuffs. Soon after the break period, a junior student walk up to me, telling me that our mathematics teacher need my attention. I abandoned what i was about doing and went to her office
Me: good day ma
Maths Teacher: hope you remembered what i told you yesterday? Why didn’t you come since this morning?
Me: ma i am very sorry, i was very busy
Maths Teacher: busy that you cannot even remember about me?
Me: not like that ma, i planned seeing you after break and was arranging my books to come when your messenger arrived
Maths Teacher: okay then, you can have a sit ***she said pointing at the visitor’s sit in front of her desk***
I readjusted the seat a little backward before sitting down. She drew some shelf of script in front of me
Maths Teacher: you can help me mark those test using that format over there
***she showed me another sheet of paper which contains the solutions to the test question with the assigned marks for each question written in front of each question. I immediately set out for work. For the past ten minutes, none of us spoke a word, more minutes later
Maths Teacher: i want you to tell me more about yourself
What did i just heard? Or are my ears deceiving me? I actually don’t have to say anything..
Maths Teacher: I am talking to you Ben
Me: sorry ma, what did you say?
Maths Teacher: tell me more about yourself
I was silent for sometime not knowing what to say. I actually didn’t prepare for this
Maths Teacher: i am waiting young boy ****she said authoritatively****
Me: okay. My name is Ben, i am tall and….
Maths Teacher: i know that already, i want you to tell me about your background because you look sophisticated, and well equipped; so tell me ***she interrupted me***
What a big blow for me, i never wanted anybody to know about my background. I have to think fast, i have to come up with a cover story or rather a lie. Suddenly, it clicked
Me: i am the only son of my parent; my dad was averagely wealthy, that was the reason he provided me with all my needs. (I lied)
Maths Teacher: hm. I am impressed. Where do you stay?
Me: i live with my parents
Maths Teacher: you are very lucky been the only child of your parent and male for that, i guessed you are been over pampered.
Me: they don’t actually have time ma
Maths Teacher: how?
Me: they are always busy with their business and have less time for me
Maths Teacher: it means that you are always home alone?
Me: something like that but i am used to it
Maths Teacher: don’t you like visiting people like your friends?
Me: i just don’t like that
Maths Teacher: ***surprised*** but you have to socialize with people in order to gain some extra knowledge and also for healthy living and remember that all work but no play makes Jack a dull boy
Me: i just don’t feel comfortable with that, it look very weird
Maths Teacher: i now understand that you are the silent type but that is not good for you. What if i suggest you should be visiting me whenever you have time
Me: ma, i don’t think that i will be able to come
Maths Teacher: you have to come; it is for your good though. If you will come, here is my address ***she said handing me her home address which i collected without thinking twice***
I don’t actually know if i will be able to honour her invitation because i am not the social type but i am not shy. Though i am beginning to feel comfortable and relaxed around her, my mind was still against it.
I returned to class after marking the script but i was not interested in all the lessons that we received. I was busy thinking about how and what i am going to tell Tracy, but i come up with nothing important but as it, when school dismissed, i walked side-by-side with Tracy to the motor pack
Tracy: where were you after break?
Me: i was called by the maths teacher to help her with some stuff.
Tracy: okay
Me: what about our discussion yesterday?
Tracy: what discussion?
Me: what discussion? You gat to be kidding
Tracy: i am not kidding, i have forgotten, please do remind me
I was like “this girl mean ooo” but out of nowhere come something important
Me: you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, a gem that everyone will die to posses. I want you to give me the chance to prove my love for you, i really love you and will go extra mile to ensure your heart belongs to me
Tracy: hmmm…
Me: believe me, you are the only one that makes me happy and that is why i always want to be with you
Tracy: do you truly love as you just said?
Me: i love you with my life, from the bottom of my heart
Tracy: okay then, will you come to my dad?
Me: as how….
Tracy: as in seeking my hand in marriage
That sounded that like a bomb to me, it sank into my heart and not only did it break but it was shattered. How the hell will this girl be thinking of marriage by this age? It suddenly hit my mind
Me: do you want me to come to your father now?
Tracy: no but it will assure me that you will marry me
Me: coming to your father now is not a good idea, moreover, you are still going to further your education after secondary school and so will i. So there is no need visiting your parents now, we only have to know each other more better now and that is what matters or are you in a hurry to marry?
Tracy: no, i want further my education before thinking of marriage
Me: that is what i am talking about. Will you be my girlfriend?
Tracy: i will think of it
Me: that was what you said yesterday
Tracy: yeah, but i forgot
At this point, we reached the bus-top
Tracy: please i will see you tomorrow ***she said as she ran to board a bus that was heading toward her street while i stand and watched her enter the bus and it zoom off**
I board a bus to the hospital where frank’s dad was admitted. I didn’t find it difficult to locate their ward because a nurse directed me. The old man was calm when i entered
Me: good afternoon sir
Frank’s Dad: how are you?
Me: i am fine sir
Frank’s Dad: you must be Ben
Me: yes sir
Frank’s Dad: my son has told me a lot about you but you are more handsome and healthy than he told me. What i usually told my son is what i am going to tell you “always abstain from girls, most especially with this your handsomeness. Always pursue your goals and avoiding trespassing into what did not belong to you and God will be with you”
Me: i will sir
Frank: thanks for coming
Me: don’t mention
Frank: lets go get something from a nearby shop
Immediately we were in the reception room, frank tugged my cloth gesturing me to stop
Frank: i didn’t want us to talk in the presence after his sermon
Me: i understand
Frank: so whats up with you and Tracy? Or you guys didn’t discuss about anything?
Me: we do
I went on to explain everything to him excluding that of our maths teacher, though i didn’t know why i kept it away from him
Frank: don’t worry, she will surely accept; she is just forming hard to get


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