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Collins wrote a letter to a girl named Becky. She was not tall and not too short with chocolate skin colour and average bossom and booty. She just gave the letter to vice principal and the rest remained history. Collins was called out to the podium during morning assembly and was given twenty-five strokes of cain on the back after which he embark on oone week purnishment which involve clearing the school environment which was meant for the school labourers, cleaning of the school toilet and after that, he was suspended from school for two weeks.
The memorry was still fresh in my mind and i am not going to be the next victim of such embarrasing situation. On our way home
Frank: how did it go with Tracy or are you not going to tell me?
Me: haba! I will surely tell you without you requesting
Frank: and what is hindering
Me: the truth is that flopped
Frank: how?
Me: i couldnt tell her
Frank: i wish i were there to see your face
Me: very disgusting, i felt totally embarassed
Frank: and what did she say?
Me: she told me to write it as letter and bring to school tomorrow
Frank: hehe…. dont try that ooo
Me: i will not but the problem now is that i dont know what to do
Frank:just relax, tomorrow i will talk to her myself
Me: i will be very grateful
Frank:but you will be present
Me: okay
Frank:one more thing
Me: what?
Frank: you will first start talking
Me: but i just told you that i cant
Frank: you will try or otherwise, there will be nothing i could do to help
Me: why are you trying to change your mind all of a sudden?
Frank: i am not changing my mind but..
Me: but what? Are you trying to use that as an escuse?
Frank: not like that
Me: like what?
Frank: the reason is that you are the person that want the girl and not me, so everything has to start from you
Me: okay. I am now beginning to understand you now
Frank: better. So get ready to do just that and leave the rest for me
Me: okay boss
Frank: idiot. When i was telling to up your game the other time, you are just claiming holy boy
Me: forget about those time abeg
Frank: i should forget right?
Me: if you wont forget then keep it to yourself
Frank: i should keep it to myself when i am trying to help you
Me: that is your choice. If you like do if you like dont
Frank: it is because you know that i must
Me: that is because you have no choice
Frank: i have a choice
Me: and that your choice is to do it
Frank: i dont have time for you now
I returned home, took my bath, eat some food before trying to read something before doing my assignment but i couldnt. I simply took my textbook and solve my assignment after which i resign for a brief nap. It was getting dark when i woke up with a mixed feeling signalling that i have slept for not less than three hours but it really do help because it cooled my brain down enabling me to study some passages for hours before going to bed with a big day awaiting.
I woke up to behold a beautiful morning; the sun ray that pierced into my eyes through the open window made me noticed that the day was long gone. I do woken late because i couldn’t sleep early the previous night, i do been thinking about Tracy that i slept very late. It was 7:47am, i rushed into the bathroom, brush my teeth, took my bath, wore my school uniform and rush off to board a bus to school. I didn’t care to eat my breakfast because i know that that will delay me.
When i get to the bus stop, i met only one bus with no passenger. I checked my time and the time says 8:21, trenching to school will take over 30mins while taking a bus will take less than 10mins. I paid the driver and entered the car thinking that the bus will be filled within ten minutes but to my dismay, i was totally wrong. Getting to twenty minutes, the bus was still remaining four passengers, all the passengers that were on board were shouting at the driver to take off that they were getting late to work but the driver didn’t care rather he felt reluctant like a statue. The most annoying part of it was that the driver was a learner, when we finally hit the road, the man or rather the young boy will stretch his neck out of the window in order to view if any vehicle was approaching, on one occasion, he do hit his head on mine (i was sitting next to him because i always like to sit in the front seat) while trying to view the right side mirror. I wonder how this dude passed his driving lesson (if he actually attended one) or rather how he got his driving license. The road safeties really have to up their work efficiency in other to save the life of people from such stupid or rather ignorant unqualified drivers.
When i got to school, it was already some minutes after nine; i think second will be about rounding up when i entered the class, i looked at the board and saw TEST ON MATHEMATICS boldly written on it with inscription of 40marks at last edge of the board. I was now sweating profusely; this was a teacher (lady) that will not take any excuse after her test or assignment. If you are unlucky to be absent during her test or fail to submit her assignment, then better kiss the mark goodbye because your pleading will only grant you some punishment as an unserious student. What a bad day for me.
Frank: guy what happened?
Me: it is a very long story
Frank: what really happened? You have never come to school late and this is so surprising
I explained everything to him without missing anything. When i finished, frank was just laughing his throat put, at this point, Tracy walk in on us
Tracy: Ben why did you come late
Me: i woke up very late
Tracy: is that the reason why this one was laughing? ***she said referring to Frank***
Me: i really wonder
Tracy: what is funny about that? ***she asked Frank***
Frank: hey girl minds the manner you talk to me or do you think that i look like Ben? ****He said teasingly****
Tracy: you don’t look like him and will never
Frank: haaha you are really funny or rather romantic
Tracy: look at your mouth. Ben i really didn’t write anything meaningful in this test *** she said diverting the topic ****
Frank: i really tried but i was only able complete one question, Ben you really f----d up
Me: me? How?
Frank: if you were here, you would have at least helped a lot
Tracy: you are right
Me: both you guys are now better than me
Tracy: how?
Me: you know quite well that this miss will never accept my plea to write the test again
Tracy: that is your insinuation. If you were here to witness how she was asking about you like her son, wouldn’t have said that
Frank: she asked for you every minute saying that she was really proud of your quality
Me: really?
Tracy: or are you having any relationship with her?
Me: funny you. I really have to see her then
Frank: i will come with you
Me: okay let’s get going
Tracy: i will also come with you
Me: ***surprised*** no, you don’t have to
Tracy: i insist
Me: that is not just normal. What if your dad sees us?
Tracy: that is not a problem
Frank: okay then, you can come with us
In my mind ““this Frank is really nut””
We walked into the teacher’s office, she was busy marking some script and from my guess, it was that of our class.
“Good day ma” we chorused
She lifted her head and adjusted her eyes-glass before muttering incoherent “morning” to us. I am like: i don enter one chance.
Me: i am sorry i couldn’t make it up for your test this morning
Maths Teacher: is that why you come with your friends?
Me: yes ma
Maths Teacher: to plead with me? Really funny.
We all stared at each other. Is my day getting worst? Oh no! I couldn’t afford to lose this 40marks but before i could come out of my thoughts, she broke the silent that have befallen the office for not less than ten seconds
Maths Teacher: don’t be surprise, just take a look ***she said gesturing us to look at what she was marking*** not even a single person was able to get above five except frank that got ten marks. This is what i was always preaching to you people to be serious with your studies but you chose littering the school compound making hell of noise
*** i actually didn’t come here for sermon***
Maths Teacher: actually, two of you ***she said pointing at Tracy and Frank*** really disappointed me. You will write the test here right now ***she turned to me*** but you both (Frank and Tracy) return to your class
***it was just like i won arsenal vs man u betting (arsenal fans how last Sunday’s market, make una no vex abeg with the name of ………….is Depay-Reshford **winks**), the almighty iron lady has just broken her rule or rather turn to Holy Spirit. I am like “from bad day to best day, what a turnaround*** immediately Frank and Tracy left for class, she ushered me our school letter headed test paper with her test question written on another sheet. I glanced through the question and smiled because all the questions were just too simple and i began to scribe the solutions down. After about fifteen minutes, i was through and submitted the sheet to her.
Me: thank you ma
Maths Teacher: just don’t thank me. I did what i am supposed to do and beside, you are one of the best if not the best student this school has ever produced and you never seized to amaze me with your improvement
Me: i am very grateful ma
One thing i like about her was that she has a very interesting teaching method and always serious with what i guessed she best knows how to do which was mathematics was. Though she was jovial while teaching, she was very strict outside the class. She was tall with blistering chocolate-fair skin colour with massive (very massive) backyard and front yard (b---m) that her dresses find it difficult to contain her assets. Her cleavage always shows in massive form with her bakassi always moving left-and-right whenever she was running. She has a hazel eyes and her tummy was very flat with her leg and hand size average that i wonder how she was able to carry all her set. She was actually my dream girl. She was not married and was in her early thirties, rumours had it that she has no boyfriend because she was into girl though i don’t used to believe in rumours. Back to the story
Maths Teacher: you have to help me record this test before sharing it to your classmate and it must be confidential, i just want them to about their flaws***in our, test and examination script were not allowed to be distributed to the students unless otherwise***
I collected the script and began recording the marks into the space provided for test on another sheet she gave me. When i got to my script which was obviously the last i raised up my head to look at her, like she read what was in my mind, she said
Maths Teacher: though you got all the answers, it will be inappropriate to give you the full score so i decided to subtract one mark from your score ***she said and smiled at me***
“You never changed” i almost said out loud but wait a minute, do i see her smile or was my vision deceiving me. Well, i kept that aside and complete what i was doing before handing her the sheet which she go through before keeping it in her briefcase
Maths Teacher: thank you for that, your handwriting is very awesome
Me: i was the one that is supposed to thank you. I am really glad for the help
Maths Teacher: you are welcome
Me: thank you ma
I was about going when i heard
Maths Teacher: and please i want you to help me with some things tomorrow, whenever you are free you can come because i don’t have your class tomorrow
Me: okay ma. I will surely do that
Maths Teacher: thanks
As i was returning to the class, i didn’t have any bad idea. I was just as innocent as a new born baby because i have never had anything to do with girls. The only feeling i had was happiness, i was very lucky i thought and i need to do thanksgiving to the almighty. God always has a way of doing things which really marvels me, i was like from “from coming to school to making friend with our Maths Teacher” man! That was a big achievement


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