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As from that day, Frank kept his distance from Favour; he will walk into the class without looking in her direction. Favour in the other hand always tries to get his attention but Frank will have none of that. Things were starting to settle down a beat, he always study his book and didn’t play around. Soon, he began to make friend with two boys named; Collins and Mike.
Collins was the last born of a family of six, three girls and three boys. He is of average height, dark in complexion and was pampered by every member of their family. To say that he was very rude will be an understatement; he will pick a quarrel at any little misunderstanding. He will any extra mile to make sure he get any girl he crushes, ranging from seeking help from his elder brother which they will gladly do to using of jaas to get their attention.
Mike on the other hand was from a family of three wives. He was the first son of his mother who was the last wife. He was a bit short, fair in complexion and also loves girls with passion. He was very temperamental and go any lengths to get whatsoever he want including stealing.
What baffles me was why Frank has decided to make friend with such guys when they are a lot of good guys in our class. Well that question answered itself before i could ask him.
It was sunny Monday morning, the sun was setting, some people was preparing for lesson after morning devotion, somewhere preparing for what they called the best thing that will happen to them while somewhere in deep thinking of what will become their fate because they found themselves in one problem or the other with the staffs and some with the principal.
If you guilty of anything and was reported to the principal, just prepare for a whole day punishment, week punishment or even suspension depending on your offence. Well, i have gat no problem so i was preparing for my lessons for the day.
Time passed but no sight of Frank and his new his goons in the class. Well, i don’t care anymore, all that matters for me then was myself and nothing more. It was after our first lesson that i noticed that Favour was not in the class also. Well, for sometime before long break, Frank, his goons and Favour walked into the class
Me: guy watsupp? Where have you been all these hours?
Frank: no be small thing ooo
Me: and what is not small thing
Frank: i decided to hide it from you because you will try to discourage me
Me: and what are you talking about?
Frank: i got Favours 2go username from Mike, i sent her friend request and she accepted and we got chatting though i didn’t do anything because i was scared. So i asked her for her phone number but she declined. So when Mike visited me last Friday evening, i asked him if he will be able to get me her phone number and he told me that he already have it. As a result, i collected the number from him and called her immediately, fortunately, she answered and we got talking.
Letter yesterday (Sunday), i typed a message for her but couldn’t gather the courage to send it. So when Collins and Mike came they saw it but before i could protest, the message has been sent by Collins. But unfortunately, the phone was with her mother when the message was delivered and she saved my number with my name.
Me: haahahaha….you put yourself into an ovule
Frank: but that is now past tense
Me: and what did her mother do?
Frank: her mother came to school with her first son and reports us to the discipline master
Me: and then?
Frank: the discipline master asked me if i was responsible for sending the text message which i obliged. He stressed that he has nothing to say since the girl’s mother was present, she should decide
Me: what did the woman said?
Frank: she said that she can send us to the police if not the fact that my father was her headmaster. She said that if i want marry her, i should wait till when both of us ( Frank and Favour) are ready because if we go into any relationship, it might lead to pre-marital s-x which may inturn lead to unwanted pregnancy thereby bringing shame to both family both mostly obstructing Favour future.
She also said that anytime i am grown enough to marry and still want to marry her, that i should come and if she is still available and willing to marry me, she will gladly bless us
Me: so you are now a married man to be?
Frank: she should have make it official
Me: as how?
Frank: formal betrothal
Me: idiot, you are not grateful that your a-s is not on fire
Frank: but i truly love her
Me: do you understand anything about true love?
Frank: well i do know to my own understanding
Me: well then
Frank: yeah
Throughout our JSS1, Frank never had any problem with any girl again neither do I but one thing was that getting closer to both Collins and Mike.
Getting to JSS2, I began to notice within myself was that I was developing some feelings for one particular in our class named Tracy. Tracy was the first daughter of the school discipline master, she has Kim K’s like face structure but Kim K is more advanced (you get what i mean?) with massive behind and big >-shape b---m that you misplace her for an adult. She was fair in complexion (Nigeria oyibo) with little busty body and not that beautiful because of her shape though her shape is not too bad but the reason why l like her was her skin type. Her skin was very strong and glooming even though she uses bleaching cream, her skin type remain natural but her colour blossoms and she has got a big pink lips.
Me: dude I want to tell you something very important
Frank: ha-ha… when have you ever had any important thing to say?
Me: joke apart, I am d--n serious
Frank: and what could that be?
Me: guy it is like I am beginning to like this girl Tracy
Frank: haahhaahahaha
Me: dude, why the hell are you laughing?
Frank: now you are getting angry but when i am telling you about my own you are here telling me nonsense but now you are here telling me that you are falling for a girl.
Me: that when kids behaviours are full of my brain but things happens when they are supposed to
Frank: look at this adult, so now you have natured right?
Me: are you going to tell me what to do or you will remain here telling me nonsense
Frank: but i noticed that the girl really like you since but because you are behaving like a holy spirit that will never have anything to do with girls, i decided not to tell you but since you have woken up from your slumber, we have to help you
Me: we? you and who?
Frank: Collins and mike of course
Me: but i think that they are left out of this for now
Frank: okay then
Me: so when are we going to do that
Frank: you have to start first before i help out.
Me: okay thank you.
But down within me, i was d--n scared but i have to cover it with a little smile
Frank: but wait ooo, what change you suddenly?
Me: nature
Frank: wizzy (as he fondly calls me while trying to price me)
Me: that is the only factor
Frank: yeah, that true.
According to Frank, Tracy was our classmate from JSS ONE but l never noticed her. Throughout our Jss two, l just kept admiring her to the point that we started been close by the time we were writing our JSCE we were close buddies fortunately, we sat near each during the exam which makes it possible for me to help her with some answer which she found difficult. Though she was not too bright, she can defend herself as a student. During this time, I was chosen to participate represent the school with other SSS3 student in a state competition which was conducted and organised by the state governor though our school failed in the first stage, I was able to take first in impromptu speech
Getting to SSS1 my relationship with Tracy has developed to new level; every member of our class will always say that we were dating while i couldn’t muster the courage to woo her.
On one occasion, I called her
Me: Tracy
Tracy: yeah
Me: there is something I want to tell you
Tracy: what
Me: eerm……..yo…u seeee, eerm……………….
Tracy: what?
Me: it is ok
Tracy: if you know that you cannot tell me orally, just write it and give it to me the following day
Me: okay then
Not that i don’t want to write but the problem was that I am scared should in case she show the letter to her friends or rather report me to any teacher because I don’t want any public disgrace (that will be my greatest nightmare) because I witnessed what happened to Collins the previous Monday.


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