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I will never give up, i have to fight for what i have suffered for and will never let it slip off me with my eyes widely open” i encouraged myself
I sported beside her and placed my hand on her back but she never threw away my hand rather, she was busy weeping
ME: i am sorry baby i never meant to hurt you and i will never hurt you
My words touched her and she raised head to reveal teary eyes, but what come next took me off guide
TRACY: stop telling me that you deceit, i believe all that you told me not knowing that you are a great liar. I gave you my heart and you decided to disgrace me. I accepted you not up to 24hours but what do i get in return, “disappointment”. You go about chasing other women and not ordinary women but a lady that is way too far beyond you. Why, why did you chose to do this to me **she said amidst of tears**
ME: please baby, i can explain
TRACY: explain what. Do you know what the whole class were saying? They were all saying that you are a player and are chasing older ladies because they give you money. What have i done to deserve this Ben **she wept**
I was dumb founded, i couldn’t utter any word. That was into sugar boy? This people must rot in hell
ME: baby, please listen to me
TRACY: don’t baby me. It is over between us **she said, stood up and walked away**
I remained static, my was fill of anger and regret
“Is this how it will all end?” i asked myself
I don’t know what to feel when i looked back at frank. Frank was holding her as she wept on his shoulder. I don’t know either to be sad or happy, frank was talking to her
FRANK: just listen to him
TRACY: why do you want me to listen to him? He is a cheat, i accepted him just yesterday only to find out that he is a player. My friends told me that his type will always attract girls but i gave him a benefit of doubt only to find out today that he is no saint
FRANK: just listen to him, he did it for us
TRACY: us? I don’t understand **she replied as she began to wipe off her tears. I just a little bit off them and never utter any word**
FRANK: yes. Me and you
She was just surprised as she turns to stare at me in amusement. My heart leapt up for joy; she will surely fall for this but all thanks to frank
TRACY: what are you not telling me? **she asked me**
ME: you never give me a listening eye
TRACY: what really happened?
ME: now you want to know
TRACY: talk to me please
ME: i did what i did to please you, to make you happy but what did i get in return, scolding from you. You even go as far as calling our a day old relationship a quit. Well, if you care to know, i added some marks to your test score and that of frank and she found
TRACY: ** turned to frank ** is it true?
FRANK: i was even more sad than you but when he told me what really happened, i have no doubt
TRACY: i am very sorry **she said and turned to me while i began to walk away**
I was very sad for her reaction but didn’t want go away but i have to know if she really valued the relationship. She began to run after me pleading before i stopped
TRACY: i am very sorry that i didn’t trust you
ME: even after my explanation, you still didn’t trust me
TRACY: please forgive me, it will never happen again
FRANK: it is okay Ben
TRACY: i am sorry **she said as we locked ourselves in embrace**
TRACY: but there is still a problem **she said immediately we released ourselves**
ME: what problem
TRACY: the class were saying that you are having an affair with the maths teacher and the news will spread immediately school dismissed
FRANK: you can solve that one **he said to Tracy** moreover, they are your friends and you have to tell them the real story (if only he knew that the real story was the fake story)
TRACY: okay, i will do that
FRANK: touch his buttock **he said to her**
TRACY: why should i do that?
FRANK: he was given several lashes on his buttock
TRACY: what? By that monster of a teacher?
FRANK: yes oo, his movement is even somehow now
TRACY: oo i am very sorry **she said petting me while frank just laugh **
FRANK: lover birds
ME: how does that concern you?
TRACY: don’t mind him
I was walking out of the school compound after school dismissal when a boy walked up to me and told me that our Biology teacher was waiting for me in his office.
The man was black in complexion, little tall and of average height. He was very jovial and also intelligent.
I walked into his office and he ushered me a sit
BIOLOGY TEACHER: hope you are not in a hurry to return home
ME: not at all
BIOLOGY TEACHER: did you know why i called you here?
ME: i fear i know
BIOLOGY TEACHER: the way Miss Evelyn interrupted my class this morning because of you was just too annoying. But if not that you have somehow offended her, she wouldn’t have been so harsh and that was why i didn’t react but decided to find out from you before confronting her
ME: just minimal misunderstanding
ME: she asked me to record some test for her but i added some marks to some of my friends which made her very mad at me but i know that i shouldn’t have done that
BIOLOGY TEACHER: thank God you said that you are at fault but somehow, your classmates are saying that something fishy would be going on between you two and you know how news travel in this school
ME: i am already trying to sort that one
BIOLOGY TEACHER: don’t worry i will address that one tomorrow
ME: i will be grateful
BIOLOGY TEACHER: is okay. Let go i will like to give you a lift so as to cover your wasted time
ME: you don’t have to bother about that, i will find my way
BIOLOGY TEACHER: not at all, let get going
We both walked to his car and he drove me to my street..
I was just watching a program on the television when a call comes into my phone. I checked and it was unknown number.
VOICE: hello
ME: hy
VOICE: good evening sir ** i recognised the voice
ME: hello baby, how are you doing?
TRACY: decided to hide my voice from you but you still recognised me
ME: how on earth will a fail to recognise your voice even in the grave
TRACY: you’re so funny
ME: lolz, but how do you get my number
TRACY: l got it from your friend after school dismissed because l didn’t see you
ME: no mind me abeg, it was our biology teacher that delayed me
TRACY: okay just want to say hi
ME: that is very great of you
TRACY: but hope that you are not angry with me again?
ME: how will i be, i was just surprised that you didn’t trust me
TRACY: i do but it took me by surprise but i am sorry for that
ME: it is okay
TRACY: love you
ME: love you too. See you at tomorrow
TRACY: okay bye.
After the call, l was just feeling so good, l was smiling at myself due to the fact that i escaped my pit. I was really in love and will do anything for her.
The following day, we were all at school just relaxing because the period was just for revision and nothing more. Collins and mike later join me and frank
COLLINS: hello dudes
ME/FRANK: xup guys
COLLINS: we dey oo. Wetin Dey happen hear
FRANK: nothing oo just relaxing
COLLINS: Ben wetin happen between you and that lady yesterday now?
ME: i just added marks to the score of Tracy and frank in her test and she became mad at me
COLLINS: see, na your problem be this, we go dey speak pigin to you and you go dey form America
ME: please don’t be provoked, it has become part of me
COLLINS: part of you ko part of you ni, forget that one jare; anyway ,why you con add marks for Tracy and didn’t add for us who are your padi
MIKE: i tire for him oo. This guy just dey bone us like say we carry masquerade
FRANK: abeg, make una no vex for my padi, the reason wey he no dey reason with una be say the guy no want problem
COLLINS: we na tick of trouble we be ba? abegi no tell me that crap
FRANK: no vex now; no be wetin i mean be that now, i mean say the guy no too dey talk and he no fit speak pidgin
MIKE: asin say he no get mouth? Forget that one joor, we go teach am pidgin.
COLLINS: but wait ooo. Ben, this your closeness with this Tracy of a girl, i hope say no be waiten i they think oo
ME: as how and what are you thinking?
COLLINS: i been dey think say you and that girl dey parole because the way she just go dey rob her hand for your body get as e be and this one wey you be fine boy
ME: funny you
FRANK: leave this ajebor abeg, na him girlfriend be that now
COLLINS: eerh eerh nai this dude go dey hide am from us?
MIKE: i no tell you say that girl like this bobo. Girl dem sef, they too dey like better things
ME: you guy are just something else
COLLINS: yes now, but you suppose to dey tell us because of any gbege
ME: you guys have mastered this pidgin sef
MIKE: forget that one. Hope say you don dey enter her wonder land
COLLINS: if you no know how to do am, i go teach you but if the girl fall for me eerh, i go finish her with this my big meat oo
MIKE: the girl too set sef. See yansh, see boobs, oboy, this guy get luck oo. The girl just too much. Anytime she dey waka, na so the yansh go just dey dance left and right and the boob go dey bounce up and down
COLLINS: i wan touch the b----t sef even if she no go allow me suck am
FRANK: make una no try that one
COLLINS: we no go do am now but na because na our padi babe oo if not, i go try anyhow to yansh her
MIKE: the girl go sweet no be small ooo
COLLINS: but the girl no go be tear leather again but she go still dey tight
FRANK: even if she dey tight or not, abi she no be tear leather again, una no go fit taste am again
MIKE: but if this guy leave am, i go toast am oo because i no say this bobo hear go dey attract many girls so he go dump this girl soon
FRANK: dey der dey wait, no go find your own. You go wait till your mates don dey buy new clothes
We all laughed it out but down within me, i am very furious because i don’t like how they were just describing my baby girl.
<><><><><><><> To be continued <><><><


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