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This story is really the author’s imagination; all names used in this story are fiction. Any event relating to this story is as a result of coincident.
INTERMISSION is a story that involves love, betrayal, revenge and payback. It is a story of a young boy who walked into the world of his fantasies to find true love but instead, he meet someone who will definitely change him into whom himself cant imagine.
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***EPISODE 1***
I woke up to behold my day. Yeah! It was my day because my crush will be giving me reply that day. It was almost two months since in have been wooing this girl and funniest thing is that I don’t know either her reply will be positive. You may think that I am crazy but the truth is that girl is my classmate in the same class from JSS1 but I never noticed her, it may that I never saw her face or something else I don’t really know. Actually I detested girl for just no reason that my friends will have to hide anything that has to do with girls from me
Frank is my childhood friend, my best friend and my classmate from JSS1. He was very outstanding, brilliant and humble but can be an a-s sometime but I love him for that but he get a problem which was this girl named Favour.
She was the most beautiful in our class and the school at large. She was fair in complexion (her skin colour is just albino incarnate but she is not albino making her skin look much tempting), she has long leg, very big and wide hip with her firm big C-cup boob (Nicky-Minaj will be jealous of her because of what she carry’s at that age) but slim body, her face? She has a pointed nose, over pinked-lips and dim eyes which make up her oval like face with a very long hair. She is such a gem that every male that fall for her including the teachers in our school but I was not moved.
Frank vowed to do any thing to win her heart, I am like “at this age you are thinking of girls” we were in JSS1 by then which make me to think that he is insane. Yes, he did it and he sees it. Since he was intelligent, he began using it on his prey. He will solve her class work, assignment and sometime invite her to sit with him during test. Not up to a month, the whole class began calling them husband and wife while he has not even express his love to her.
I was very disappointed in frank because he was putting himself in a limelight that will affect him negatively. I tried my way to advice him but it seem that the dude is charmed by her beauty leaving me with no choice than to allow him to his fate but yet I didn’t feel happy.
On one morning, during our first lesson, a teacher sent for frank and according to his expression when the messenger left, I know that everything is not alright but I can’t put my hand on what the problem may be, I have to let him go without asking him any question. Throughout the lesson which was mathematics, I couldn’t concentrate; I was totally lost that even the teacher noticed my which prompted the whole class attention. You can guess that: I am gifted and versatile in any area; most people who know me call me “book wizard”. Some of our class mate always says that frank depend on me which they are wrong about, though I do help him sometime but actually didn’t depend on me because we are on different form. Though I am very good at all subject, Mathematics is my best subject and I love the subject with passion and I am very grateful to God for that.
So when the teacher asked a question, the class went dead, they were all starring at me to save them because the teacher is surely going to deal with the whole class if nobody answers his question. But to there utmost surprise, I didn’t make an attempt because I am just in the mode and I don’t care what the teacher will do. After some seconds, the teacher pointed at me and asked me to answer the question, I stood up and simply told him that I don’t know the answer which bring forth yet another seconds of silence in the class. The teacher was surprised and to the relieve of every body, he left after standing speechless for sometime. I just laid my head on my desk after he left ignoring questions from my classmate on what is wrong with me, I have a lot think about now and not all these stupid question, in my mind “why cant you all mind your d--n business and let me be”
After our second lesson which I don’t even know the topic that was taught, the Mathematics sent for me to meet him in his office
Maths Teacher: what is wrong with you Ben?
Me: nothing
Maths Teacher: you can’t tell me nothing when everyone know that something is wrong
Me: I am just quit fine sir, is that why you call for me?
Maths Teacher: yes. You can confide in me if you have any problem
Me: I am really grateful sir but I am really ok
Maths Teacher: I know that you just don’t want to talk about it but its ok, I think it is personal but as I said, you can confide in me anytime you have any problem.
Me: ok sir, thank you very much
Maths Teacher: you are welcome
One thing I noticed while I was walking out of the office was frank kneeling in front of the vice principal because the vice principal’s office was opposite the Maths Teacher’s office.
Going for break that day was not even in my mind despite that fact that I was very hungry. I was just thinking what might be course or what frank did, but I still couldn’t keep finger on anything and. Frank did not return to class until some minutes to the closing time
Me: dude what’s up with you and the vice principal?
Frank: I just can’t talk about it
Me: what do you mean you cant talk about it?
Frank: please don’t be annoyed, I will tell after school and moreover, it is almost closing time
I shrugged without saying anything; he really has to relax his mind if it is something serious. Well, by now I can assume what is troubling him. After school dismissal:
Frank: I am sorry how sounded in the class I was just confused and feel that I have disappointed you
Me: no problem, I understand your problem only that I feel uncomfortable seeing worried
Frank: thank you
Me: can talk about it now?
Frank: I don’t even know where to start
Me: start from anywhere and you can also make it brief
Frank: hmmm……..
Me: common… talk to me
Frank: it was Favour
Me: and what about her?
Frank: I wrote her a letter but she gave it to the vice principal. I think she was influenced by her friend Precy
Precy was Favour’s best friend and also relation but she was just too arrogant and very annoying. She was tall with chocolate skin. Rumour has it that she was very cheap because of her love for s-x. Though didn’t believe that because I cant imagine a girl of her age to do such thing.
Me: which letter are you talking about, or you trying to help her with letter writing?
Frank: you are very stupid, it was a love letter
Me: love letter? What the hell do you mean?
Frank: I don’t have the time for any joke this hot afternoon. ****walking away****…..
The real truth is that I don’t actually understand what he meant by love letter. Don’t blame because all I focused on was my education. I read my book and don’t get time to think about anything that will affect my education negatively.
Me: bros please stop, I am not joking about the question, I just don’t get what you meant
Frank: haahaha…… you are something else. I meant that I wrote to her telling her that I love her
Me: ****shocked*****
Frank: what is wrong?
Me: you….you did that?
Frank: ***silent***
Me: ***recovering from shock*** and what did the vice principal says?
Frank: long story
Me: mind telling me some super story?
Frank: idiot. He told me some long sermon on the biblical teaching and the negative effects.
Me: and what did he say about your punishment?
Frank: he said that he would informed my parent before sending for me but because I am brilliant, he decided to give me second chance but warned that if I ever do that again, I shall see hell
Me: hell on earth right? ****wink****
He began for something to on me. Guessing him right, I took to my heel laughing
Me: look back, Favour is approaching maybe to apologise and accept ***coincidentally, Favour was walking toward our direction***
Frank: guy this guy is a confirm witch
Me: see this idiot; because she reported you, you are now calling her witch. If I were her, I would have even done worst.
Frank: ***fuming*** but you can’t even do anything.
Me: do what? You called what you did something, mumu! Your dad will be thinking that you are busy with your study not knowing that you are just impersonating student.
Frank: you are the one that is impersonating student. We better get ourselves out of here before that she-devil reaches here
Me: hahaha ….so you are now scared
Frank: let’s get going please


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