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Act Of Faith Episode 4

Act Of Faith
Episode: Episode 4
Title: A serial killer
I wanted to get up from the floor but Mbe immediately pounced on me. He went into business immediately as he started baptizing my face with hot punches. I didn't fight back, not because I couldn't fight back but because I was a spy. My fighting back could bring about suspicion and may threaten my identity. He left my face region and continued to land his punches on my stomach. I was feeling the pain of his punches, but I didn't react, blood stains could now be visibly seen on my lips. " Mbe let him be" Joy shouted as she came forward to hold him but he pushed her away with one hand and she landed on the ground, she got up again. " Please Mbe, leave him alone" she shouted again as she came towards us. like the previous time, she landed on the ground again. Before I could tell what was happening, Mbe lifted me up from the ground and drew me heavily to the ground. He came towards me again and continued to baptize my face with his punches, I could only hope and pray for help. " poo" I heard and opened my eyes, someone had hit Mbe with a wood from behind, it was a young man, a fine looking young man, we should be of the same age grade. Mbe groaned in pains as the young man continued to hit him with the wood. " Come let's go" Joy said as she dragged me up. The young man came towards me and lifted me up his shoulder like a baby, he held Joy with the other hand and we ran away to a safe place. " Drop me down" I said calmly to the young man as we reached a place far away from the stream, even if he doesn't want to say, I knew my weight must have made him tired now. " Are you certain you can walk now?" The young man asked showing no sign of tiredness, i nodded. He dropped me gently to the floor and I stood up slowly. " Thank you" I said placing my left hand on his shoulder." Gabriel, am sorry" Joy said staring at me, she had been crying. " its okay joy, so I broke your water pot again?" I said trying hard to smile, she also smiled. " You welcome man, I am Alvana" the guy said as he also placed his hand on my shoulder, " Thanks Alvana" I said while he nodded. " I was on my way to the farm when I met you guys, I should be going now" Alvana said and left us. " Am really sorry Gabriel" Joy said as she touched my swollen cheeks. " you didn't do it to me, so don't be sorry" I said as I walked forward. " should I escort you home? " she asked while I stopped and turn to her. " Am ain't going home yet, I am going to your house" I said to her. " Why?" She asked sharply. " To tell your mom that after all this beatings I have received today, even the gods will find her guilty if she doesn't give me your hands in marriage" I said while she laughed and twisted her mouth, I actually like the way she do twist her mouth. " I am actually going to explain how your pot got broken" I said. " But I can explain myself" she countered . " she would believe it's real when she see me in this state" I said again. " No, you need to go home and rest " She said touching my right palm. " Dont worry I am fine" I said again and continue to walk forward. " Is there anything between you and Mbe" I suddenly asked her after we had walked some distance. " No, there is nothing, he is just forcing himself on me " she replied reducing her pace. " You should tell him you dont like him now" I said turning to her and also reducing my pace. " I have told him that times without number, but he won't listen" Joy shouted stretching out her hand. " Then tell your parents about it" I said again. " What can my parents do, they are even encouraging me to go and get married, they say am not a baby any more" she said smiling. " Fine, then I will bring wine this weekend to come and ask for your hands in marriage" I said smiling, " I will pour the wine on your head if you try it" Joy replied smiling. " So what have you been doing In the city all these years" Joy suddenly asked changing the discussion, I wasn't expecting that question. " Errrm, I actually was busy with my studies, I went to read further " I lied. " Then you should be working as a big man, not coming back to the village as a tapper" she said laughing seriously. " I only came to spend some time in the village, I own a big chemist in the city" I quickly defended, we were now at her house. I entered into her compound, she was following me behind, her mom stood up immediately she saw my battered face. " Chineke, Adanna, what happened?" Her mother asked her in shock, Adanna is actually joy's native name. " Mama good morning" I greeted her calmly while she held my hands. " my son, I heard you were back from the city" she said as she touched my face. " Yes mama, I came about two days ago" I said to her. " What happened to you face? Did you involve yourself in any fight? " she asked again. " Mbe attacked me on my way home from the stream this morning, he also broke Joy's water pot" I said as Joy stood with her both legs crossed. Her mom turned to her and smiled. " Are you sure this Mbe of a man won't send away all your suitors, he has practically beaten every young man in this village just because of Joy" her mom said turning to me. " Sorry my son, come and sit here and rest" Her mom said to me while I sat down and thought about the beating I received from Mbe this morning, all thanks to Alvana for saving me.
• On a bench I sat that evening when I sensed someone's presence in the compound, I looked up and it was the young man that had saved me that morning, he was carrying about six tubers of yam which were tied together with a rope. " Good evening " he greeted me smiling, I smiled back to him and created space for him to sit. " Thanks for this morning" I said as he sat down. " Its nothing bro, I just used it as a kind of revenge, he had once beat me up on my way to the farm some weeks ago just because of a small argument we had" Alvana said while I smiled. We discussed about a lot of things, he automatically became my friend that day, he was a funny and lively person. " what do you think about all these deaths stuff in the village?" I suddenly asked him while he stretched his necks to look around like a gossip. " I think a serial killer is behind this" He said much more like a whisper, " On the night of about two market days ago, that was when Njoku the son of the village drunkard was killed, I witnessed everything, I was at the spot of his death that night, but no one saw me" he started while I listened curiously thinking he had something good to say.
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