Monday, 1 January 2018

A step into love Episode 7 & 8

It's a new day, Cindy and Angelina are going for lecture, Cindy is an English student while Angelina is a Biochemist student,they were discussing as they walked to the lecture class, it's obvious that Angelina is introducing Cindy to the new environment and also leading her to her (Cindy's) lecture room, they stopped as the people were rushing forward and shouting "Wow! The Genius is back! The Genius is back!"
Hearing this Angelina giggled breaking the silence between her and Cindy as they move on again "That must be Charles"
"Charles?" Cindy asked
"yeah, didn't you know him? Oh! I almost forget that you're new here. well, he's just brilliant, handsome,rich and genius as you've heard, so we call him The Genius" Angelina explained
"so, is that why they are running up-to him as if the President or some kind of celebrity is here" Angelina busted into laughter and replied Cindy "point of correction, Charles is like one of the Celebrity or let me say Star of this institution,dont worry you will still get to know him more better coz his department is beside yours...... I gotta go now, I'm having lecture soon and I must not be late. You see that building over there?" she asked pointing at the building while Cindy nodded in agreement "that's the place.... Welcome to our school once again Williams Cindy" Angelina said as she slapped Cindy's shoulder with a broad smile on her face, Cindy smiled back in reply and waved at her as she left..
Cindy slid into the lecture room and stood watching the students as each of them were busy with one thing or another, maybe we should call it group work or gossip only God knows.
"Welcome back, The Genius"
Hearing this, Cindy switched her head to where the voice came from, she watched as the two guys shook hands together and decided to seize the opportunity to know who the genius is "oh! It's the arrogant jerk" she alarmed wide eyed and suddenly bursted into loud laughter which attracted others attention and turned them to her direction, before she could knew it all eyes were on her with curiosity of why she's laughing like that, she could read it on their faces.
She quickly adjusted herself and let out a cough before she start talking "HI... Uhmm I'm sorry for that. My name is Cindy, nice to meet you all"
"and so?" Charles asked with a folded arms "Huh?" Cindy asked frowning
"you said you are new here, so what should we do about it? throw a party or start jumping up and down?" hearing this the class busted into laughter, Cindy stared at Charles with hatred, ready to pounce on him if possible, but Charles smirked at her and walked out of the class.
Cindy, still in annoyance stormed out of the class to catch up with Charles "Hey! You!"she called as she walked up to Charles who stopped and turned back facing her but saying nothing "what the hell do you think you are? How dare you turn my New supposed happy day into bad day like this?, I know you are nothing but an insolent,surly, proud and bad guy but I'm warning you right now, stay out of my business or else" she paused breathing heavily and concluded "you'll see the other side of me" with this she stormed out leaving Charles dumbfounded......
Episode 8
Few weeks later......
Cindy and Angelina can be seen in their hostel preparing to go to work, Angelina have introduced Cindy to the part-time job she's doing to sustain herself, now they have no lecture and they have to go for the work.
"Angelina what you doing, are we not going today?" Cindy queried Angelina who's still battling with her lunch
"come on, don't hurry me, you can see I'm still eating lunch" Angelina replied
"that's why I told you to always eat quickly, you eat too slow, you know?" Cindy asked sitting back on her bed
"that's alright, don't abuse me coz I'm through now but you know we still have to wait for someone?"
"and who the hell is that to keep us late" Cindy scowled
"come on don't tell me you've quickly forget the guy I told you about, he's in my department and he's looking for a part-time job, so I want to help him" Angelina explained
"and did he request for your help?" Cindy asked still scowling
"Hell! Yes he did, he said he would be happy to work with us and asked if there's vacancy and as you know that Michael just resigned from the work and there's no male to help us with the manly work, you are also aware of the manager's last information and request about it, so I think it's a good opportunity for all of us" Angelina concluded staring at Cindy
"hmm, that's good, so what about him? I mean tell me something about him that I need to know,his name.... "Cindy was cut short by the knock on the door "is that him"she asked raising her eyebrows
"I guessed so" Angelina replied moving to the door to open it "HI" a masculine voice from outside greeted "hi, you've been keeping us waiting"
"I'm sorry"
"it's alright, come in" Angelina replied and opened the door wider to let him in,
The guy entered and smiled broadly and strangely at the sight of Cindy "hi" he waved at Cindy who stood up carrying her shoulder bag with her "hi" I think we should leave now" Cindy replied sharply "yeah but before then, John meet my one and only friend in school Cindy and Cindy, meet my uhmm, departmental friend John" Angelina introduced them with gesticulations and they both shook hands together,
Still smiling John said "Cindy, nice to meet you again" "again?" Cindy face lit up "yeah, we've met before but you may not know" "wow, it seems you are getting famous already" Angelina smiled
Ignoring Angelina's words to avoid more chat and lateness Cindy replied hurriedly "nice to meet you too, so are we good to go?" "sure" Angelina replied and they left the room but John kept his gaze at Cindy with undefined expression......


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