Monday, 1 January 2018

A step into love Episode 5 & 6

"I can't do this" Cindy said, moving on with her bag but stopped again "I can't let this go"she said and pointed to the thieves "catch them, they're thieves",She shouted as she ran after them,seeing this some people called the police while some joined her as she ran after them,
Few minutes later, the police joined them and they were able to catch one of them while the other guy escaped,the guy was searched and the woman's purse was found in his trouser,Cindy collected the purse without bothering to look at the thief's face and give it to the woman "oh my goodness! it's my purse"she exclaimed and opened the purse to confirm if anything's not missing in it.
"thank you, thank you so much" "hope everything in it is complete" Cindy asked the woman "yeah, thank you so much" the woman said staring at Cindy's face "how could I repay you"she contributed smiling amidst tears "it's okay just be careful next time" Cindy replied and left the woman, she stopped as she sighted the white guy (the guy who was sitting beside her in the plane) coming towards her direction "Arrogant jerk" she murmured and pace out of the stage.
The thief watch her with hatred as she was leaving "I'll let you pay for this, you fucking bitch!" the thief snorted as he was taken away by the polices.......
Episode 6
Cindy got to the school (Harvard University) through the directions she sought from a passerby, went to the Dean's office to fill all the necessary forms she's supposed to, after that her room's number in the girls hostel was given to her, on her way to the room her phone rang and she brought it out to check it, she gasped on seeing the person calling her, it was her dad....
"hello dad"
"hello my girl, how have you been?"
"I'm fine dad"
"have you get there?"
"yes, humm probably I was thinking of calling you whenever I get to my room in the hostel but I'm on my way there, right now"
"okay dear, how's everything over there?"
"Everything's so cool and nice"
"that's good, Mom will like to speak with you"
"hello mum"
"hello my baby, how are you?"
" I'm splendid mum"
"wow, that's good to hear but I'm seriously worried o"
Cindy chuckles and replied
"alright mum, don't be worried, I'm seriously alright"
"are you sure? Hope nothing's wrong"
Cindy became silent on remembering the incident at the airport, it's obvious that she was battling with the thought in her mind, either to tell her mum or not........
"hello dear,are you there?"
"oh! Mum, I'm fine, I told you I'm seriously fine"
"remember I told you to always share your thoughts and problems with me"
"yeah mum, I know, everything's just fine"she lied
She knew her mom would scold her if she tell her what happened, she have warned her to always mind her business and stop poking her nose into other people's business.......
"alright dear, if you say so"
"okay mum, bye and extend my regards to Jason and Sally" she hanged up the call and sighed but was pushed to the ground by someone who seems to be rushing to a place "hey! you mannerless nut, why wouldn't you use your eyes while walking" she shouted at the guy who walked back and bend down as if to help but replied back with a harsh voice and frightening expression "oh poor you, and why will you stand on the road everybody's supposed to pass through" Cindy squeezed her face, closed her eyes and opened it again, although the expression might be frightening but the face is handsome and familiar ,including the scent of the perfume "oh!" she exclaimed as she snapped her finger and pointed at the guy "you, arrogant jerk",the guy smirked and resume his race to wherever he was going to.
"what a stupid coincidence again"she murmured as she parked her books that fell from her backpack, she noticed a hand helping her to park the books and looked up "I'm sorry, I'm just trying to help" the young lady said smiling as she noticed Cindy's confused expression "oh! It's nothing, I mean thanks" Cindy said a bit relieved "the pleasure is mine" the lady replied as she gave her books and extended her hands for a shake "my name is Angelina, nice meeting you" "my name is Cindy nice meeting you too" Cindy replied as she offered the handshake "are you a new student here?" Angelina asked "yes, I am and that's my room over there"cindy replied pointing at the room "you mean that room over there?"Angelina asked pointing at the same room "yeah, sure" Cindy replied "wow, that means we're roommate" Angelina replied almost laughing "really?" Cindy asked wide eyed "yeah, come let's go" she collected Cindy's traveling bag and move forward while Cindy stood there speechless wondering the type of girl Angelina is "what are you waiting for?, come on let's go" Angelina said as she beckon on Cindy "oh yeah, uhmm, I mean you are such a nice being and thank you" Angelina smiled and they both left for their room.


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