Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A step into love Episode 27 & 28

The day Cindy and Angelina were coming back from school and going home only to met Mrs Anderson who came to pick Cindy
On their way to the hostel that day.........
"I can't just believe what you're saying" Cindy snapped and paced forward
"okay, if you say so" Angelina replied as she scrambled up to her but Cindy stopped immediately she got to her side and faced her
"are you sure of what you are saying Angelina?" she asked confused
"of course, I can't lie to you"
"so, does that mean I'm in danger?" Cindy asked again
"I guessed so" Angelina replied and Cindy shivered, obviously in fear
"so, what should we do now Angelina? I can't get into trouble or get caught in a trap if this is true" Cindy said nervously
"you know what Cindy? Don't fear, I've got a plan" Angelina replied and smiled
"what's the plan?"Cindy asked and Angelina spun her head round to check if no one might be near them or eavesdropping, she then whispered into Cindy's ear
"what!" Cindy eyes widened "are you sure that's going to work?" she asked and Angelina nodded
"just give me a call or send me text whenever you are together, you can also do that beforehand if you know you're going to be together, in that way I'll join you guys silently and unnoticeably, then I'll be able to call for help if the need arises"
Cindy gulped down and face Angelina with smile on her face, "you're really a good friend"
"hmm" Charles sighed after listening to the whole story "kudos to you guys for suspecting and working everything up beforehand and I'll say a big thank you to you Angelina, you're indeed a friend"
Angelina chuckled "it's nothing Charles although you're welcome"
"special thank you and big appreciation from your small sister" Cindy replied and hugged her
"it's my pleasure baby" Angelina replied as they embrace each other while Charles smiled as he stared at them
TWO YEARS LATER.............
Charles and Cindy are both walking down in the street, Charles was putting on a black overcoat with a black trouser and black woolen muffler round his neck while Cindy was wearing a pink mini gown with a black skin socks and red jumper with a pink muffler round her neck, her arm is all healed by now.
"it's so cool tonight, isn't it?" Charles asked and as Cindy was about to answer his question, her stomach rumbled showing that she'd been hungry and had been concealing it since
"what's that?" he faced her and asked
"Huh, nothing, just...... "
"just what?, don't tell me you've been hungry since"
"Tsh!" she remarked and twirled her hair with her finger
"okay, let's go for dinner " he held her hand and drew her along
"Bienvenue Monsieur Charles(Welcome Mr Charles)" a waitress greeted as they sat down in the restaurant
"Bonsoir Mademoiselle Kate, Comment tu vais?" (Good evening, Miss Kate, how are you?) Charles greeted back in French and Cindy was surprised to hear him speak that way, she'd never see or hear him speaking in French before
"je vais bien et vous ?" (I'm fine and you?)
"Oui, je vais bien, Merci" (yes, I'm fine, thank you) he replied and the waitress extended the book menu to him which he collected and started at for some moments
"comme d'habitude ?" (as usual?) the waitress asked
"No,le cassoulet" (rich meat and beans casserole) he replied and returned the Book menu back to her which she collected and left to bring the food
"and what was that?" Cindy asked after
"oh, you mean the food? I'm sorry I didn't ask if you'd like it, it's rich meat and beans casserole, hope you're good with it'
"it's not bad but I'm talking about your language"
"oh! That's French" Charles chuckled "didn't you understand it?" Charles asked and she was about to answer when the waitress arrived with the foods and set it for them
"of course I do but not all" she later replied
"Bon appetite" (enjoy your food) the waitress said before leaving
"so, let's talk about something else" Charles started after eating "I heard from Mum that you'll be leaving soon"
"yeah, I'm so happy I did everything and graduated successfully and my parents have been calling me to come home since then, so I think I have no choice than to go"
"hmm" Charles nodded but didn't reply while Cindy continued in biting her lip, they stayed like that for a moment before Cindy finally broke the silence
"I'm sorry Charles and I will miss you"
"this is not about missing for some moments but forever Cindy, think about it. I know you have no choice but my father have moved his business from Nigeria and he said he want me to take over now and must remain in this country." he paused and gazed into her eyes "I can't afford to loose you again Cindy"
"I'm sorry Charles, I need to go" she replied and stared off..............
Episode 28
Mr Anderson was seen sitting down in his private room with eyeglass on his eyes and a record in his hand as he went through it,
Charles knocked on the door and entered "good evening Dad"
"evening my boy, how are you?"
"I'm okay" he frowned
"but I don't think so. I guessed you came to share whatever that's wrong with me"
"yes Dad, I want to request something from you but I'm not sure if you will grant it to me"
"what is it dear?"
"can you promise me first?" Charles asked
"you already know I can't, especially in the case that I don't know what you want to request for" Mr Anderson answered
His expression became gloomy as he stared down "I want to go back to Nigeria"
"for what?" his father asked surprised as he removed his eyeglass
"I hope you know what you're saying Charles? My company will soon be handed over to you and the next thing for you to do is to run away?"
"it's not like that Dad...."
"I don't want to hear anything from you and my final decision is that you're going nowhere"
"but Dad......" he raised his voice a little
"Don't but me Charles, you're going nowhere and that is final!" Mr Anderson shouted and Charles furiously stormed out and banged the door
Mr Anderson, Mrs Anderson, Angelina, Austin and Cindy could be seen in the airport, Cindy is about to leave and her recent family and friend are there to see her off again just like the other time she's leaving Nigeria to meet them.
Tears welled up in Cindy's face as she embraced them one by one
"I'll miss you all" she finally said and made to leave but Austin embraced her again and said "Thank you for everything and I'll miss you too Didi"
"I'll miss you too Austin" Cindy replied as he broke the hug "and make sure you take care of mum" she teased and Austin nodded
Charles was nowhere to be found among them, he'd left the house earlier before them. Cindy bid them farewell and left, she was surprised to see Charles outside the airport lounge and Charles seems to have see her also, so he walked up to her.
"Why are you here?" Cindy asked when Charles got to her
"what do you mean by that question?, I came to see you off of course" Charles replied and Cindy sighed "but I don't know if it will be the last time we'll be seeing ourselves " he paused and she looked up at him "you know, my father is not allowing me to leave here at all"
Cindy's heart thumped, does that mean she wouldn't be seeing him again? One part of her want to stay with him while the other part want to leave and go and see the family and friends she'd missed and left for years.
"that's not bad" she forced a smile "I'll have to go now" with this she left......


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