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A step into love Episode 23 & 24

Cindy is still on the sick bed in the hospital, even after the surgery have been done she haven't open her eyes talk less of talking or shaking,
Charles was seen sitting down beside her and staring at her face while Angelina was sitting perpendicular to him, staring at both Cindy and Charles, pity and regret was written all over her face,
"you know what Charles?" Angelina broke the silence "I think you need to take your breakfast now"
"it's alright, I'm already used to it" Charles reply still staring at Cindy's face
Charles have been skipping his meal (not eating thrice in a day since Cindy have been hospitalized) he'd even stop going home but sleeping in the hospital with Cindy, he only go home to bath and change his clothes and sometimes eat at home cause Angelina used to bring him food from her home to the hospital,
Angelina can't sleep in the hospital because she have to go home to meet her parents
"I think it's time you should stop this your habit of skipping meals nowadays" Angelina advised moving closer to Charles "it can cause another thing"
Charles grinned and replied "it's sort of praying, hum I mean fasting"
"oh! You are not atheist?" she asked and Charles nodded "hmm, that's good" she sighed heavily and shook her head
Charles noticed her and suspected that something is wrong so he quickly asked her what's wrong
"hmm, nothing but....." she paused and continued "I think you should first eat your food"
"why does it have to do with eating food?" Charles asked confused
"I promise to say it after that"
Charles shrugged and opened the food, it's obvious he'd be hungry but he can't just eat at that state but since Angelina is forcing it on him now he have no choice than to eat the food.
He closed the lunchpack after eating and faced Angelina "so what did you want to tell me?"
"it's about Cindy" Angelina said looking despondent
"what about her?" Charles asked impatiently
"you know my mom is a nurse and when I told her about my friend who have been shot for a week now and haven't wake up, she told me it's strange and unusual, she said that my friend's supposed to have wake up before now and that it's getting late and suspicious"
Charles was surprised at this words and was shut of words, he blindly shifted his gaze from Angelina to Cindy "so, what you are saying is.......Cindy...... "
"No Charles, that haven't be proved yet, I think we need to see the doctor right away to confirm what was wrong"
As they stood up to leave, the doctor entered the ward and they were half relief and half curious of why he'd come himself
"Good afternoon Doc" both of them chorused
"yeah afternoon, how are you guys" the doctor continued when none of them didn't respond, Charles just shook his head while Angelina stared at the doctor "okay, I have something to tell you guys but before that, I will ask a question and I want your sincere answer"
"OK doctor, please what's the question"
"What kind of drug did she take before she was shot?" the Doc asked
"Drug!" Charles exclaimed "what kind of drug?"
"I don't know cause it's strange but we're working on it right now"
"please doctor, what happened to the drug? What does it have to do with Cindy" Angelina asked confused and impatiently
"the drug seems to be a sleeping drug but it has a great and dangerous effect which can kill, as I'm looking at the elements of the drug I don't think it's a drug authorised, I think it's been used secretly and it's the one tying Cindy down, so I thereby guess she was drugged if I guess right" the doc asked staring at both them "is anything the matter? Do you know the drug?"
Hearing the word 'being drugged' Angelina head tilted, her eyes widened "being drugged?" she clamored "John, John, John......." she shouted "you must pay for this" she snorted and stormed out
"is anything the matter? Do you know the drug?"the doctor asked again
"No Doc, but what about Cindy? please she needs to live"
"I've told you already Mr Charles, the drug have been affecting her so much and right now she's in the middle of life and death" he paused and shook his head "only miracle could wake her up" with this he left
Charles stumbled and slothfully sat down back beside Cindy, he held her hand as tears rolled down his cheeks "Cindy, Cindy, you can't do this to me, please be strong as you are and wake up Cindy, Cindy please wake up, Cindy..................... "he cried out............
Episode 24
Angelina was seen sitting in the police custody waiting for John to be brought out,
not long after, John was brought out and immediately Angelina sighted him,she stood up furiously, clenched her fist and bit her lower lip. John walked up to her and sat down on the vacant seat opposite her, Angelina also sat down later, a bar was before them and separating them.
Obviously Angelina was still irritated but she managed to speak out "why did you do that devil, why did you try to kill her?"
"I'm sorry Angelina, but try to understand me, it was my stupid hand,anger and jealousy, I mistakenly pull the trigger at Charles but she took... "
"shut up you Bitch" Angelina cut in raising her voice "I said why did you drug her with poison?"
John was surprised to hear the word 'drug' especially from Angelina who doesn't seems to know how she'd drugged Cindy to sleep and 'with poison?' his head sparked, does that mean Cindy was confirmed poisoned?
he wanted to deny it but he remembered that the drug he used for Cindy was the one they used to use for carrying out operation when he was still a thief, they don't usually wait to know the aftermath of the drug on the victims, they used to use it on them if they want to make them sleep while they work, it's a drug that the authority doesn't know of, cause it was made by their leader and could make someone sleep to death "hell! Why didn't I think of these? Where did I keep my mind?" he thought to himself furiously as he clenched his fist and frowned
"please how's Cindy now?" he asked hoping to get good reply
"I hope you are deaf, I said you poisoned her" she paused "you know what? You are the most callous and malicious person I've ever met in my life"
"I'm really sorry Angelina, I've realized my mistake" John pleaded genuinely
"sorry my foot,Cindy is my best and good friend,a friend like a sister, I'm the one and only child of my family so I have no siblings but Cindy filled that gap for me" "see I came here to warn you, it's better you start praying now cause she's lying there helplessly with no hope if she might wake up, and I came here to inform you that there's no secrets between two of you but three of us" she paused and continued "at the party in the art room, on the trip and at the night you shot Cindy, I know everything"
John was stunned to hear this "Angelina, you've been trailing us?"
"nope, it's both Cindy and my plan but I'm warning you right now, if Cindy didn't wake up there prepare for the worst of your life cause you'll be spending the rest of your life in jail or die instantly" with this Angelina stormed out.
John covered his face with his palm,lost in thought till he was tapped and taking back to the cell.
Mrs Kate, Mr Barry, Austin, Charles, Angelina, Mrs Karen (Angelina's mum) were seen in the hospital, in the ward with Cindy, Charles was still maintaining his seat beside Cindy but he's not facing her now, he's discussing with his parents, probably explaining what happened and how it happened, Andersons and Austin had come back from Nigeria while Mrs Karen, Angelina's mum who have promised to pay her daughter's friend visit in the hospital also was there with them listening to Charles as he explained the incident (although Charles's parents and Angelina's mother have exchanged greeting beforehand)
Suddenly Angelina shouted and pointed at Cindy "Look! She just shook her hand"
Everybody's head swung to Cindy on the bed but nothing happened, they didn't see her shake her hand or other part of her body, she's still lying still as she was, it'll be a miracle as the doctor had said and something to be happy about if she'd shake her hand cause she'd never done that since she'd been hospitalized, even after the surgery and the injection that have been given to her, which doctor said to be the supposed antidote for the drug affecting her.
"I'm sure of what I saw, I'm sure I saw her hand shook" Angelina repeated when no-one seems to believe her...........


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