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TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 1

“…Ada!!!!….Ada!!…Where is this girl??…eeh”Ma
azi Emetamma yelled Ada’s name…He turned
around a bit furious looking around his compound
that early morning…
“Bia Mama Olamma!!!….Mama Olamma”He
called for his wife
“Eeeh Nna anyi”Nwanneka replied from behind
the house and ran out re-tying her wrapper
“Nna anyi,you called for me”She said standing in
front of Emetamma as he said nothing but
looked at her
“Nna anyi kwuo nu okwu…Talk now,you called
me and I am doing something in the
Kitchen”Nwanneka said with a medium pitch of
“Woman.where is Ada??”Emetamma asked her
“And how does Ada’s whereabouts concern
me??”Nwanneka asked back as a reply
“O mu ka I na-aju nke ahu??”Emetamma asked
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri”He made an adage…
“See who is talking….Ada went to the
stream”Nwanneka replied trying to walk out but
Ada opened the gate carrying a bucket of water
on her head wearing a tattered flying gown with
a tattered hair but that didn’t stop her beauty
from glowing like the morning sun..Although her
bit dark complexion,she was a sight for sore
Emetamma tapped his feet on the ground angrily
and Nwanneka came back trying to help Ada
carry the water down from her head…
“Ada,where did you go??”Emetamma asked
hitting his staff on the ground and chewing the
stick on his mouth faster…Ada’s mood changed
as she smelt bad thing in the air
“But Nna anyi,I just to…”Nwanneka tried to say
“Shut up woman!!…Ajuro m gi…I didn’t ask
you”He warned the wife as she hid Ada behind
her back
“Ada,I ask you for the last time,Where did you go
to??”He asked Ada again
“Papa…..”Ada tried to say
“Don’t Papa me….Amusu…Witch”Emetamma
said to Ada
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri….Onye bu nna
gi??”Emetamma’s words pinned the heart of Ada
as she dropped tears
“You left this compound this way and went to
the stream by this time…Who knows if You
didn’t see a man there…Onye ma??”Emetamma
exclaimed coming closer
“Hiaah…Nna anyi jiri ya nwayoo”Nwanneka said
“Bia woman,get out from her..why did she not
sweep this place??”Emetamma asked trying to
hit Ada
“Don’t touch her oooh…Nna anyi don’t touch her
ooh”Nwanneka hid Ada as Ada bent behind her
“What of our daughters…Your daughters…Can’t
they sweep??”Nwanneka asked
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri”Ematamma’s Adage
“Woman..You are challenging me??”Emetamma
said trying to hit her
“Ehehehehe….What is going on here??”Obinna
asked from behind thereby interrupting
Emetamma from hitting them
“Papa,jidekwa ya…Why do you want to beat
them this early morning??”Obinna asked walking
“See who is talking…Like Mother like son”
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri…”
“You are useless…Others are Like Father Like
Son mana nke gi bu Like Mother Like
Son”Emetamma throwed the insult at Obinna but
Obinna paid deaf ears….
“Ada,what is it??”Obinna asked Ada
“She went to fetch water and your father wants
to beat her because she didn’t sweep the
compound”Nwanneka,Obinna’s Mother replied as
Ada was still in tears….Obinna looked at
Emetamma his Father
“Papa,this is unfair oooh….”Obinna said
“Shut up…Mechie onu gi!!”Emetamma ordered
“Because her parents are gone does not
mean…”Obinna tried to say…
“Oo mu gburu nne na nna ya??…Did I kill her
Parents…”Emetamma asked rudely
“Ewooo…My good Brother..Mtcheew..This witch
Ada killed my brother and the wife…”He shook
his head
“You can never get me…Ahuru agaghi aba
Ogiri”Emetamma concluded and tried walking
“You better stop these things you are doing to
this girl oooh”Nwanneka said and Emetamma
stopped and looked back
“You better sweep this place or you will see what
I will do to you when I come back…”He
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri”He added continually as he
“Ada it’s alright”Obinna and His Mother consoled
her as she dropped tears…She later wanted to
go and sweep the compound but Obinna held her
“Leave that,Olamma will sweep it”Obinna said
“Mba…Hapu m ka m zaa ya…Papa will kil
me”Ada said and struggled out from Obinna’s
hands..They looked at her piteously as she got a
broom and began to sweep the compound in
“Hahahahahha….Nke a o si na o gini na eme
ya??”Olamma and Ugomma laughed at Ada
clapping their hands
“What are you doing here??”Obinna asked angrily
“Did I talk to you”Ugomma asked rudely
“Eheee…Now get inside!!”Obinna ordered them
“We didn’t do you anything ooh!!Heeee”Olamma
added still mocking Ada
“Baa ime ulo osiso…Get inside!!”Obinna said
pulling his slippers to chase them inside and they
“Papa….!!…Papa…!!”They called their fathers
name as they ran inside…..
Guards and maids were seen walking about the
Palace of Igwe Ebubedike…They bowed down in
greeting to the Igwe and Lolo Ugodie his wife as
the took a morning walk down the pavement on
their royal attire…
“Igwe,don’t you think it’s high time our son
comes back and begin to face his duties as the
next king??”Ugodie asked Ebubedike and he
looked at her
“Yes…I have been thinking about that”Igwe
Ebubedike said in reply
“Thinking kwa??….Think fast oooh”Ugodie said
and they stopped walking
“My Queen,I will see to that…Yes,I
will”Ebubedike affirmed his words
“Now you come…I am missing my Son…Who
knows how he will look like when he
returns”Ugodie said loooking at the sky
“Hahahah….So that’s your own part??…To see
your Son”Ebubedike jokingly asked
“Yes now…Onwere onye ozo??”Ugodie replied
and they laughed..
“You women won’t seize to amaze
me”Ebubedike said and they began to walk again
“Achoro m ifu nwa m oooh”Ugodie said fling the
hairy staff in her hand…..


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