Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 32

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

It's been hours since the commencement of the operation and Jummy Stiller hasn't got any information. She was getting worried and strange thought had started creeping into her mind but Juwon was there trying to calm her down. He even went to get her snacks and soft drink but she wouldn't take any. It was after three and half hours that they saw the doctor strolled in. Jummy quickly rushed to see him.
"How was the operation? " Jummy asked.
"It was fine. Are you the mother of the little boy? " the doctor asked while wiping off the sweat on his face.
"Yes doctor, what is it? " Jummy braced her self for whatever the doctor will say.
"He is a very special kid. No cause for alarm he is alright" He said as he noticed her anxiety.
"Can I see him now?" Jummy asked.
"Sure you can. Just go over there, he is in the forth room by the left"
"Thank you so much" Jummy said before going to the room.
Jummy entered into the ward to be welcomed with laughter from both father and son.
"Your mother went to bed hungry that night instead of eating her delicious egusi soup" Bayo said oblivious of the fact that Jummy and Juwon had entered.
Bolaji laughed at Bayo's joke.
"My son, how are you feeling " Jummy asked.
"Am doing fine just a little bit tired" Bolaji replied.
Bayo sighted Jummy sitting beside her son's bed.
"Oh Jummy you are back, I was just telling your son here the saga of the day when a toad jumped into your soup. Can you still remember that day? " Bayo asked.
"Yes I do, how are you feeling now? " Jummy asked.
"I will live and walk again thanks to you " Bayo answered.
The doctor walked in.
"I hope you can see for yourself now that they are both in good shape " the doctor asked.
"Yes but when will they be discharge?" Juwon asked.
"Your son is due to be discharged tomorrow but Mr Bayo will still need a minimum of six months for the bone marrow to fully develop. His family had agreed to transfer him oversea for adequate treatment " the doctor explain and Jummy gazed at Bayo with pity.
Juwon, Bolaji and Jummy were seated on a piece of cloth they spread on the sand. A cake with a candle burning on it stood in their midst. The cool beach breeze blew chilled air.
"Who is a hero? A hero is someone who life throw stones of mystery and despair to but build a castle of joy and tranquility with it. Jummy you have been pushed down and trampled upon but with the help of God you rise again, this is your twenty eighth birthday. I wish you many more years of unending success and happiness" Juwon said.
"Happy birthday mum" Bolaji said.
"Thanks so much guys" Jummy replied.
"Now you make a wish and blow the candle light" Juwon said and she did.
"Now cut the cake as we spell 'Jummy' " Bolaji held her mother's hand as they cut the cake together.
Jummy was bemused by what she saw as they cut the cake into two equal part. It was something round and glittering. Juwon took out his diamond ring from the cake and went down on one kneel.
"Olajumoke Adewuyi, I have been bitten by the scorpion of love since I first set my eyes on you. My throat has been deprived of liquid all these years, will you please quench my thirst with the wine of love " Juwon said.
Jummy remained still as if electrocuted, she was rather too surprise or happy to say anything until her son pinched her back to life.
"Oh yes Juwon, I will yours" she answered with tears gently dropping down her eyes while Juwon slid the ring into her fingers.
"My mom has got a diamond ring " Bolaji jumped up shouting all over the beach.
The End


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