Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 31

Olajuwon tried all he could to convince Jummy not to pay evil with evil bit it was to no avail. They were still dragging this issue when Bolaji came back from school. Bolaji was both surprised and happy to see Uncle Juwon in their house.
"Uncle Juwon you have come to our house" he said hugging Juwon.
"Yes, I came to see your mom" Juwon replied.
"Uncle, Mummy saw some money inside the bag you gave me that day, she kept it in her room" Bolaji said.
"The money actually belongs to your Mummy "
Before Bolaji could say another word, his mother summoned him to the dinning table.
Jummy came back to continue talking with her guest while Bolaji was still having his lunch.
"Your boy is such a wonderful kid" Juwon said.
"Thanks, everyone says he is too smart for his age " Jummy said.
"But Jummy what will you say when this kid grows up asking for his father?" Juwon asked.
"Please don't go there at all " Jummy replied.
"Let's be realistic, one day this boy is going to find his root and when he does, would he be happy that you denied him the chance to save his father?" Juwon asked.
"You can say what ever you like, am not giving up my son to save that bastard" she replied.
"Jummy, I know you went through a lot but please think about the future. If this guy should die you will have his blood on your hands and you won't be able to forgive yourself " Juwon explained.
"But what if something happen to my son along the process? I can't afford to lose my boy" Jummy said.
"Look into my eyes Jummy, am assuring you that nothing is going to happen to him " he promised holding her hand.
Jummy made a deep sigh.
Guilt covered Bayo's bedridden face as he stared at Jummy, he was now breathing fine. "I was so foolish to have attacked you that night, please do find a place in your heart to forgive me" Bayo pleaded.
Jummy hissed as she handed him a paper.
"That is an agreement that if anything should happen to my son, your whole family will end up behind bars and that you will never come to claim him as your son" Jummy said.
Bayo gazed at the handsome little boy standing beside her mother.
"Please Jummy, I can't sign out the fatherhood of my son" Bayo said in a weak voice.
"You called him your son? Where were you when I was suffering with his pregnancy? " Jummy said.
"Jummy, I swear to God I had no idea that you were pregnant. If I do I would have... " his cough couldn't allow him to finish his sentence.
"Sorry dear, please sign it so the doctors can commence your treatment immediately" Tolu advised.
"Jummy, I will for ever be sorry for what I did to you " Bayo said as he signed the document and handed it over to her.
"I wish you a speedy recovery man " Juwon said.
"Thanks so much for everything Juwon " Bayo appreciated.
Jummy cried as she watched the doctors led her son to the theatre.
"Oh God please protect my son, I won't be able to forgive my self if anything should happen to him"
"Calm down Jummy all will be well " Juwon consoled her. He brought out an handkerchief to wipe out the tears on her face before taking her to the waiting room.


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