Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 30

Jummy was astound to see Tolu looking so rough as she came to visit her. Traces of tears ran all over her cheeks.
"Tolu what happened? You aren't looking good " She asked as Tolu came in.
Tolu went on her kneels before her.
"Jummy please forgive me, I have really offended you?" Tolu said.
"What is all this Tolu? Okay what ever the problem is, please stand up first" Jummy said.
"Please let me be like this" Tolu replied.
"Common friend, stop embarrassing me. Take a seat. " Jummy said and Tolu eventually got up and seat.
"No tell me what the problem is" Jummy demanded.
"Jummy am in trouble " she broke into tears.
Jummy drew closer to her and wiped up her tears.
"You don't have to be like this. What ever it is, we will figure it out so stop crying " Jummy consoled.
"My husband is lying in the hospital with a broken back " She managed to say.
"What! How did it happen? " Jummy asked surprisingly.
"He had a accident and he is going to die unless you help me" she said.
"What can I do? Am ready to help any way I can" Jummy said.
"I need youuur chiiild tooooo" she stuttered.
"Tolu calm down and tell me exactly what you want me to do "
"We need your son, he is the only one who can save him" Tolu said.
"Save him how?" Jummy said.
"The doctor said he can only be save through bone marrow transplant from his blood relation" Tolu said.
"And what has that got to do with my son? "
"Jummy, it was Bayo who raped you while we were in school" Tolu confessed.
"No no, you can't be serious " Jummy said in confusion.
"It's the truth, please forgive him" Tolu pleaded.
"Oh my God! " Jummy exclaimed with tears in her eyes.
"Am so sorry about this " Tolu begged.
"How long have you known this? " Jummy asked.
"That's not important now, the important thing is how you are going to help me save him " Tolu said.
"Save who? Your husband ruined my life and you want me to help save him? What do you take me for? " Jummy asked.
"Please find it in your heart to forgive him "
"Tolu, I want you to stand up and get out of my house now " Jummy said angrily . Tolu tried to beg but Jummy shooed her out of the house.
Jummy was sitting with her head resting on her palm. Juwon came in and saw her looking so melancholic .
"What happened Jummy? You didn't sound well on phone and here you are not looking alright either" He demanded as he sat beside her.
"I just discovered the identity of the man who ruined my life" she said.
"As how? I can't understand you " he said.
"Can you believe that it was actually Bayo that raped me? I always thought it was you " She said.
"Oh! How could he have done that? "
"His wife came to my house saying he had an accident that they need my son to save him. He is going to die and rot in hell " Jummy said.
"Jummy please don't say that, but how is your son going to save him " Juwon asked.
"She said something about bone marrow transplant. They think am going to release my son, they are really joking"
"Jummy, I know this guy really hurt you but please give your son a chance to save his father" Juwon advised.
"Juwon I don't expect to hear that from you who knew how much pain I went through " she said.
"But you are happy now "
"Yes but he will suffer as I have suffered and die a slow and excruciating death" Jummy Promised.


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