Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 28

Tears couldn't allow Jummy to answer her son's question. Suddenly her phone began to ring. She cleaned up her face, composed herself before picking up the call.
"Hello, who am I speaking with?" Jummy spoke.
"Jummy this is Juwon" answered the voice on phone.
"I have seen your present, what do you want from me?" Jummy asked.
"I want to talk to you please when can I see you? "
"Am sorry you can't. Am extremely busy" Jummy said.
"I know you are busy, please I won't take much of your time " pleaded Juwon.
"I said I don't have time. Can't you leave me alone?"
"Please for old time sake, I need to see you" Juwon pressed further.
"Ok tomorrow 4pm Tasty restaurant. Don't dare come late" Jummy gave in.
"I won't, thank you very much "
The call ended and Jummy sank into the chair.
Tolu entered into the doctor's office and met him reading.
"Good afternoon sir " She greeted.
"Afternoon Mrs Adedokun, how is your husband doing? " The doctor inquired.
"He is fine. Sir I came for the result of the test we did " Tolu stated.
"The result? Didn't your husband tell you? " The doctor asked.
"Tell me what? "
"He already collected it day before yesterday, I thought he must have shown it to you " the doctor explained.
"Are you serious about this sir? " Tolu asked.
"Yes you can go ask him when you get home " he replied.
"Okay thank you sir " Tolu left the doctor's office terribly angry.
Tolu flung the door open as she entered. Her husband who was watching a football match was alarmed when he saw the expression on her face.
"Darling what is it? You look worried" asked Bayo.
"You lied to me, I asked you about the test result and told me you haven't collect it" Tolu flared up.
"Am sorry about that dear, it escaped my mind " Bayo said.
"Where is it? Give it to me now? " She demanded.
"Cool down babe, you are taking this too far " Bayo said.
"I know you won't bring it out cause it proves the point I have been making all these while" She said.
"And what is that? " Bayo asked with anger gradually boiling inside him.
"You can no longer father a child because your sperm is watery" Tolu accused.
It came like a lightening and went in a flash. Tolu gently rubbed the cheek where Bayo's slap landed and hot tears rolled down from her eyes.
"You slapped me Bayo " she cried.
"And I will do it again, stupid woman " He took his car key and left.
As he was going, a paper dropped from his pocket but he didn't bother to pick it up.
Bayo got into his car and drove off. As he was driving, Tolu's statement kept ringing in his ears.
"How could she even think of such a thing let alone saying it to me?" Bayo was so deeply in thought that he lost control of the car and it swerved and ran into an incoming vehicle.


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