Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 23

Three little children cladding a school uniform with a woman stood by the road side looking for taxi. An infinity jeep pulled over before them.
"Hello Aunty, a wonderful morning to you children" the man at the wheel greeted.
"Good morning sir " the woman answered.
"I thought these pupils should be in their classes by now, what is the problem? " he asked.
"The school bus that was supposed to pick us up developed fault, we are just looking for a taxi " the woman replied.
"Your school is 'Great Achievers' right? Am going in that same direction, let me drop you guys off " he said.
"Thanks for the offer sir but we will find a taxi " she politely declined.
"Till when, look the time is going. Just hop in with the kids and I will take you to your school " he insisted.
"Please don't border sir, just go your way "
"No, if you don't pity yourself, take a look at these kids. They are tired of standing please let me help you" he kept pressing till the woman eventually succumbed.
"My name is Olajuwon Jegede, kids can I know your names ?" He asked.
"My name is Bimbo" a little girl said.
"My name is Blessing" another boy said.
"I am Bolaji" the last boy said .
"Aunty you have beautiful and handsome kids here" he said.
"Thank you so much sir" the woman replied.
"Uncle please let's play some music " Bolaji said and Olajuwon switched on the car stereo.
Adebisi strolled into a super market to do her shopping, she picked up a trolley and started filling it with all she needed. When she was through, she wheeled it to the cashier who calculated everything and told her the bill.
"You people don't even know customer at all, I have been patronizing this supermarket since all this days. Don't I deserve a discount? " Bisi said.
"Thanks for your patronage ma but as you can see all our goods are standard products with affordable price. The price on each item has been reduced to it's bearest minimum " The cashier replied.
"Is that what am telling you? I mean my own personal discount. Where is your boss? I want to speak with your boss " Bisi requested.
"My boss is a little bit busy now " the cashier said.
Bisi insisted on seeing the boss before she leaves and luckily for her, the woman came out after hearing her noise.
"Excuse me ma, how may I be of assistance to you " The woman dressed in a beautiful gown putting on a pair of eye glasses asked.
She looked closely at Bisi and recognition registered on her face.
"Bisi is this you? " the woman removed the glasses.
"Oh my God Jummy " they both hugged each other.
"Jummy you have really turned into a big madam " Bisi said.
"You are not looking bad yourself, how has life been? " Jummy asked.
"It's been better. I can see life is sweet here. With you running this supermarket " Bisi said.
"I am just trying" she brought out her complimentary card from her bag.
"Am sorry I have to be somewhere, here is my card. Let me have yours. " They exchanged cards.
"Call me I have a whole lots of gist for you " said Bisi.
"Be sure I will, Toyin everything she buys is on me " she said to the cashier.
Jummy was busy preparing something in the kitchen when she heard a car horn outside. Knowing the horn meant her son was back from school, she hurried outside. The little Bolaji with his Aunty alighted from the jeep and bade Olajuwon fare well. Jummy came out just in time to see the car zoomed off. Bolaji jumped at his mother.
"Good afternoon ma" the teacher greeted.
"I was expecting your school bus" Jummy asked.
"Apologies ma, our school bus broke down. It was that good Samaritan that helped us home " she explained.
"Okay, thanks Aunty Kemi " Jummy said before she went in with her child .


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