Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 22

Jummy was sitting down grinding pepper on a stone with her protruded belly. Sweat dripped down from her fore head to the paper she was grinding. It had been months since she had been living in the village. At first it was difficult for her to adapt to the rural life but with time, she got used to it.
"Olajumoke bring that pepper now, aren't you done grinding since? " grandma called from the back yard.
"Give me a few more minutes grandma " she replied before she continued the grinding.
When she was done, she cleaned the grinding stone and took the pepper to grandma who was busy preparing the fire. She felt a sharp pain in her back as she handed grandma the plate but she endured it.
"Thank you my daughter, you can go in and rest while I prepare the soup " grandma said.
"OK ma"Jummy replied but she hadn't taken more than four steps before her legs became too heavy for her to carry.
"Grandma please help me " she shouted and grandma rushed to her.
"Am in pain mama, I can't carry my legs " she complained.
"Your baby is coming, we will have to go to the hospital now " grandma said.
With a great deal of effort, pain and struggle, Grandma got Jummy to the hospital. Immediately they got there, the nurses took her from grandma and escorted her to the labour room.
Grandma was pacing through the waiting room expecting the doctor to come out. It had been three hours since they have took her grand daughter in and she had called her parent to inform them. As soon as she saw the doctor come in, she ran to him.
"Doctor, how is it going? Please how is my grand daughter doing? " She asked.
"Calm down ma, your grand daughter has given birth to a bouncing baby boy" he announced and grandma leapt for joy.
"Can I go see her now? " she asked.
"Of course, you can " the doctor replied.
Mr Adewuyi was highly elated as he held his grandson in his hand. He smiled at the little creature and the baby reciprocated. He then handed the baby over to his wife. He glanced at the creature lying on the bed.
"Olajumoke my daughter, how are you feeling? " he asked.
"Am doing fine " she answered.
"Jummy am so sorry for all I ever did to you because of this baby, please forgive me" he begged.
"I have already forgiven you dad " she said.
"Thank you my daughter. We will get you and the baby back home now " he said.
"No dear, she will have to stay with grandma till her baby is at least a month old" his wife replied.


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