Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 21

Mrs Adewuyi gently opened the door to her husband's room and stepped in. The man was lying on the bed reading the dailies. She climbed on the bed and sat beside him.
"Adekunle my dear, I can't imagine how disappointed you are about what Jummy did. I was also angry when she told me but it has happened. There is nothing we can do to reverse it " she said.
"That is why I told her to go abort it " The man replied.
"But don't you think that is risky? What if she lost her life along the process" she said.
"Ok, tell her to bring her fiancee so we can talk" he replied.
"Darling, that's going to be a problem, she was raped "
"Raped? How? " he said and she explained to him.
"That's the more reason she should get rid of it. I can't have her give birth to a bastard under my roof " he answered.
"Let her leave the pregnancy, I will take her to live with my mother " she said.
"Alright, now give me space. I need privacy " he replied
Three days later Jummy and her Mom were traveling on a road riddled with pot holes, along their way to Ilawe town. Jummy who couldn't wait for the journey to be over, kept asking her mom if the town was closer or still far. After a whole lots of stress, the car finally grind to an halt opposite an old bungalow house. The moment they alighted from the car, she saw grandma come out of the house to welcome them.
"Hey my daughter is back" grandma shouted as she went to hug them and help them with their loads.
She ushered them in and served them the meal she had prepared. After they had eaten and rest, Jummy's mother called grandma aside to talk to her.
"Maami, thanks for the hospitality " Jummy's Mom appreciated.
"Iya Jumoke why are you talking like a visitor like this.You shouldn't be thanking me" Grandma said.
"All the same I need to appreciate your cooking" she said.
"But on a more serious note, you people really offended me" grandma said.
"What did we do maami? "
"Why don't you tell me when Jummy wanted to get married?" grandma said.
"It's not like that, I already told you on phone that it was just an introduction. Her husband is based in London, he only came home for the introduction and he has gone back. They will have their wedding after Jummy deliver the baby " she lied.
"Okay just remember to call us when the time comes " grandma said.
"I surely will but please mama, help me monitor and take good care of her " she said.
"You shouldn't be telling me this, Jummy is my grand child. I will nurture her more than I nurture you" grandma promised.
Jummy surveyed the room she was given, it was nothing like the rooms she had been living in. The window instead of glass was made of wood, the ground was only concrete, the bed was not so soft and there was no electronic at all. Instead a pile of old bowls, plates and buckets was leaning at corner in the room.
"Is this really where I would live for months? " she asked herself.


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