Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 18

Jummy sat upright and started thinking about her life.
"So Wale is back? What would I do now? " she asked herself.
"I should have aborted the pregnancy when I had the chance. Oh Wale my first love" as she was saying this, her mind went on a flash back to the last time she was with him.
A much younger Jummy was lying on a chair with her head resting on the lap of a handsome young man.
"Wale when will you be leaving ?" Jummy asked.
"Dad will be taking me to the airport tomorrow morning" he answered.
"Am not happy with your travelling, can't your parent allow you to attend a university in the country? " she said.
"Jummy you know my Dad, he always want the best for me, that's why he insisted on me studying in United Kingdom " he replied.
"But am scared. I know once you get there you will forget me here" Jummy said.
"Jummy you have nothing to be afraid of, am only going to study. Am not going to stay forever. I promise to come back for you once am through with my studies " he said.
"That's a lie, I know you won't "
"You have to trust me, Jummy you have no idea how much I love you. My only worry is that you may have forgotten me and be hooked up with another man when I come back "
"That can never happen. I can never love anybody else like I love you Wale. I promise to wait for you " She said.
"Do you mean it? " he asked.
"Of course I do " She said. Wale placed his lips on hers and they kissed passionately.
Jummy woke up to find herself alone on a king size bed. Where has Tolu and Bisi gone to this early morning. It was when she yawned and survey the room that she remembered that she was no longer in school, she was home now. She got up groggily, say a short prayer and went out of the room. She strolled down the stairs to find her Mother at the dinning table eating.
"Good morning mom " she greeted.
"Morning sweetie, how was the night? " her mom replied.
"It was good, what of Daddy and Victor? "
Her mom grinned .
"Dear don't you check the time, Victor has gone to school and your Dad has gone to the office. I would have gone to the shop long ago if not for what I had to take care of "her Mom explained.
"Mom please wait for me to freshen up and go with you to shop "
"No, you will stay home, eat and rest. Their is food in the kitchen."
When she was through with her meal Jummy's Mom left for her shop.
Jummy was watching a movie streaming from the their plasma TV when she heard the door bell. She opened the door and was stunned by the figure standing before her. He had grown bigger, taller and more handsome since she last saw him.
"Excuse me, am here to see Jummy " Wale said with a cool voice.
Jummy stood there surprised Wale took her for someone else.
"Just kidding " Wale shouted as he scooped her off her feet.
"Wale please put me down, I beg of you " She said and he gently dropped her on the coach.
"See how grown up you are and you still haven't left that your troublesome behaviour behind " Jummy jeered.
" Thank you very much. So Jummy, how has everything been? " she asked.
"Fine and how are the British? " she asked.
"They are doing great " he answered.
They went on chatting and playing for hours until Wale suddenly kissed. How long Jummy had missed his lips, she held on to him as they exchanged salivas. Wale's hand was going for her boobs when her sense returned.
"No Wale, we can't do this " She said after she had freed her lips from his.
"Jummy I have missed you, remind me of what it means to be in love " he said trying to kiss her again but she withdrew her lips.
"I missed you too but I can't do this right now " she said.
Wale pulled her close and forced her lips on hers. She bit his lips in other to break free.
"Wale, I think you should go right now " She said angrily.
He looked at her in annoyance.
"OK I will go" he picked up his car key and left.
Immediate he was out of the door, Jummy broke into tears.


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