Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Trauma Episode 17

The bike carrying Jummy pulled over at the gate of a duplex. She alighted along with her belongings, paid the bike man and then went to the gate. The bike man zoomed off while she knocked the gate. It was opened seconds later by a young boy.
"Sister Jummy !!!" the boy jumped on her happily after which he helped her carry her luggages in.
Inside a well furnished sitting room sat a man in his late fifties with a woman a little bit younger watching TV. They were surprised to see the young boy come in with luggages.
"Victor where did you see the load you are carrying? " his mother asked.
"Mom, sister Jummy is back " after he had said this, Jummy came in to greet her parents.
"Oh my freshest graduate, welcome " her father greeted and she knelt down before him.
"How was the journey my daughter? " her mom asked.
"It was stressful mom " she replied.
"Why don't you go in, freshen up and get some rest." Her Mom advised.
"I will do exactly that, thank you ma " She left for her room.
Jummy was lying on the soft bed in her room not sleeping but thinking. She was finally home with all the troubles of school over but how was she going to tell her parent about the pregnancy. An idea came to her mind. She would call her mother aside and tell her. Of course she was going to spark but she will get over it and would help her break it to her father. But what would her disciplinary father do when he discover that her precious daughter is pregnant. Only God knows what would happen. Her heart beats faster as she try to imagine what her father would do. Suddenly she heard knocks on the door and her mother came in.
"Good evening my daughter, how are you feeling now? " she sat beside her on the bed.
"Am doing fine" she replied.
"Am so sorry to wake you up, I can't wait for the dawn to break. We have a lot to talk about " her mom said.
"No problem mum"
"How are your friends in school, hope they are all doing fine " she asked.
Jummy's heart beat accelerated, this was the right moment for her to talk to her mother but the words wouldn't come out.
"They are all fine " she managed to say.
"What about that guy you told me about the last time you came home. Let me try remember his name "
"Do you mean Thomas? " Jummy asked.
"Yes Thomas, how is he doing? "
"He is fine but we are no longer together " she announced.
"Why? what happened ?" her mom asked.
"We had a disagreement and he broke up with me " She said.
"Oh sorry but be rest assured you will find a good man. Lest I forget, have you heard that Wale is back? " her mom asked.
"Which Wale? " Jummy inquired.
"Don't be silly, are you telling me you don't remember Wale, Chief Omoyeni's son?" she elaborated.
"Oh Wale, when did he come back? " Jummy asked.
"Two weeks ago and since then he has been asking about you. You can't imagine how handsome he has now become "
Jummy made a deep sigh.
"Why did you do that? Are you telling me the feelings you had for him back then is gone? " her mom asked.
"I don't know, but I guess I would have to see him first " she replied.
"Am sure he will be here tomorrow, your father already told him you are back. Let me leave you to sleep, we will talk more about it tomorrow. Good night my sweet daughter " she rose up.
"Good night mom" she answered as her mother went out and close the door behind her.


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