Sunday, 10 December 2017

Trauma Episode 16

While the three friends were talking, they heard knocks on the door and Tolu went to check it out. The moment she realized it was Bayo she hissed. He walked in with a heavy heart praying Tolu hasn't divulge the secret.
"Good afternoon ladies " he greeted.
"Hi Bayo it's been quite an age, how have you been? " Jummy greeted.
His mind became calm when he heard Jummy's greeting. Surely Tolu had said nothing.
"Once he has hooked our friend, he won't come here anymore, that's how they do " Bisi joked.
"It isn't like that, this exam has been keeping me busy later" he said.
He stayed and played with the ladies a little before he rose up to leave.
Bayo was walking home with his girlfriend seeing him off.
"Tolu thanks so much for keeping my secret, I will always be indebted to you" he said but Tolu didn't reply.
"What I did was a very heinous act and I promise never to do it again. Thanks so much my love" he said trying to hold her hand but she didn't oblige him.
Being a graduate is a great thing, claded in white tops they gathered around signing on each other's shirt. Jummy having finished her last paper in school was among them together with Juwon. After a few group photos, everyone went there way. Juwon was walking Jummy to her house.
"I can't believe we are now a graduate, I feel so free " Juwon said.
"Lucky you but as for me, am never going to be free until my beautiful baby comes out " she replied.
"Well it's a good thing I talked you out of abortion " he said
"Juwon I would like to ask you a question and I want you to promise me a honest answer " she said with a serious expression on her face.
"What ever it is I promise to be honest with you " he sworn.
"Juwon are you the one responsible for my pregnancy?" she asked.
"What!!! I don't get you. " he replied.
"I mean, did you raped me? " she asked bluntly.
Juwon was bemused by this question.
"I love you Jummy, how could I afford to cause you such a pain. Although I wish I could be the father of this unborn child but am not" he explained.
"Juwon if I later find out that you lied, I will never forgive you " she said.
"Am not lying Jummy" he replied and they continue walking.
Jummy was packing all her belongings, it's time to say goodbye to school life. She was entering another world. Tears streamed down her face as she folded her clothes into the travelling bag. She quickly clean her face as soon as the door opened and Bisi came in.
"Preparing to leave us this early? we are going to miss you " she went to hug her and noticed the tears on her face.
"Jummy why have you been crying? Is this because you are leaving? " Bisi asked .
"Am scared of going home Bisi, my parents would be happy to see their graduate daughter but how would they feel when they discover am carrying a fatherless baby? " Jummy explained.
"Oh Jummy don't say that, you have to be courageous for your baby. No matter how disappointed your parents are, they would just throw you on the street " Bisi consoled.
"Now wipe off those tears and let's go out, we have a send off to celebrate " Bisi announced.


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