Sunday, 10 December 2017

Trauma Episode 15

Tolu brought out a dark clothe from the dust bin and dropped it on the ground. When she checked it out and noticed a fragment of it torn off, she remembered it was the torn off fragment that she saw in their house the day after Jummy got raped. As she was trying to make sense out of the situation, Bayo came in.
"Babe am back, sorrow I kept you waiting " he apologized when he saw her frowned face.
"Bayo, whose clothe is this? " Bisi asked in anger.
He was shocked to realize that Tolu had uncovered the corpse he carefully buried.
"Baby let me explain " he replied in confusion.
"Explain what? That you raped my best friend? " she said.
"I didn't mean to do it, it was the devil's work " he said.
"Indeed it was but you are the devil and I will make sure I tell the whole world about what you have done "
Bayo quickly went on his knees.
"Please dear, don't tell it to the world, for the sake of our love please have mercy on me " Bayo pleaded.
"Get the hell out of my way" Tolu shoved him out of the way and ran out.
She wasn't herself as she trekked home from Bayo's house. She couldn't believe that the man she admired and trusted was the devil behind her best friend's mystery. How could he be so wicked? And she also had been so foolish to fall in love with him. What will Jummy do once she know this? These were the thought running through her mind. When she eventually got home, she met her two friends talking and laughing.
"Welcome Tolu, what's wrong? You are not looking fine" Jummy asked as she came in.
"Nothing, I just had a quarrel with Bayo that's all " Tolu replied.
"Hope it wasn't about the money cause our dear Jummy has withdrawn her intention" Bisi explained.
"What do you mean Bisi? " Tolu asked.
"Am keeping the pregnancy Tolu. I will be a good mother to my child" Jummy replied.
Tolu was stunned to hear this, how could she have come to such a ridiculous conclusion.
"Have you given it a good thought? " Tolu asked.
"Yes I did, thank God I will be writing my last paper next week. I will go home and have my baby. The worst that could happen is the delay in my NYSC " Jummy replied.
"Do you know that it was that Juwon that convinced your friend to leave the baby? we don't even know if he is the one responsible for the pregnancy " Bisi said.
"Bisi you can't say that, the guy is just being nice " Tolu said.
"I don't think he could do such a thing, although Tade came to confess his innocence to me in school today " Jummy said.
"Are you serious? So that bastard isn't the one? " Bisi said.
"Yes but since then I have been thinking, who did I wrong to pay me with such a horror? " Jummy asked.
Tolu's conscience rose up to force the truth out of her mouth but she restrained it.
"Maybe it was Juwon. He may be doing all he is doing to atone for his sin" Tolu finally said.


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