Sunday, 10 December 2017

Trauma Episode 14

Jummy's word echoed in the air as silence dominated for a few seconds before Bisi decided to break it.
"Jummy are you serious about what you just said? " she asked.
"I am serious about it, it's my first child, am not going to kill him" Jummy replied.
"It's a very wise choice Jummy and I promise to stand by you all through" Juwon said elatedly.
"You should think about the burden of carrying a pregnancy and what it will do to your future plan " Bisi spoke again.
"I have and am ready to pay the price" Jummy replied.
"Now Let's go start the antenatal "Juwon joked.
"Have forgotten about our on going exam?" Jummy replied.
Tolu got to Bayo's house but unfortunately, she couldn't find him at home. She called him and he told her to get the key and wait for him inside. Tolu opened the door and met the whole place untidy.
"How could Bayo be living like this? A pig wouldn't be comfortable sleeping in this mess" she said as she went to get the broom.
She found it and swept the dirty rug with it. Then she packed the dirty plates that littered the room to the kitchen to wash. She checked her wrist watch.
"He said he would be home in ten minutes time, haven't I spent twenty-five minutes? " she said to herself.
As she was washing, a dish accidentally dropped and broke into pieces. She quickly pack up the pieces and drop them into the dust bin. While doing this, something in the dust bin caught her attention.
Juwon with his friend found themselves a quiet place to read and they were doing this when their attention was diverted from their books by a figure standing before them.
"Good afternoon guys" Tade greeted but none of them answer.
"Well I came here to talk to you Jummy about a rumour I heard " he continued.
"I heard someone attacked you weeks ago and you think am the one behind it. Am here to say this, I didn't do it" he said.
"Am not a coward who hides under the cover of darkness to molest ladies. That isn't how I roll, so if you the inclination that am the one responsible for your pain, get it off your mind. Although if I did do it, there is nothing anyone can do about it but on this issue, my hands are clean. Have a nice day " Here walked away gingerly.
"It was so hard resisting the urge to throw a pounce in his face " Juwon said.
"I think he did the right thing coming here to exonerate himself " Jummy said.
"So you believe him? Can't you see he is drunk? " Juwon said.
"I don't think he the one Juwon"
"So if he didn't attack you then who did? " Juwon asked.


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