Saturday, 9 December 2017

Trauma Episode 13

Jummy groan in pain as Tolu placed the hot towel on her swollen leg. She had fallen when the cyclist snatched her bag.
"Please Tolu do it gently, the pain is excruciating" she pleaded.
"You have to endure it dear" Tolu said.
The door opened with Bisi walking in.
"Am so tired right now " Bisi said as she jammed her butt on the bed.
"What about where you went?" Tolu asked.
"It wasn't fruitful. I describe the thief's physical appearance and none of the okada riders at the park was able to identify him." she explained.
"What would you expect them to say? They won't hand him over to you even if they know him " Tolu said.
"I really wish I knew his number plate" Bisi said.
"This thief is an unfortunate fellow, how am I going to raise another #15000 ?" Jummy lamented.
"We will have to find a way, I will ask Bayo if he can help with anything" Tolu said.
"Do you think he will be able to give you?" Jummy asked.
"I trust my Bayo. If he can't give us the whole amount, am sure he will drop something good" Tolu said.
Suddenly Bisi's phone rang and she checked the caller's id.
"Jummy it's your mom, she must have called me to get through to you " Bisi said.
Jummy took the phone and picked the call.
"Hello mum " she said.
"Jummy is that you? " asked voice from phone.
"Yes mum "
"I have been trying your number since morning, it's not going through. What happened? " asked voice from phone.
"My phone was stolen this morning " Jummy explained.
"Eeyah! Jummy the pastor came here this morning and told us he had a vision about you" said her mom
"What vision? "Jummy asked.
"He said you want to do something bad and it will affect you negatively" She explained.
"Am not planning on doing anything bad mom" Jummy said.
"The man of God can not lie, please heed to the warning " said her mother.
"Alright ma"
"Ok take care my daughter " the call ended.
"Oh God, a whole lots of people would have been trying my number. May God punish this thief" Jummy said.
A few knocks was heard on the door and the visitor was invited in.
Bisi hissed as soon as she saw Juwon coming in.
"Good afternoon girls" he greeted but only Tolu replied him.
"Jummy have been trying your number all day. What happened to your leg? " he asked.
"I had a little accident on my way to the clinic and my phone was also stolen " Jummy replied.
Tolu stood up and put on her shoe.
"Girls am off to Bayo's place" she said before going out.
"Sorry about what happened, but Jummy I think you should have noticed this is a sign that you should leave the pregnancy" he said.
"And what is your problem with her pregnancy? Why have you made it your concern? " Bisi jumped in.
"I wasn't talking to you Bisi" he replied.
"Who do you think you are saying she shouldn't abort it? Are you the one responsible for it?" Bisi spoke aggressively.
"Jummy please don't let her push you into something you will regret forever, leave the pregnancy " Juwon advised.
"She is going to abort it and their is nothing you or anybody else will do about it " Bisi refuted.
"Am going to have my baby" Jummy announced.


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