Friday, 8 December 2017

Trauma Episode 1

This is a story about a young lady whose life turned upside down when she was raped. Hell came lose when she realized she could do little or nothing to prevent an impending disaster. She was confronted with two options. Either to choose a quick solution that may come at a price too big for her to pay or walk down the alley of shame and hopelessness. Which option will she go for? Who is the culprit behind her mystery? Find out in this thrilling story.
Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

Episode 1
Jumoke lay her tired body on the sofa in a bid to get rid of the day's stress. Her friends would have been wiggling their waist to beautiful jams at the club but there she was quietly sleeping in darkness since the phcn had denied her electricity. She closed her eyes inviting slumber but her invitation wasn't honored. The air was still leaving heat to govern the night. She felt the urge to go get some fresh air outside but her tired body suggested otherwise .
The day's event played in her mind. Tade was a guy she shouldn't have contended with. Only God knows what he and his gang of miscreants are capable of. But she did nothing wrong, it was actually his fault. What right did he had to try take her answer sheet by force after she had bluntly refuse to allow him copy? But she shouldn't have slapped and embarrassed him in front of the class. No he got what he deserved, she was right and Tade with his gang should go to hell.
Soon the boat to sail her to the dreamland arrived and she hopped in. Jummy would have noticed the door she forgot to lock gently slide open if she hadn't been so lost in her dream. A strange figure tiptoed in with a dagger in his right hand. The figure looked at her deeply asleep. He dropped the dagger and brought out a face towel from his pocket. He suddenly jumped on the sleeping beauty. She woke up to find a strange figure on top her. She tried to scream but the figure blocked her mouth with the face towel. She tried to wrestle the figure off but her strength was nothing compared to the force holding her down.
One by one her wears got torn off courtesy the figure's hand and soon this same hand journeyed all through her nude body. She struggled with all her effort to get up but the figure yanked her back to bed to commence his assault. She managed to bite the hand keeping the towel in her mouth and gained temporary freedom until she felt the blade of a dagger on her throat. She became still. She sobbed bitterly as the figure rammed hard into her. When she couldn't take the pain anymore, she let go of her body and slipped into unconsciousness.


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