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TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 18

Emetamma looked at Obinna who was still
holding the slipper he wanted to use on
Olamma and Ugomma.
“What sort of nonsense is this Obinna”
Emetamma asked
“I can see you are growing wings in this house”
Emetamma added
“Papa, they should go and sweep the
compound” Obinna boldly said
“May the gods fire that your mouth, where is
Ada?” He asked
“She is not strong enough to do anything Papa”
Obinna said
“Ehee.. So that’s why you want to kill my
daughters for me okwa ya?” Emetamma said
“Papa, they are ladies, what will they show out
if they get married” Obinna asked Emetamma
thinking it will help matters
“Let this be the last time you will try to hit my
daughters in this house!” Emetamma warned
Obinna who dropped the slipper and left.
Emetamma left his daughters immediately and
walked into Ada’s room to see that she was still
sleeping. He bit his fingers thinking of what to
do to her. He ran out into the Kitchen and
carried the box of grounded pepper
“What are you doing with that Nna anyi”
Nwanneka who was in the Kitchen asked but
Emetamma kept quiet so she suspected
something and followed him immediately.
Emetamma got to Ada’s room and. Brought out
the pepper to rub on her wounds
“Chi m ooooh!! Nna anyi” Nwanneka exclaimed
as she held Emetamma
“Obi!!! Obinna!!” She called for help as
Emetamma was too strong for her. Due to the
noise, Ada woke up and saw what was
happening. She jumped up from her bed in
“You should have still be sleeping!! Idiot”
Emetamma barked at Ada. Obinna rushed and
collected the pepper from him and dropped it
in the kitchen
“You are here sleeping while the compound is
still not swept” Emetamma barked
“Emetamma pity this girl, the marks you
incurred on her body is still there and you want
to add another” Nwanneka said. Olamma and
Ugomma laughed at the Scene
“That doesn’t concern me. At least her charms
won’t work on the Prince when I finish
disfiguring her face and body” Emetamma said
and Obinna looked at him
“Papa you are very wicked!” He said and left in
anger. Nwanneka later left Emetamma dragging
Ada behind her to the kitchen
“Nonsense!” Emetamma exclaimed and went to
his room.
Ada’s body still had marks and little swell ups
as Nwanneka brought her to the Kitchen
“Sit here and let me see how he will pour
pepper on you” Nwanneka said ready to face
Emetamma her husband
“Wicked man, you have forgotten all that your
late brother did for you and this is how you
want to repay him” Nwanneka said aloud
cutting the yam and Emetamma came out,
dipped his hand into his pocket and threw
money on the flooe
“Ada better go and buy food stuffs for lunch or
the pepper will be the least thing you will see
today” Emetamma said and Ada stood up to go
and pick up the money but Obinna held her
“Let me go to the market” Obinna said but Ada
refused. She picked up the money, got a little
bag, wore her slippers using a little clothe to
wrap her face to cover the injuries there.
“Mama, I am going” She said to Nwanneka who
pitied her
“Go well my daughter” She said and Ada walked
out. Nwanneka shook her head piteously and
continued slicing the yam she was slicing…
Onochie and Charles walked down the staircase
laughing and a car key jingling in Onochie’s
hands. They walked down to see Ebubedike and
Nneka in the sitting room watching the
“Hey Mom, Hey Dad” Onochie hailed them
going to hug them while Charles stood aside
“And where are you two going looking so
handsome” Ebubedike asked
“Thank You Dad” Onochie said
“We just want to take a walk around the
kingdom” Onochie added
“That’s good My Son. You see as the future king,
you have to know about your Kingdom”
Ebubedike began his endless teachings but
Nneka interrupted
“Don’t mind your Father, you can go” Nneka
said to Onochie hanging the words of
Ebubedike who smiled
“Yes my Son, you can go but make sure you go
with the guards” Ebubedike said
“Guards?? Why Dad?” Onochie asked
“My Son, no one can tell. Evil men lurks
around” Igwe said as Lolo supported him
“Alright Dad” Onochie later agreed and they
tried to leave
“Why is your friend not talking?” Nneka asked
looking at Charles
“He is not used to talking a lot” Onochie said
“Sorry Ma” Charles said
“But My Uncle said I was like this since my
childhood. I am not used to too much words”
Charles added
“Oh!! I see, alright then. Take care” Nneka said
and they left..
“Igwe, I think he had a sorrowful past” Nneka
said to Ebubedike
“How did you know?” Igwe asked
“I can’t tell but I feel him being incomplete.
Remember, Our son said he doesn’t know his
root nor family. Who even knows if who he
calls his Uncle is truly his uncle” Nneka said
“I really pity him” Igwe said
“All he needs is a family” Nneka added
“And we will give him that” Igwe said which was
same thing on the mind of Nneka
“Really Igwe” Nneka asked
“Yes, He will be our son if he accepts” Igwe said
“Thank You Igwe, He won’t refuse” Nneka said
and left but Igwe called him back
“Do call my attention when they are back” Igwe
said and Lolo left happily
“Agu!!” Igwe called his guard who came in
“Igwe!! You sent for me” He said
“Yes I did, tell Nnenna to bring me my
favourite” He said and the guard left
“Mama Oyoyo!!” Uteme the drunkard called as
he staggered to his normal wine drinking
“Heii!! Uteme” Mama Oyoyo said coming out
“I have been waiting for you” She added
“Yes Mama Oyoyo, refill my power bank”
Uteme said sitting down but Mama Oyoyo
stretched her hand for money
“What is it again eeh Oyoyo” Uteme asked
“Your Money. You have been owing me” Oyoyo
“Leave that thing. You want to insult me isn’t
it?” Uteme asked as everyone in the bar looked
at them
“No Problem” Uteme said, dipped his hand into
all his pockets before he brought our a
thousand naira note and handed it to Mama
“This is for Past, present and Future” Uteme
said and Mama Oyoyo smiled.
“Let me get your drink” She said
“Yes, that’s my Oyoyo” Uteme said
“Be fast, my battery is too low” Uteme said
while others were hailing him
“Urchins!! You better continue drinking and
mind your business” He said to them…


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