Thursday, 7 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 8

As Olamma and Ugomma ran in like people
who were on their way to strangle someone
Nwanneka their mother stood up and Obinna
looked at them curiously to know why their
faces where that way. Emetamma their father
quickly approached them and they held him to
cuddle them.
“What is it Olamma” Nwanneka asked them but
they said nothin
“Ugomma, did anybody beat You?” Obinna also
asked but they kept quiet snubbing at their
“My angels, what is it. Tell it to your Father.
Who made your faces look this way?”
Emetamma asked them still petting them
“Papa, is it not Ada” Olamma spoke out
“What!!??… Onye?? (Who?)” Emetamma angrily
“Yes Papa, she came to the dance rehearsal
with us” Ugomma added
“We told her to go back but she refuse trying to
fight Us” Olamma lied against Ada
“You mean Ada tried to beat you?” Emetamma
asked angrily
“Yes Papa, she even told other dancers to beat
us up Papa” Olamma lied
“Heii!! Olamma, when did you start lying?”
Nwanneka asked knowing she was lying and
Emetamma looked at her
“You and I know that all you just said a lie,
Blatant Lie!!” Nwanneka said
“Woman shut up!” Emetamma barked at
“My daughters will not lie to me” Emetamma
defended his daughters
“Papa, why do you want to spoil these two
children, eeh Papa” Obinna asked his father
“You must be stupid Obinna” Emetamma said
to Obinna
“Stupid or not, I have said my mind” Obinna
“I don’t have your time, Where is that Ada”
Emetamma asked looking around
“I sent her to the dance rehearsals” Nwanneka
“You must be a fool to do that. How dare she
step foot where my daughters stepped”
Emetamma asked raising the pride of his
“Is she not a human being, or did she fall from
the sky?” Obinna asked his father bouncing his
“Ask him” Nwanneka said and immediately Ada
walked in with her face red due to the
influence of the slap she received.
Immediately she saw her Uncle she walked
faster towards the direction of Obinna and his
“Ada, come here!” Emetamma ordered but
Obinna held Ada close to himself
“She is not coming Papa” Obinna defended Ada
“Ooh, I see. She has been feeding you with the
forbidden fruit she is carrying between her legs
and now you have been bewitched by that”
Emetamma said
“Papa, what ever you want to call it does not
concern me” Obinna said
“Emetamma, shame to you. You want to kill a
girl your brother left in your care and now you
are vomiting rubbish from your mouth”
Nwanneka said
“Thank your gods I am not in a bad mood”
Emetamma said to Ada disregarding the
statement of Nwanneka
“But next time, I will show you who I am”
“As for you Obinna, keep on eating the
forbidden fruit, one day your evil act with her
will show” Emetamma said to Obinna but he
didn’t reply
“My daughters, let’s go inside” He said to
Olamma and Ugomma who were angry that
their Father did not beat Ada, so they sluggishly
followed him inside. Nwanneka with her
wrapper cleaned up the face o Ada, fetched a
warm water immediately and massaged the
mark of the slap
“Mama, these girls are taking things too harsh
ooh” Obinna complained
“Don’t mind your Father” Nwanneka said…
They made several statements about Olamma,
Ugomma and their Father but Ada said nothing
rather remembering the evil death of her
In Omambala kingdom, Igwe Okpalaugo and his
daughter Olaedo was seen sitted under a
beautiful tree within the Palace chatting and
laughing as maidens and guards carry out their
“I know you are getting ready to meet your
betrothed next tomorrow” Okpalaugo said to
Olaedo who smiled
“As you said he is handsome and a Prince also,
you have to trust me dad” Olaedo said
“That’s my girl” Okpalaugo praised her as they
smiled. Omalicha one of the maidens walked to
them with a try of Orange juice and two glass
cups. On serving them, the fancy cup held by
Princess Olaedo hit her hand and the juice
poured on the body of Olaedo. Before
Omalicha could say anything, Olaedo landed on
her a resounding slap which she made her hold
her cheek which made the glass cup she held in
her hand fall in shatters
“How dare you?? Can’t you see again or can’t
you hold a bottle of juice” Olaedo barked at
“It’s alright My Princess. It’s just a juice”
Okpalaugo said not trying to tell Olaedo that
she was at fault
“Get away from here!” Olaedo ordered
“I am sorry My Princess” Omalicha said but she
received another slap which made tears run
down her cheek
“Sorry for yourself. Nonsense. Get away from
here” Olaedo said and Omalicha carried
everythinng, picked up the shattered cup and
left in sobs
“You have to take things easy my dear”
Okpalaugo said
“That is nonsense Daddy.. Nonsense!!” Olaedo
said kicking out her chair and left in anger with
Okpalaugo still hiding from her the fact that
she was at fault. So Okpalaugo shook his head
and stood up also calling a guard to re-arrange
the scattered sit and clear the table..


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