Saturday, 9 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 12

The sitting room of Igwe Ebubedike was big
enough that it contained everyone that came
with no one standing up. Charles sat very close
to Onochie whispering severally to him. Olaedo
sat opposite Onochie an the Kings sat with their
wives besides them.. Guards and maidens
moved to and fro in the building carrying out
different things
“You are highly welcomed my Son” Ebubedike
began breaking the side talks
“Thank You Dad” Onochie said in smiles
“We all welcome you Prince” Igwe Okpalaugo
said and Onochie smiled
“Thank You very much” Onochie said and
Ebubedike his father began the introduction
“My Son, this is Eze Okpalaugo the First of
Omambala Kingdom. The tiger that kill the
elephant with just a bite” Ebubedike introduced
him in Praises
“Don’t bring this your sweet talks here my
Friend” Okpalaugo said in smiles. Meanwhile
Onochie and Charles were on same attire of
tucked in white Shirt in a black trouser and a
dark glass on their eyes. Onochie stood up
immediately removing his glasses and shook
hands with him again
“Beside him is his sweet Lolo Ugodie and the
Pretty daughter Olaedo” Ebubedike said and
Onochie also greeted them in smiles
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“And these are your elders” He called the
elders by names and Onochie shook them one
after the other in respect
“You are welcome my Prince” They all said
“They have been my elders, advicers and good
friends and I Pray they be so to you” Ebubedike
said and they all exclaimed
“Isee!! (Amen)” In excitement. Meanwhile Lolo
Nneka was watching the quiet and good looking
Charles all these while
“Who is the quiet guy besides you?” Lolo asked
“Oh! Sorry Mom” Onochie said and
immediately Charles removed his glasses and
knelt before her in greeting
“What a respect” Lolo said and everyone was
“Stand my son” Lolo said and Onochie
continued his explanation
“He is the guy I met in States, one of my
contract competitors who later became my
colleague. Staying with his Uncle in the States
and by the name Charles Nnakwue although he
hardly pronounces the surname” Onochie said
and they all laughed
“Ndi America” The elders said but Emetamma
was quiet because the name Charles Nnekwue
sounded familiar to him
“Sorry to say Charles” Onochie said looking at
“He doesn’t know his routes although he knows
he is a Nigerian but he can’t tell from where in
Nigeria” Onochie said
“My Good Friend Charles” Onochie concluded
and hugged Charles and everyone clapped their
hands in happiness but still in a bit pity of
“Yes, let”s go and have something to eat,the
villagers are waiting for Us” Ebubedike said and
they all stood up including the elders
“Are these old men following Us?” Olaedo
asked and Onochie wondered about her speech
so did Charles and everyone
“Yes they are” her mother said
“Gosh!” Olaedo exclaimed and Her Father
whispered to her
“Show some respect for once” He whispered to
her and she kept quiet
“Sorry..” She said swallowing her pride
“It’s alright my dear” Ebubedike said and they
continued to the dinning table,but Onochie and
Charles never stopped mopping at her
behaviour she claimed to be called Respect and
Emetamma never ceased to look at Charles as
the name still rings in his ears….
“Ada, are you not going to the village square to
welcome the Prince” Nwanneka asked Ada who
sat in the kitchen not too happy
“No Nne, I will stay at home” Ada said
“I disagree to that” The Voice of Obinna echoed
from his room
“All of Us are going Ada” He added
“Ada please, go and take your bath, we will
soon be latel Nwanneka said moving close to
“At least go and see what others are seeing. Or
don’ t you like to see people dance again just
like you do in your childhood?” Nwanneka
asked and Ada smiled a bit
“Cheer Up My dear” She said to Ada
“Ok Ma” Ada said and sluggishly stood up
walking to the bathroom to take her bath..
“Girls eeh!!” Nkechi the dance head called the
group of her dancer made of six- Olamma,
Ugomma, Chimma, Chiamaka, Akwaugo and
herself making it 7 dancers.
“Yes ooooh!!” They happily replied
“Yes, today is the day we will showcase our
skills and talent” Nkechi began
“We will shake America out of our Prince with
our waist today” Nkechi said and they all
cheered to her speech, they wore their dancing
attire and was set to go
“Don’t forget to follow the rules – Dance as
others, no adding of distracting dance steps
else if you are dancing on your own” Nkechi
said and they all agreed and went out


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