Saturday, 9 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 16

All over Ada’s body ached and pained that night
despite the local medications given to her by
Nwanneka. Her body swelled up as she
painfully laid on the woody bed which was kept
for her. As she laid, flashes of the love she
shared with her Late Parents shone in her
memory. Tears dripped down her cheek in
sorrow and she began to sing a song which her
mother taught her. She sang the song in painful
Melody for a long time and she fell asleep. Few
minutes into her sleep her legs and head began
to shake slowly depicting her mind in the
yonder world..
Ada was been chased romantically by Prince
Onochie around a tree in a field. They laughed
with love engulfed in their minds. They ran for
some time and Prince Onochie caught Ada by
the waist. The Prince was in a simple Red top
and black trouser while Ada was in a beautiful
gown. As Prince Onochie held her by the waist
she placed her hands on his and they laughed.
She turned facing Onochoie, they looked
directly into their eyes as a cool wind blew
which made the edge of Ada’s gown to fly with
it. They stared at each other for a very long
“I Love you Ada” Prince Onochie said
“I Love you too” Ada replied and their heads
began to come closer and closer and closer….
Ada jumped up from her bed breathing a bit
heavily still wondering what kind of dream it
“I with the Prince” She thought as the figure
she saw at the Prince’s welcome celebration
was same she saw in the dream
“Tufiakwa!!” She forbade the dream shaking her
head negatively. The pains became less a bit
and she laid down again and slept..
Onochie and Charles walked around the palace
early the next morning chatting and laughing.
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Palaca guards and maids greeted them which
they reciprocated. Lolo Nneka and Igwe
Ebubedie was sitted in the throne chambers
doing their husband and wife talk, just then
Onochie and Charles walked in. They greeted
the majesties bowing down which they
reciprocated in joy
“I can see you are enjoying the Palace” Igwe
said to Onochie who smiled
“And you are enjoying Africa right?” Lolo said
looking at Charles who smiled
“Yes Ma’am. I really am enjoying it. Thanks a
lot Ma’am” Charles said and they were all
happy. Onochie and Charles tried to leave but
Lolo Nneka called their attention back
“Won’t you join Us” She requested them
joining her conversation with the King..
“We would have loved to Mom” Onochie said
and ran up playing with Charles
“More like brothers” Igwe said looking at the
staircase where they ran through
“I am still confused how he got to find a calm
respectful boy” Lolo added and they laughed at
their words….


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