Thursday, 7 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 4

“Yes my Son,You have to come back and face
the responsibilities accrued to you”Ebubedike
said as his wife looked at him with all interest in
the phone call with Onochie…
“Alright Dad…But I have so many contracts
to…”Prince Onochie tried to say but his dad
“Shhhh….No But Son.You are coming back in a
week and 2 days from now”Ebubedie said
“I am not getting any younger neither is your
mother”Ebubedike added and Ugodie affirmed…
“Alright Dad…I do miss you also..I will be
back”Onochie said
“That’s my Son…Oyiri nna ya (CarbonCopy of
His father)”Ebubedike praised him
“The Village is waiting for you”Ebubedike added
and hung up the call
“What did he say??”Ugodie asked immediately
and Ebubedike smiled
“You worry too much…He said he is coming
back”Ebubedike said with a smile
“Ewooo…Nwa m ooooh..I miss him a lot”Ugodie
said happily
“You don’t seize to amaze me”Ebubedike said
“Your highness biko hapu kwa m aka (Leave me
alone) 12 years in America is not 12 days
ooh”Ugodie said and they laughed…
Ada ran to the nearest store in their vicinity and
bought the Utaba (Snuff)…On her way back,she
ran into Uteme the drunkard..
“Heiiiiiyyy…..Ada!!”He called holding his bottle of
wine that nearly fell down and staggered due to
the influence of excess alcohol…
“What is….I mean,why are you running like you
are being chased by a masquerade”Uteme asked
still shaking
“Sorry,but I need to rush home”Ada said
“Wait,why is your eyes as red as that of my
blood…You were crying”Uteme asked as Ada
cleaned her eyes
“Noo….Never mind,I need to go”Ada said and
tried to leave
“Wait”He said and Ada stopped
“I know it’s that your wicked Uncle….Amadioha
will punish him one day…Don’t mind him”Uteme
said and Ada’s face changed a little
“Don’t say of my Uncle in such manner
again”Ada said
“Hmmm…The truth is always bitter…As his
name goes, Emetamma,you can never do
anything that he will say is good”Uteme said
walking closer..
“If you don’t have anything to say,I am going
ooh”Ada said
“Ehee….Have you heard that the Prince is
coming back to pick a bride??”Uteme asked
“Heeyy…Who told you??…Better keep your
mouth shut,even bushes have ears”Ada said
“You think I am lying??..He is coming to
marry”He added
“Well…Even if it is true..It doesn’t concern
me”Ada said and ran out knowing that Uteme
will keep her standing if she listens any further…
“Mmanya na-asa anya (Wine cleanses the
eyes)”Uteme said as he drank from his bottle
“Mtchheew..Beautiful girl with a bad
uncle…Chaii”He pitied Ada and staggered
“Mama…Let’s start going,the sun is getting
hotter”Obinna told his mother in the farm where
they were dressing their crops..
“I know my Son…I am coming to join
you”Nwanneka said from the inner part of the
farm…Soon enough she came out and they
washed their tools carrying the hoe on their
shoulders and matchet in their hands…Nwanneka
carried the basket of cassava on her head
“I still don’t know why Papa is spoiling Olamma
and Ugomma”Obinna said as they walked home
“Don’t mind your father..Since the death of his
brother,he has been using Ada as a mere
Slave”Nwanneka added
“But it’s not good because I can remember Uncle
Nnaka (Ada’s Late Father) helped us a lot when
he was alive…Why all this??”Obinna asked
“My Son,that I don’t know..Let’s just be going
home”Nwanneka said and they quietly walked


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