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TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 22

Ada walked home that day after she had taken
the Prince to the palace. Although, she was as
fast as she could to deliver the snuff she went
to buy for Emetamma her Uncle, yet
Emetamma never appreciated it. He insulted
her and almost beat her if not for the
intervention of Obinna and the Mother as
Ada sat alone in her room as there was nothing
much to do in the house that afternoon, as she
sat her mind strolled down through the dream
she had. She discovered that the face she saw
in the dream was the same face she escorted
“Hmm.. What a coincidence” She said in her
mind but she was disrupted when she heard
her name from the outside
“Ada!!” Olamma called Ada as she vibrated her
body in anger, her breast and buttocks shaking
angrily. Ada ran out to answer Olamma who
stood by the door, despite the fact that Ada was
a year older than Olamma and Ugomma,
Olamma gave her a slap as she came closer
“Are you stupid!!?” Olamma barked at Ada who
held her cheek speechless
“Why haven’t you washed the clothes I told you
to wash?” Olamma said and Ugomma walked
out pushing Ada out of her way
“Look at how she is smelling” Ugomma insulted
Ada who never said anything
“You better go and wash those clothes now
before I slap you again!!” Olamma ordered and
Ada silently went into their room and picked up
their dirty clothes including their undies and
“If I remember you next time to wash my
clothes, I will cut off your mouth” Olamma
warned Ada drawing her ears still Ada said
Ada took the clothes to the back yard and
began to wash them. She refused to drop a tear
from her eyes, she held them up in her eyes as
her eyes turned red. She kept on washing them
swallowing her agony. Obinna who went to play
ball with his friends came back to see her
“Aarh! Ada, you are washing” Obinna asked and
Ada forced out a smile
“Yes” Ada replied.
“Ook” Obinna said and tried walking inside but
he saw clearly the clothes that Ada was washing
and he stopped
“Ada, whose clothes are these?” He asked but
Ada said nothing, all she did was to look at him
and concentrated on what she was doing. On
seeing that it was Olamma and Ugomma’s
clothes, Obinna rushed inside and began to
began to shout at Olamma and Ugomma. Ada
was still busy washing the clothes
“Why won’t she wash them?” Olamma asked
“You must be stupid to say that Ola!!” Obinna
“Let her do it or she goes hungry in this house”
Ugommaa said with authority and Obinna got
angry and dragged them out. He pulled Ada up
holding her
“This nonsense has to stop in this house”
Obinna said
“If you don’t know how to wash, them leave
it!!” Obinna said and took Ada inside
“What nonsense is this?” Olamma asked
“She has already started the washing” Ugomma
“This boy is an enemy of Progress” Olamma
added and they sat down and continued from
where Ada stopped..
All the same, they still complained to
Emetamma their father when he came back
from his visit to his friend Egbulu’s house. It
caused a great snooze in the house that
evening and Emetamma mandated Ada to be
washing for Olamma and Ugomma or else she
will leave his house.
“This is Unfair” Obinna said
“Then let her make it fair by killing herself”
Olamma ranted her mouth
“Nna anyi, you are not treating this girl well,
the gods will judge you” Nwanneka said..
Despite their words and talks, Emetamma still
kept his words. Ada had no choice than to
accept her fate as not even a “House Help” but
a “Slave”..
Onochie with the pains of what his mother told
him, forcefully slept. Few minutes into his
sleep he went into wonderland
“Please help me!!” Onochie screamed for help
as he was surrounded by three gun men near
to a very high cliff
“Shut up Idiot!” They barked at him. Few
seconds later, Olaedo showed up
“Thank God you are here, please save me”
Onochie pleaded with Olaedo who didn’t say
anything but left him there and went away
“Are you leaving me, My Wife, please save me”
Onochie yelled but Olaedo walked away. As the
gunmen tried to kill Onochie who already
closed his eyes to accept death, they were hit
from behind. Onochie with eyes closed waited
to die, but as nothing happened in seconds, he
opened his eyes and saw Ada with a log of
wood in her hand and he was surprised to see
the men on the ground. Ada quickly untied him
“Thank You” Onochie said trying to hold Ada but
Ada disappeared….
Onochie woke up immediately sweating,
although the room was air conditioned..
“What sort of a dream is this” He asked himself
“The same girl I saw this afternoon” He added
“Olaedo…” He said remembering Olaedo’s
action in the dream
“Mtcheew!!” He hissed
“Thank God, it was just a dream” He concluded
and slept again…


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