Saturday, 9 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 20

…The black Toyota Tundra Car drove in and
Onochie sighted Olaedo from the window
“Aarh! There they are” Igwe said to Olaedo.
Onochie and Charles came out of the car and
walked towards them
“Welcome my Children” Nneka said to them
“Thank You” They said together
“Good day Pretty” Onochie said kissing the
hands of Olaedo
“Good day” She reciprocated and same did
“Hope there is no problem” Onochie asked
“No my Son, she came to see you” Nneka said
“Seriously, alright dear, let’s go inside” Onochie
said but Olaedo refused
“No..” Olaedo said and they were surprised
“I just came to take a walk with you” Olaedo
“Wow! Me?” Onochie asked and his Parents
“That would be my pleasure” Onochie said
“Have a nice time Bro” Charles said hitting
Onochie as they left holding hand in hand.
“We would like to have a word with you Son”
Igwe Ebubedike said to Charles who was still
smiling at Onochie
“Me?” Charles asked
“Yes Son” Nneka said and they walked inside
followed by Charles.
Olaedo and Onochie drove in Olaedo’s car as
they cruised through the village.
“Where did you Study?” Olaedo asked Onochie
“Eerrm.. In California and later based in the
States” Onochie said looking at Olaedo
“Wow, that’s nice” Olaedo said
“What about you?” Onochie asked
“Well, in the States though and came back here
sitting with my parents” Olaedo said
“Hahah.. Mommy’s girl” Onoochie said and they
laughed together falling on each others body.
“You are really funny” Olaedo said
“That’s life my dear, it’s all about happiness”
Onochie said and silence took over the car.
They drove for some minutes and the driver
bumped into a gallop unknowingly and Olaedo
slapped him very hard
“I’m sorry my Princess” The guard said
immediately but Olaedo slapped him again
“Do you want to break my bones?” Olaedo
asked and wanted to slap him again but
Onochie held her hands
“What’s all that for?” Onochie asked
“Didn’t you see what he just did?” Olaedo asked
“He bumped and that is normal, I can’t see any
reason for the maltreatment or is it because he
is a driver, he is a bit old enough to be your
Father. Show some respect” Onochie said
Olaedo slapped him instead of the guard
“Don’t talk to me like that again” Olaedo said
“You slapped me?” Onochie asked but Olaedo
kept quiet
“Why are you so rude and proud Olaedo?”
Onochie asked
“Your name depicts a treasure but you are
doing otherwise” Onoochie said trying to
lecture Olaedo
“Get out of my Car” Olaedo ordered Onochie
“What? I should go down?” Onochie asked
“You heard me, didn’t you. Get out” Olaedo
ordered again
“Alright, fine, but at least drop me at the
“Ike, come and push this man out of here”
Olaedo ordered the guard who came down but
respected Onochie by just opening the door
“My Prince, Please come down” Ike said to
Onochie who was shocked and same time
surprised at the action of Olaedo. As a gentle
man which he was, he came down starring at
Olaedo who was not looking at him..
“Olaedo!” Onochie called, Ike entered the car
and drove off with Olaedo. Onochie was left
alone on a road he does not know. The worst of
it all was that he forgot his phone at home, so
he was completely sranded. He never knew
either to go left or right.. He stood there in
Ada was on her way to the market with her face
still covered. She saw the Prince and
recognised him but his mood was not good at
all, so he rushed to her. She was the only one
walking on that road at that time
“My Prince, I greet you. Is everything alright?”
Ada asked and Prince Onochie looked at her
“You?? I have seen you earlier today” Onochie
“Yes My Prince” Ada replied
“Then why are you covering your face” Onochie
“Nothing My Prince” Ada replied but Onochie
stylishly took off the face cover to see injuries
and boils all over her face and also
recoognising her face better
“What?? Who did this to you?” Onochie asked
and Ada covered her face saying nothing
“Are you not the girl that danced on my
welcome day?” Onochie asked and Ada shook
her head positively
“Then what happened to you” Onochie tried
making her say something but it all failed so he
changed the topic.
“Errhm, please I am lost here, and I ain’t with
my phone. I don’t know my way to the palace”
Onochie said
“How then did you get here” Ada asked feeling
comfortable with Him.
“Just never mind, show me please” Onochie
pleaded and Ada led the way..
“Charles my Son” Nneka called Charles
“Yes Ma” He replied
“We learnt your past was a painful and not too
clear to you” Nneka said and Charles and
Charles mood changed
“It’s alright my dear” Igwe and Lolo consoled
him immediately
“We want to make you our own Son, all you
need now is a family” Ebubedike said and
Charles was shock and happy too. He rushed up
and hugged them thanking them a lot…
“I really appreciate” Charles said and they
began to chat.. They chatted for some minutes
and the entranced door barged open…..


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