Wednesday, 6 December 2017

TWIST OF FATE (Tales Of An Orphan) Episode 3

Igwe Okpalaugo the 2nd of Omambala village
was sitted with his wife Lolo Nneka in the sitting
room surrounded by hefty guards whose chests
were bouncing with their swords adequately
choked in their sword pad tied around their
waists…Some others were fanning the Igwe
while two beautiful maidens were soft massaging
Lolo Nneka who was well braided looking
beautiful…They chatted and were laughing at
little things…
Princess Olaedo walked down the stairs..She
was an average height Lady with fair
complexion,dressed in a long flying shiny blue
gown that the edge of the gown was held by two
maidens to avoid it scrubing the floor…She cat
walked down to her Parents and greeted them in
smiles hugging both of them..
“Hmmm…And where is my Princess going this
early looking as beautiful as the morning
sun?”Okpalaugo asked and the Princess smiled
“Igwe my Father…Mom,I just want to take a
walk”Olaedo replied
“Take a walk this early??”Nneka asked
“Mom??…”Olaedo called
“Alright…Fine..You can go”Nneka said
“Don’t forget to take the guards with
you”Okpalaugo added and they smiled
“Thank You Dad…Thank You Mom”She said and
“The Prince will never reject such a
beauty”Nneka said
“Noo…No,he won’t”Okpalaugo added..
# Igwe_Ebubedike_Council_Room
“Igwee….”All the elders including the Onowu
(Prime Minister) greeted the King as he walked
into the council room..Ebubedike sat down on his
“You may Sit”He said and they all sat
down..Onowu Akubueze sitted besides the Igwe
looking matured in age and full of wisdom..
“You all know why I called you here”Ebubedike
began and they murmured amongst each other..
“Igwee…May you live long”Maazi Emetamma
began standing up
“Ka ahuru hapu ibaa Ogiri (A Silly Igbo
Addage),Your highness please tell us”Emetamma
concluded and others agreed with him
“Gbam!!!….”They all said
“Alright..My Son Prince Onochie will be coming
back in 2 weeks from now”Ebubedike said and
happiness filled the council room
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri…Ahuru abaa Ogiri!!”Emetamm
a exclaimed
“Your highness,this is a good news”Onowu
Akabueze said
“Onye ma ka Prince ga ahazi kita (Who knows
how grown the Prince the will be now)”Ichie
Offor said
“Let the news be spread over the
kingdom….Onowu,You know what to
do”Ebubedike concluded and stood up
“Get the Kola for them”Ebubedike said and left
“Igweee!!!”They all greeted as the Kola was
served and they ate chatting happily…
“Maazi Egbulu,do you know what this
means??”Emetamma asked Egbulu as they
walked home from the Igwe’s palace
“What are you talking about?”Egbulu asked
“The return of the Prince now…I na-ekwuzi ka o
na isoghi ga na bee Igwe (You are talking as if
you did not follow me to the Igwe’s
Palace)”Emetamma said touching him with his
walking stick
“Eehhmm…I really do not know..Tell me”Egbulu
said as they stopped at a point in the lonely road
with bushes on both sides
“Are not in this village…Eeeh Egbulu..It means
the Prince is coming to pick a bride..I ma nu ka
esi eme nu ya (You know how it is done)…The
beautiful and best dancer marries the
Prince”Emetamma said and Laughed
“Oh..Oh….mm…It’s true”Egbulu affirmed holding
his mouth
“Oo ya nu (That’s it)”Emetamma said refixing his
red cap on his head..
“I can see myself being the in-Law of the
Igwe”Emetamma said to Egbulu
“What do you mean??”Egbulu asked
“Of course..My two daughters are beautiful and
are among the best dancers in this
village”Emetamma said
“Two daughters??…What about Ada?”Egbulu
asked and Emetamma became annoyed
“See…If you don’t have anything better to say,I
am leaving”Emetamma said and left in
“Emetamma…Wait now”Egbulu called as he
chased after him
“Ahuru abaa Ogiri!!!…..Egbulu hapu m (Leave me
alone)”Emetamma said
“What did I say wrong here now”Egbulu asked
himself as he stood at a point and quit the
follow up chase..
Olamma and Ugomma were in the compound
playing and Laugh-Chatting when Emetamma
came in..They ran and greeted him
“Umu oma (Good Children),I can see you are
enjoying yourselves
“Yes Papa..How did the meeting go??”Ugomma
“Very well…I have something to tell both of
you”Emetamma said as they walked inside…Ada
was picking beans wearing a tattered and torn
clothes with her hair very unkept..
“Papa,Good Afternoon”Ada greeted
“Ya tokwa gi n’onu ebe ahu (Let your greeting
hang in your mouth there)..So you are still
picking beans by this time??…Let me wait for my
food in minutes and you will see my
colour”Emetamma said angrily with hatred
“Sorry Nna anyi”Ada said
“Ahuru abaa ogiri…Onye bu nna gi (Who is your
father)”Emetamma said and hissed walking
“Lazy girl”Olamma said and hit her on her head
and laughed walking inside
“This is just the beginning”Ugomma added and
poured the tray of beans on the floor and
laughed at Ada…
Ada was speechless as tears overtook the words
in her mouth..The beans was all over the sandy
ground..Ada knelt down and started picking them
in bitter tears….
In a little while she heard Emetamma calling her
“Papa..”She answered and ran inside
“You have not finished that food okwa
ya!!”Emetamma barked at Ada but she said
nothing as she looked in the eyes of Olamma and
“Go and buy snuff for me”Emetamma said giving
her money
“If you like spend the whole day there…Nonsens
e”He added and Ada left….


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